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  1. Maybe check the valve clearances (i.e. intakes) and keep an eye on them.
  2. I'm not aware of any other source than Yamaha. A custom place may be able to reproduce them for you, but that will cost $$ too.
  3. I meant STIFFER aftermarket clutch springs. Clutch springs are not adjustable, Ya think?
  4. Maybe he installed a set of aftermarket clutch springs?
  5. Based on my experience with Vesrah gaskets and clutches over the years, I would not recommend them. Use OEM.
  6. Here is a run down of the model year changes http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/935236-wr450f-model-year-changes/
  7. Along with what Manic said. Something is yielding and relieving the clamping force. Could be gaskets (use only factory gaskets if you can), The bolts themselves are torque to yield bolts, that means you torque them, then add 180 degrees of rotation to stretch them. These types of bolts are typically one use only in my experience (automotive). Perhaps yours are shot, bad temper (from the prior meltdown) or re-used too many times. You confirmed you used the proceedure in the manual, did you put the moly grease on the threads and the washers?. The washers are there and are correct? Are the threads OK. Have you checked your head and cylinder deck for flatness? I would get the head and deck checked for flatness, check the threads in the cases, buy new OEM gaskets, bolts and washers, a tube of moly grease. Only about 10% of torque is transfered into clamping force. The rest is absorbed in head and thread friction, which is why the moly grease is required.
  8. Never tubo'ed an engine, will you have to lower the compression a little to prevent a detonation induced meltdown? Water injection? If you can keep the top end together, the next question is the bottom end and transmission. Looking at my FZ1 or an R1 it appears that the WR/YZ engine is similar to one cylinder sliced off of of an FZ1 or R1 engine.
  9. 2007 FZ1 Here. My favorite all around bike.
  10. Welcome. I would also like to explore the Dual Sport or Super Moto angle myself. Do you have your wheels yet?
  11. A sticky with parts interchange is a great idea. Was aware that a lot of parts would interchange between YZ's and YFZ's since I have been wrenching on all types since 2003, but would have to research before I jumped into something.
  12. I would have kept my 03 if it would have been a 450. It was a 250 and a part of me hated to sell it since I had owned it since new. If I had just bought the 450 back in 03, I'd still have it.
  13. I'd like to get this pinned. I have PM'ed the moderators but have not heard anything back. Probably busy with the new site.
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