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  1. Ha ha no, I have plenty of hammers.
  2. I'm trying to get my sisters dirt bike back together and I do not have a crank installer. I didn't want to spend $60 on a tool I will only use once. so. . . Is there anyone in the Tucson area that is willing to let me borrow/rent their tool, maybe even help me get it back together? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Now where would we be if we just handed everything off to someone else? Live and learn. I also don't see a problem using a hammer on known bad parts, you might have a different opinion but it is just that and opinion. Thank you for the input though.
  4. I did use a crank puller. I did tap it but didn't hit it that hard, or at least I thought.
  5. Wow, tons of information! She bought the bike used and the crank that I removed was a Hot Rods crank and not OEM. I didn’t think I beat on it that hard, but I guess these things are a little delicate. It is also blued from overheating as it was run dry of coolant and wouldn’t think it would be rebuild-able so I was not to terribly worried about it. I checked the vin before I bought it and it did come back as an 07. The vin is not showing up on the Kawasaki site at all. I sent an email off to Wiseco asking them about it, I will shoot off another to the dealer I bought it from on Amazon. If I can return it for a partial refund I will do that. If not I'll try to sell it and see about getting a Hot Rods crank. Thanks for all the information!
  6. Well. . . . I guess what I'm trying to figure out is. This crank clearly is not the same, is it because Wiseco sucks, or is it because this motor is not a 07? Looking up any cranks all they have are generic pictures. If I order a hotrod or other crank for this year is that not going to work either? What years have a threaded end, and which ones have a snapring?
  7. The bike is a 2007. Yes the end of the original is bent, I did that when removing it. I already installed most of the seals so sending it back is not an option any more.
  8. So we are rebuilding my sisters bike and now when it comes time to assemble everything we find out the crank is different. . . The kit did not come with any hardware, only seals, gaskets, and the crank/rod. The old crank has a left hand nut holding the gears on while the other has what looks to be a snap ring groove, yet there was no snap ring or any hardware included. . . Did we receive a wrong crank, are we missing parts? Right now I'm kind of stumped and any and all help would be great! Thanks! Edit: We bought the Wesco WPC119 for the KX85
  9. I would get the Silverado with the 5.3. The small light trucks like my Dakota (4.7 v8) get the same gas millage while being smaller all around. The 5.3 is a stout engine and can take allot of abuse! Chevy trucks also have a much better frame than Toyotas and Nissans.
  10. Very nice build! Now if you could get the wheelies under control that thing would be a rocket. Then again people like wheelies. Do you have cutting brakes on it?
  11. When I ride my brothers quad I wish it had a twist throttle. I find when I don’t have my thumb wrapped around the throttle tube I have a weaker grip and just feels uncomfortable. Why don’t you ride your friend’s bike and see if you actually like it before investing any money into it?
  12. You kidding right? Maybe there is a new design out but my Tech 3's are stiff as hell, I cant shift for crap and ride the brake because I cant feel anything. There is a rather big plastic plate on the inner ankle area that really restricts movement and never softens up.
  13. I keep telling them to put me down as the last known owner, they are against it and I don’t know why. . . I technically am as I am the one that purchased it and then gave it to her for X-mas. She keeps insisting I need to get the other persons information but fails to realise I do not have what I do not have. . . very frustrating. Don't ever buy a bike without a title! Thanks for the help, I am currently debating on getting a titled framw off ebay.
  14. Ok, I'm trying to title a kx85 that I purchased from someone in phoenix for my sister. The bike is clean (not stolen) I lost the damn bill of sale and now trying to get a title. With the bill of sale gone I have no information on the previous owner. The DMV has no records of the bike what so ever and tell me that if I don't get the previous owners information there is nothing they can do and we cannot get a title. . . I'm applying for a bonded title. Is there anything I can do to get a title for this bike so we can get an OHV sticker and actually ride the thing on some trails out here? Never again will I get a bike without a title!!! Thanks for any and all help!
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