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  1. 2006450X

    What would cause a random low end sputter?

    Winner winner chicken dinner on the needle jet emulsion tube, thanks for all the input guys. Especially the few that mentioned the emulsion tube, you guys are the best! New one is in there and the beast is back!
  2. 2006450X

    What would cause a random low end sputter?

    Im going to give that slow jet a try, if that doesn't work I'll try the needle replacement. Also I am working on an ohmmeter to check the TPS THanks a bunch guys
  3. 2006450X

    What would cause a random low end sputter?

    I'll check it out, but the bike started acting up before I took the carb apart
  4. Hey guys, Randomly this spring my 450X started to get a sputter at 1/4 throttle, as soon as you give it more throttle it goes right away. I haven't changed any jetting (jetting is damn near perfect), valves are all in spec, recently cleaned the carb and just got a new piston and spark plug. Intake boots are on the carb correctly, air filter is clean. I'm stumped as to what could have randomly changed and caused this. Searched other threads and someone mentioned something about needle jet/needle jet holder can wear out. Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance
  5. 2006450X

    CR500 Front Suspension Question

    Thanks for the input guys, I may just put a little TLC into the suspension thats on there now
  6. I have a 1993 Cr500 and I absolutely love the bike to death, but the front suspension is pretty awful. Do any of you guys know if I would be able to bolt on newer forks? What would be required to do it? What bikes could I use the suspension from? Or would I be better off having my suspension guy for my other bikes revalve the stock 500 forks? -Thanks in advance
  7. Fair enough, I'm very happy with my bike as I'm sure you are. I Feel weird riding anything else, all about what you're used to really. I feel like if you were to play with fork heights you could get that feel on an X, but any who. X2 on the R to X interchangeability, It is so simple to uncork an X motor to make it perform like an R motor it's great, like basically free. That sounds like the KTM experience to me
  8. I have yet to meet someone who has had good luck out of a "Keep Taking Money". Thanks for the recommendation though
  9. All you did was pay to molest your bike to be what mine was from the factory. Your not the only one who has extra sprockets laying around either, 30 lbs lighter with all that stuff you had to add on? Doubtful. You still don't have wide ratio gearing, huge perk for me while riding technical stuff. I go out in the dunes and jump 70' table tops on the same suspension that I ride trails on. But in the end I see our bikes as similar, cheers to the CRF's only bikes I've owned for a reason.
  10. 2006450X

    What paddle tire to buy?

    I'd go 10 scoop, check out the Dunatik I think its made by dunlop. Huge scoops, hooks up well, so far so good on wear
  11. I do, I ride a 06' Crf450X. It has a couple engine goodies that make it faster than any stock 450 race bike, i have my suspension revalved and it is by far better than any 450 race bike ive been on. Those are the only two down sides i see to a trail bike. Not to mention im street legal here in MT, NEVER have to pack extra gas, have the magic E-Start button, have wide ratio gearing, a headlight, oversized radiators...the list goes on and on. I laugh as all my riding buds kick and kick and kick their overheated and flooded bikes, when all I have to do is push a button. Most importantly I dont have to find a tree, fence post, triangle or turn off my fuel line every time I wanna get off my bike Now tell me again why trail/enduro bikes are so lame???
  12. ill probably just end up throwing in water + water wetter for the summer and then drain and refill with coolant for the winter. I like that idea, because I really would like to get every bit of cooling ability that I can for this summer. All they do is get hotter
  13. Nothing cools better than pure water and/or water wetter, anti-freeze raises the boiling point and lowers the freezing point but with this you do loose some cooling capabilities.
  14. I live in the mountains of Montana and sadly our house we moved into doesnt have a heated garage, this winter it got down to -37 degrees BELOW ZERO. I used to run water/water wetter, back when we had a heated garage. I do need ever bit of cooling power needed as I ride the big Idaho dunes all summer. So I don't really wanna run pure anti-freeze with fear of overheating problems, so I was contemplating Engine Ice. But thats only rated down to -26. Should I just bite the bullet and throw traditional coolant in there? Any other ideas P.S bikes in question are a CRF450X and a 1991 CR500
  15. 2006450X

    CRF450X cold start IMPOSSIBLE

    Stupid idea but have you tried just giving it a good SLOW and consistent kick from Top Dead Center, learn how to find it and you can start almost any bike first kick. I can kick my bike over and over and over basically endlessly unless I start the kick with the piston at TDC. Just something to try....