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  1. bp400k1

    2001 stock DRZ400E high altitude

    What jetting are you running and with what mods?
  2. I have a kicker(dont know if it's the same as the E or not) with muzzy exhaust and it all lines up good.
  3. bp400k1

    Single track crash-athon. Any advice?

    I have an 01' kicker and had the exact same problem, mine would die if i blipped the throttle idling or riding the bike, if i ramped the throttle slow it was fine only when you hit it fast and hard from idle, like if you need to lift the front tire over a log, after alot of adjusting the jets (with much help from Eddie, William1 and CraigoDRZ400sm, thanks alot!) once i figured i had the jetting right i did the Eddie Mod and it TOTALLY fixed the problem. just make sure you wire them good and tight.
  4. bp400k1

    Hey Everyone, Need some help, new to the forum

    I bought a 2001 kicker in january that the PO had put a street legal kit on, but it had never been registered as a road bike and i had no problem at all getting them to change the title.
  5. bp400k1

    please help: throttle and starting questions

    Well, I did the Eddie mod and things improved drastically, I can no longer get it to die By nailing the throttle, MUCH better than it was but it still has a hesitation before it pulls. I'm waiting for the bigger jet and hopefully that will take care of it. One question I do have is, does my carb have a AP adjustment screw or is that just the mx model? And if it doesn't how do you adjust it?
  6. bp400k1

    please help: throttle and starting questions

    I didn't have a 155 only a 152, so i tried it and it defiantly seemed to help. I need to run to the dealer and pick up a 155.
  7. bp400k1

    please help: throttle and starting questions

    I'll put one in today and let you know how it goes.
  8. bp400k1

    please help: throttle and starting questions

    It is an 01' kicker (fcr carb) with snorkel removed, twin air filter, muzzy exhaust. Main Jet 150 pilot jet 45 stock needle 4th clip stock fuel screw 2 turns 4000ft elev. Thanks for any input
  9. bp400k1

    please help: throttle and starting questions

    I am having the same issue, seems to run good thru the throttle range as long as i do it smoothly, if in first gear or neutral, and give it a quick hit( like you need when trying to lift the front tire over a log) it wants to die. I have been thinking maybe a jetting issue?
  10. bp400k1

    Taking a passenger on a DRZ400S

    I think your mod looks pretty good. And if it is easy to take on and off even better! I have a kicker model, so no rear pegs, and i have been looking at adding some. Thanks for the pics
  11. bp400k1

    what a tank

    Thats hilarious Running from security on a DRZ!!
  12. bp400k1

    I'm not carrying tools anymore.

    6 miles from home on pavement, no tools, no biggie. 15 miles from camp on single track,no tools, biggie!
  13. bp400k1

    drz jetting for utah

    Thank you so much, I will change the clip tonight, give it a try and post my progress. I'm learning a lot really quick.
  14. bp400k1

    drz jetting for utah

    Well,,,, If anyone is even following this post I have just started trying things. I messed with the hot start thinking maybe i messed something up because i just took it off and plugged the vacuum line, put it back and it didn't make a difference. I put the pilot air jet (60) back in and i think that has done it, at least it will idle fine in the garage, it is raining pretty good here so hopefully tomorrow i will be able to test ride it.
  15. bp400k1

    drz jetting for utah

    William1??, anybody, have some input or anything I can try??