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  1. crazyfast

    XR400 Must run on Half Choke

    Lazy, you sound like a UAW buddy that I have . He just rides them and doesn't fix them or has a clue how too. Fine a buddy like me that will work on the bike for fee out of sympathy for the bike. Other wise, clean the carburetor, takes about an hour. I pull the muffler, swing down the sub frame and pull the carb. Good luck.
  2. crazyfast

    New bike to me

    Nice looking bike. Fair price.
  3. crazyfast

    Need Advice: XR400 Case Cracked at Drain Plug

    So the real thing here is to just take care of the problem and fix it right, the old JB Weld is for the a quick fix that won't last. Buy a set of cases and do the switcheroo. Hone the cylinder, and just switch everything over. Don't worry about it or be intimidated , just get a Honda manual get to it. It's easy.
  4. crazyfast

    Very nice 250L

    Here's one on the local CL for $2000. http://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/mcy/4421673305.html
  5. crazyfast

    Very nice 250L

    I had a 94 xr250 L in a little better shape than that one and sold it last year for $1800. I liked it a lot and rode around here down back roads with a buddy that has a 650. I felt I needed a larger HP bike to feel safe on the road with cars. You need the power, that's why I like my Harley on the road and it makes a lot of noise but no more dirt roads. Harleys for the road and XR's for the dirt, that's how I roll.
  6. crazyfast

    Winter is finally over !

    Just sold a perfect stock, rebuilt engine with a new piston 87 xr250r for $1300 and I also have it's twin another 87 that's like freaking new that I did the top end. Bored and put a new piston in it. Changed the oil a couple times and went thru most everything to lube and clean it up. Runs and looks like a new bike. The PO run it in the sand dunes and got some sand in her and then parked it for years. Anyways that's what I've done all winter in the xr department plus the tweaking to my 400. The 87 250 is going up for sale this weekend.
  7. crazyfast

    Winter is finally over !

    My mom and sisters live in California and they know it's now called ''Climate Change'' , get with the program you big dummy ! LOL I almost bought tickets to S Cali, a few times this last winter but work has been off the charts and I like making money. Winter was the worst I've ever seen here. I here you guys are almost out of water, you know here in Michigan with all the water in the world we pay more per gallon then anyone in Cali. go figure.
  8. crazyfast

    Winter is finally over !

    It's been a rough one here in Michigan, almost pushing me to move to a warmer climate, that bad ! Normal winter I'll burn 5 gallons of diesel fuel in my JD tractor moving freaking snow but this winter we burned 40 gallons, crazy, I dislike snow now and Im a skier and live a mile from a ski area.Theres still snow piled up around here but it's melting. Reports from the north [ Northern Michigan, where we ride] is that all the white stuff is almost gone so we're planning some saddle time here shortly.
  9. crazyfast

    Like new 2001 on CL

    Need I say more ? http://kalamazoo.craigslist.org/mcy/4287874338.html For the guys that want a new XR400, here it is .
  10. crazyfast

    Diagnosing a cracked head?

    Welcome to the xr family. Re build the carb and see what else is going on. Theres a huge amount of knowledge on here so just ask.
  11. Seems Honda doesn't want to supply this plastic unit anymore. Does anyone know where to get one or has one to sell me or has a better idea how to clamp the oil lines. Part #15711-KT1-670 Thanks CF
  12. crazyfast

    Whats wrong with this 2003 XR400? Jetting?

    There's more dirt in there. Stock carbs are simple to clean. It's a fuel issue, If the price is right don't be afraid to buy it and really clean that carb. Fuel now a-days doesn't last a month before going bad. Sounds like the low speed jet is clogged. I own 5 xr's and sold 14 of them in the past 3 years, buy the bike ! I've seen the pet cock screen clogged and the carb starved for gas and ran lean. A bike with hardly no miles on the clock screams carb issues.
  13. crazyfast

    Whats wrong with this 2003 XR400? Jetting?

    Well that's a tough one , text me the address and I'll come and look at it. Seriously, it's a simple little carburetor clean job , time to get your feet wet, buy the bike, clean the carb and enjoy.
  14. crazyfast

    My first dirt bike xr250 1997

    Wow, I can't believe you are fixing that bike. That pos must have been free. Tear down everything and check spec's , all bearing in the lower end should be replaced, that bike was wore out and will be expensive to make reliable. good luck !
  15. crazyfast

    XR400 gets attacted

    http://youtu.be/I5sbpVerIvI Too funny