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  1. Hey guys, I'm starting nursing school soon so unfortunately my baby is going to have to go. I haven't sold a bike in years so I was curious what places do you guys recommend to try and sell it? So far i've tried craigslist letgo offerup Are there other places/newer places to try and sell? Trying to sell it asap
  2. Tony477g

    Gopro what're you guys using?

    That is a beautiful trail! Where is that? How much did that camera run you?
  3. Curious on a couple of things. You guys that do have a gopro is it worth it? Can you justify the 300 dollars for the amount of times you ride? Or do you have it more times on the shelf? Second question, Which gopro do you guys use? Is the 5 worth it? Or will I be just as happy with one that can record in 1080p? Third if you use a camera and its not gopro which do you guys recommend? I'm thinking about buying one but not sure if I can justify spending 300+ accessories costs. I do a lot of different sports that I'd like to record (dirt biking, hiking, wake boarding, skateboarding, shooting etc)
  4. Hey guys so to get rid of the ticking noise at idle I've decided to buy a new cam chain tensioner. Im looking at two right now Nihilo Concepts cam chain tensioner https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1157/45436/Nihilo-Concepts-Cam-Chain-Tensioner?v=12466 Dirt tricks cam tensioner https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1157/25928/Dirt-Tricks-KTM-Timing-Chain-Tensioner?v=12466 It looks like the Dirt tricks is more popular. Anyone have any experience with these? Reliability wise? 2016 KTM 250sxf
  5. Thanks to you guys, I'll probably put it in regardless, if I can't figure it out though hopefully the dealer doesn't charge me 500 to install it
  6. So first step would be take off the valve cover. Is there a special tool I need to check the tension or is it just pull on the chain and make sure it's tight? Is there instructions on how to install the nhilo?
  7. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/3830/45436/Nihilo-Concepts-Cam-Chain-Tensioner?v=12466 Just to be positive this would be the part right? I have a repair manual for my bike as well.
  8. Ya I'm pretty dumb when it comes to these 4 strokes haha so what should I do next is there an aftermarket part you recommend or what should be my next move
  9. Hopefully its nothing, i emailed the dealership i bought the bike from emails me back, just hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.
  10. what year is your bike?
  11. Are you saying it's supposed to sound like that? How would I go about doing that?
  12. Tony477g

    Bike smoked after washing?

    Ya you have to wait for it to filter through, and no need to take out, it threads in and you just leave it in there
  13. Also if you do wd40 your engine do you just spray and pray? or do you spray it on a rag and try to wipe it on?
  14. Tony477g

    I'm I too small for a 125

    i'm 5'5'' if I can give you any advice it's dirt bikes are tall and this is an expensive sport. You HAVE to get the suspension done. Get a revalve, springs and have your suspension tuner lower the bike 1.5". My tuner charged me 600-800 can't remember correctly, to do all of that to my 2016 KTM 250sxf and it made the bike so much more rideable. You can always cut the seat as well but I hated the look