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  1. 2strokeDude

    YZ125 Good Woods Bike? Reliability? Need Help!

    I'm completely satisfied with my 125 in the woods. I started out on a yz250 but sold it for the 125. I could lug the 250 more but I can still lug the 125 fairly well. I've never found thing to be a problem because the bike is so light and the suspension is so good that I'm able to get through the rough stuff easy. The crf230 is meant to be a trail bike for the casual rider who wants to go out and ride once a month and doesn't want to bother to maintain it.
  2. 2strokeDude

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    Black rims look great on a bike that sits in my garage but with the amount of riding I do and the tons of rocks where I ride, I prefer the silver rims. They hide the scratches a little better.
  3. 2strokeDude

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    That tank is sick!
  4. 2strokeDude

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    What would you change with it?
  5. 2strokeDude

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    There's a lot of reasons people buy Yamaha and I can bet a lot of those reasons is because the suspension is superior.
  6. 2strokeDude

    2015 Supercross Schedule

    That's the right attitude. After blew 600 bucks on 4 tickets I thought of all the things I could've done on my bike... Or all the extra beer I could've bought for Unadilla instead!
  7. 2strokeDude

    2015 Supercross Schedule

    Mine went from 58 bucks to 158 in section 235. At least I snagged row 1 this year. It's awesome that supercross is only a 15 min drive from my house now but these prices are killing me!
  8. 2strokeDude

    Courtney Duncan the yz125 girl racing WMX 2014?

    I believe she's in New Zealand now, besides I may be wrong, but I believe wmx is racing a completely different schedule then the National series.
  9. 2strokeDude

    barcia to JGR

    This forum is about Barcia going to Jgr, how the heck did it get to comparing KTM vs Jap bikes in off-road. Your also comparing a 450f vs KTM 2 strokes. I'll rather choose my yz125 over a sx125 in a hare scramble any day though.
  10. 2strokeDude

    barcia to JGR

    Maybe your buddy doesn't know how to set up his own bike.
  11. 2strokeDude

    Mute Option for Ralph Sheheen

    I agree with lseca. AC was great in the booth and is extremely well spoken and he actually knows what he's talking about. I don't mind RC as much. He gives us some good insight of what's going on and I love laughing at his Grammer. I like Windham, can't stand McGrath, and Sheehan is a neutral for me. I got a kick out of his "oh no, oh know" after Stewart tweaked his knee. He made it sound as if Stewart's career was over.
  12. 2strokeDude

    barcia to JGR

    Like I said, his story is probably true. There's a chance that his "hardcore" fan story is completey fabricated, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He really had no excuse for the other photos(I haven't seen them yet) other than "that's mostly not true".
  13. 2strokeDude

    barcia to JGR

    He just said it wasn't him or JGR's bike. probably true, but i wouldn't doubt if he isn't in talks with them.
  14. 2strokeDude

    Best yz 125 break in ?

    I let my bike warm up and ride causally then stop and let bike cool down, then warm up and start ripping.
  15. 2strokeDude

    Buying yz 250 need advice.

    I would save some more money and look for a newer model. I don't know much about the Australian market but over here your going to spend way more money fixing the bike than what it's worth. I bought my first bike, an 03 yz250 for $1500 and it was basically in perfect condition. Your going to spend close to that by the time your finished rebuilding the one your looking at