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  1. Hello from Brisbane, Australia.. I purchased my new 2014 KTM 350SX kato in dec 2013 and sprung a brake side fork seal leak after ONLY 1 HOUR. shocked definatly, and as per the warrenty book I had to take my bike on for a full ridiculously priced service to where I bought the bike from which I got the reply sorry no warrenty on fork seals even if it only has 1 hour on it! Thanks Team HOMO!! The weep was pretty minor and the seal seemed to last up until now at 5 hours, even after trying the SEAL DOCTOR method on the seals to no avail... I guess now I have to replace BOTH seals for precaution? Whilst the forks are in the shop I was wonder about what fork oil height/weight should be used for my riding style and weight? Im 75kgs. do around 80foot jumps..not a pro just for fun.. Bike is standard and rear shock I have the ride sag at 100mm. I got to ride the 2014 YZF450 on a test day and like the fork suspension and from what I have read the YAMI's are the best suspension... I like the way the yami absorbs the small bumps but still resists bottoming out... I would love to hear your insight if in fact just changing fork oil height or oil weight or even taking or adding fork shims would be any good for my weight and help be a little better at absorbing the smaller bumps on the track... The forks just seem a little harsh, I have played around with the clickers and fork height in the triple clamps. Is 5 hours a little too soon to be changing fork oil weights and heights? Any other mods and tricks you may have for this bike would be great to know.. Thanks in advance for your insight. Kind regards!!
  2. Hi all... I have a 04 CRF250X model... I have been searching all over the net to try and understand the general rules for a flat CR carb jetting.. most have there own ideas of what runs good at what sea level etc... Im looking to find out the FACTS /general rules to what jet numbers to use to stay in spec which each other when changing.. Im at sea level in Brisbane , Australia... 1. pink wire mod done. 2. Airbox top cut out.. 3. standard exhaust Some are using a range of MAIN jets between 148-165.. Is there a rule of thumb in numbers Ie, 160 main jet 42 pilot jet, if changed one would the other have to change?? In my bike i have the 1. Main= 168, 2. pilot = 40.(i think its the pilot) 3. one of the Two jet around the main .. 80( carnt quite make out number but looks like 80) 4. There ia also another jet that on the air box intake side, slightly of centre... This one is 100...What is this one??
  3. chiefster1976

    Purchased a 2004 CRF250X. Quick mods?

    Thank you JIM!!! I will do as you described..thanks..Enjoy the weekend!!
  4. chiefster1976

    Purchased a 2004 CRF250X. Quick mods?

    shes a goer.. It runs but is pissing fuel out in between the float bowl nut underneath and what i think is the accelerator pump of the the ofside of the bike underneath and also leaking at the swivel where the fuel pipe enters the carby.. Could this be float bowl issues or incorrect leak jet?? Myself and the last owner replaced the float bowl and gasket but still doing it!!! Any ideas guys?? thanks P.S it looks as though someone previously cut out the top of the airbox already!!
  5. chiefster1976

    Purchased a 2004 CRF250X. Quick mods?

    Hi All .. I recently purchased the above bike off a good friend... Its been sat for a year or so... Before that he had the top end rebuilt and stainless valves put in! only done 10-15 hours since that rebuild.. Had valves checked by a shop 3 hrs before last ride before being stored... This bike is a bit of a project to clean up and sell on(or maybe keep if i like it,lol) so looking for cheap mods to do and checks to make to get it running good?? Done thus far.. 1, Emptied fuel tank,taken out fuel filter in tank and cleaned, 2, checked irridium spark plug and has good spark.. 3. ordered new 160CC battery.. 4. MAYBE clean out carby Im wondering wether to bother yet taken out carby for a clean until i try with fresh fuel...Last time we replaced the float bowl AND the gasket but it STILL leaks fuel from the bottom of the carby!!! Is this due to the float position being wrong?? Im in BRISBANE <AUSTRALIA so im not sure if the standard jetting is any good??
  6. chiefster1976

    From 450F back to 250F

    I hear ya leafsrule 16, 2 smokers are cool and sooo light but kinda like the tourquey feeling of the four stroke and the engine braking too... Rode a mates 2013 kx 250f last weekend and although i only had a few laps,i just didnt seem to have enough power for me/ constant gear changes.. Im 36yrs...not a big speed freak but like jumps and go reletively fast in my mind anyway.lol... thats why im kind of looking at KTM 350F..that in between power...Only thing that lets those bikes down is weight... Hence just wondering as above post what would be the ideal spring rate for the rear shocky for a 70kgs rider without bottoming out for my older frame!!l lol... For the sake of $120 AU i thought this would be the first port of call before thinking of changing the bike and paying the bigger dollers for the KATO 350 or 450F's..( HENCE bowhunters response makes sense) Sorry last post was wrong..Race tech show stock rear spring at 5.5kgs.... they sugest 5.453 kgs for a fast rider or around 5.2kgs for a novice.. Not sure what rate to go for..all im bothered about is getting the ride sag to 100-105mm and whatever the bike sag should be at which i think from reading specs should be between 30-40mm sag?? I have my forks flush with the triple clamps as its seems to bottom out less, its kind of confusing as rach tech recons i should get lighter fork springs too but it bottoms out easily at 5mm down from triple clamps... Confused much!! lol... .
  7. chiefster1976

    From 450F back to 250F

    I have just checked the spring rates for the 12 CRF450R for 70kgs... REAR SHOCK SPRINGS Recommended Shock Spring Rate: 5.453 kg/mm (use closest available) Stock Shock Spring Rate: 5.5 kg/mm (stock) FRONT FORK SPRINGS Recommended Fork Spring Rate: 0.476 kg/mm (use closest available) Stock Fork Spring Rate: .49 kg/mm(stock) Im currently getting 93mm ride sag to 43 bike sag...Looking at the variences with stock spring to get 100mm would be 50mm bike sag.. Would you guys say taking this into consideration the 0,476kg/mm rear spring would be spot on????? Forks seem to blow through the stroke on flat landings so im keen to leave them stock!! Thanks for your replies thus far!!!
  8. chiefster1976

    From 450F back to 250F

    !! Thanks for the replies!!!!! Very interesting quotes and in depth into it!! Would be interesting to get the softer spring to actually see if it feels lighter afterwards!! ;-) The 450F honda grows on you and feels pretty light, suspenders set up right, if i can deal with the shit of a clutch ill keep it for now.. Just rode a mates 2013 KTM 450SX this weekend ,well standard shock feels nice my my light 70kgs.. Awsome brakes supper light clutch, feels lighter in motion than it actually is.. Would be keen to ride the KTM350SXF to see if its just the right comprimise between power and weight!! Anyone prefer the KATO 350SXF??
  9. Hiya... Im interested to hear peoples general opinions on going from a 450F to a 250F for 70KGs riders? Not being an excetionally fast rider but enjoy decent size jumps im finding 450F's a little too heavy and fellow friends i ride with recon i would be faster on a 250F... Or does weight play much of a factor over Feel of suspension/power and overall FEEL? last year i had a 2011 KX450F (HEAVY harsh suspension,but awsome motor) This year I have a CRF450F with yoshi pipe... ( nice supsension although need a softer spring rate) I feel alot more at home on the Honda... I like the idea of electric leg and Brembos and especially the hydraulic clutch but you obviously pay for the privelage when buying new with KTM.... the hondas clutch is crap..lol.. Unfortuantly the KTM 250SXF is the same weight as my 450F honda.. sucks... THe Honda 250F has is the lightest 250F for 2013 but doesnt have the power of KAWI or KATO...... Would be interesting to know if any of you made the change chasing weight over everything else??
  10. Hi all... Just working out if i need to go just a tad lighter on the shock spring and maybe add 10cc of fork oil in my bike.. I find the front forks seem to bottom out EVEN with my lightweight stature of 155lbs (70kgs) and 5ft 4''.. Thats with the forks at 5mm from top.. NOW i moved them to flush and STILL bottom out on hard landings but not as bad, compression is set to 7 out from HARD!! &%$#@!!!! Just wondering on this note wether an extra 10cc of fork oil will do the trick?? My shock settings were taken twice and as Dirtbike mag sugests all clickers are set to fully soft to get acurate readings..!!!! First settings... SECOND SETTINGS ON STAND= 585mm ON STAND= 585MM BIKE SAG = 39MM BIKE SAG = 43MM RIDER SAG = 89MM. RIDER SAG= 93MM.. I have read in ike magazines 30-40mm of bike sag is the ball park figure and 100-105mm rider sag as a rule of thumb... Trying to achieve the correct rider sag of 100mm is going to make the bike sag too great... * WHAT WEIGHT OF SPRING SHOULD I BE GOING FOR AND BY KEEPING THE SAME FORK SPRINGS WILL A LIGHTER SPRING ON THE REAR EFFECT THE FRONT END??
  11. chiefster1976

    Novice to the CRF/suspension

    Hi all.. Does Anyone have a 2012 450 or close to) reletively fast , light riders out there that have found a good suspension set up that works well for them in spring weights? Only got 5 hrs on it so am im right in saying the SPRINGS are not really bed in yet? Friends are saying will take around 10hrs to bed in really..?? IM only 70kgs.. To get 100mm ride sag = 49mm static sag..Obviously pointing to lighter spring you say im sure, what is max one could run static on the rear?? I Read somewhere between 30-40mm? I Dont mind it being lower in the rear( im 5ft 4.) Can i get away with just changing the rear spring and leaving the forks? Kind of like the forks as they are as they can still blow through the forks on hard landings set a couple of clicks harder than standard setting.. Dont really want to loose bottoming resisdance if go lighter on the front springs too... Im sure i can manage the rear spring change if needed but feel the forks best to be done by a pro i think.. the rear feels pretty good tracks o.k on the small bumps ,but the front feels more nervous and choppy on the small stuff.. Love your thoughts on this..thanks
  12. chiefster1976

    2012 CRF450R upgrades..

    Hi all...Just bought a 2012 CRF450R..mainly for a lighter bike from the 2011 KX450F i have at the moment... Was going to wiat for the 2013 CRF but this 2012 was a bargain... Anyway, I heard the stocko pipe is coking up the bik and looking for a yoshi twin RS4D..My question.. Is it best to spend the $1000 on a full system or will just a slip on yoshi do? Also will i have to get my bike remapped to suit the pipe and what should i be asking the bike shop to go for in the mapping?? Im a just for fun rider but a half decent fast ish pace(well in my eyes anyway..) lol... AS far as the spring rate is concerned i know Honda has upgraded the spring rate for this year, but (as with my 2011KX450F) the spring rate was too high for me..Will the spring rate be sufficient for a 70Kgs rider at a relatively medium pace?? I know the 4 spring clutch is supposed to be wank..not sure yet if its going to effect me enough to warrent a expensive HINSON clutch assembley though.... Like the idea of black rims too but seem TOO expensive for just bling looks..Any ideas?? Just looking at general tips to help the bike run to its potential with out spending too much ... Thanks in advance...I hope i made the right choice from Kawasaki to Honda!! time will tell!!!Defo need the lighter bike though..lol..
  13. chiefster1976

    2012 kx450f... Its here

    I think the 4 way adjustable bar position would be great! Mapping looks easier to change than last years..Launch control!! Thumbs up there.. Kawasaki seem to be giving alot more for the 2012 model.. Hope the new chains last longer than my 2011. Ditched it after 4hrs riding!!
  14. chiefster1976

    2000 WR400F Rebuild - Process Pictures.

    Hey Shred, the triple clamps DO look trick in black..neat job.. Looks like your doing the FULL Monty!! I guess you will be ditching the worn clutch cover? Any plans for some sick coloured wheels on her?? Moto tyres or knobbies?? In relation to WR450F carby..I know FULL THROTTLE at Moss st in Slacks Creek south Brisbane have one or 2 there for around $300... May be a bit of a drag coming all the way from OZ... Maybe Ebay u.k/OZ might have one listed...
  15. chiefster1976

    2011 KX450F service/suspension..