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  1. stanky1

    I want my gas back!

    Here's where it is in case someone finds this page in a search. Disregard the green arrows. They have nothing to do with this discussion. Also I will make a YouTube video tomorrow.
  2. stanky1

    I want my gas back!

    Naw. I figured it out. All done.
  3. stanky1

    I want my gas back!

    ^^^ Yeah, I've thought of that. I don't give up easily. Besides, this is California so it is more like $60.
  4. stanky1

    I want my gas back!

    It's a big plug. It will flow out quickly and it will be a hell of a mess trying to plug it back in. That is my last resort, after removing the rear seat and going after the gas through that port hole.
  5. 2002 Toyota Highlander 4 cylinder 2AZ-FE. Filled it up with gas and less than 2 miles later totaled the car. Not bad, I could drive it home. Insurance company won't pay me for the full tank of gas, so I want to extract it. Can't get a hose past the roll-over valve to siphon it. There is a drain plug on the fuel tank, but I don't have a container that will slide under the vehicle and hold 20 gallons. So I have tapped into the fuel line and I want the fuel pump to squirt it out. There is no "fuel pump" relay to bypass. There is an "EFI" relay, but bypassing it has not worked to energize the fuel pump (ignition on, and with engine turning over). Apparently there is a "C/OPN" relay further down stream that has ultimate control of the fuel pump and it receives some input from the ECM. Anyone know where that "C/OPN" relay bastard lives and how to bypass it? I'm counting on the mechanics here at TT to solve this before anyone in the Toyota forums.
  6. stanky1

    Prevention of injury

    Rag dolls do better in a crash. Consider drinking heavily to prevent injury.
  7. stanky1

    Chondromalacia ….again.

    You mean TKR.
  8. stanky1

    Elbow popping or popping out?

    Lateral epicondylitis.
  9. stanky1

    Back at MX 40+

  10. Ireland? Don't you guys have "free" health care? Why on Earth would you not get this fixed? An unstable shoulder can turn into an arthritic shoulder. You might be one unhappy old man down the road.
  11. stanky1

    Leaking gas, &%$#@!?

    Thanks. Will do!
  12. stanky1

    Leaking gas, &%$#@!?

    2002 S-model, 57K miles on it. Just filled the tank with gas and tried to start it up to go for a ride. The engine turned over but it wouldn't fire up as usual. I noticed a drop of gas on the concrete below the bike. Gas was oozing down the outside of the fuel line and dripping to the ground. I wiped it up and no more gas would ooze out. When I cranked the engine again, gas would start to ooze again. When the engine finally started up, gas would ooze out even faster. I don't know if I was just imagining it, but it seemed that the gas would ooze out faster if I gave it some throttle-up. It looked as though the gas was coming out of the body of the fuel valve. Has anybody seen such a thing? What evil and sinister forces have possesed this old piece of crap?
  13. stanky1

    Brakes sticking

    Not quite sure where to start on this job. My brakes are constantly gripping a little and it's getting worse as the days go by. The rear brake is gripping the most. I'm at the point where I've gotta do something about it. 2002 DRZ-400S with 57,000 miles. Last changed brake fluid 5.5 yrs and 26,000 miles ago, so I'll do that again. Any other suggestions???
  14. "I want to replace my beaten AlpineStars with a new pair of TCX Pro 2.1s. " If you wonder how I got the name "Stanky1" just look at my boots. These are my stanky daily riders and they gotta go or at least send me more duct tape and Fabreeze. The right one gave me a nasty toe fungus 'cause I bought them used on e-bay. If I win some of your cool kicks I will put these out where some hobo can get them. Just kidding, I'll put them back on ebay instead.
  15. stanky1

    Took a spill, no health insurance, opinions?

    I know just about every orthopedic surgeon in San Diego County. Call me at Oasis Surgery Center in San Diego (google it). I'll be there 03-29-12 from 7 am until around 2 pm. Ask for the Dr. who rides his dirt bike in to work. If you end up needing surgery, I'll do your anesthesia for free. It'll be payback for all the help I've received on this website for my DRZ.