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  1. 3rd owner, about 7.5 k miles. I'm not forensic expert but after looking at it a little more, I do think it was man made at some point. The question is: should I install new chain or leave it? I do have DID cam chain sitting around somewhere. Yea, nay?
  2. I had cams out before. However I don't understand why would anyone would need to force the chain over cams as it gets completely loose once the tensioner is out.
  3. Was checking a valve clearance the other day and noticed 2 outer chain links (2 facing out links, next to each other) have a small burr on them. Almost looks like something got caught between chain and gear at some point. Only outer links, only two. The same 2 links have their other (inner) link plates without any visible damage. The rest of the chain is fine. Count the links between two sprockets (15 pins) and the chain never jumped any teeth on cams. Bike runs fine. Any ideas? concerns? Does this chain need to go? Not sure how long it has been there, never noticed before. MCCT was installed maybe 1.5k miles ago. I just don't understand how it got damaged since those outer links are riding over sprocket faces, not in between their teeth
  4. can someone confirm this is correct number for DRZ400. Maguradirect web site shows 0120652. But Magura 2013 catalog shows 0120655 with magura clutch assembly for DRZ400 as 0120579. If you plug 0120579 into maguradirect website it refers to YZ250F assembly. &%$#@!???? I understand that there are 2 different part numbers for DRZ400, one with decomp and one is without. But why different model #s for slave????? what is the differece 0120652 vs 0120655 slave? see page 14 http://www.magura.co...9bd0756c7ddfceb
  5. thanks, would I even be able to rotate the shaft by hand?
  6. how can one make sure that arm goes back on the correct way? I didn't mark it originally thinking it can go only one way.
  7. put a magnet on it, make sure it's not jus copper coated. Just in case. I did found aluminum crush washers in local hardware store that work great. Where did you get crush washer for the frame drain?
  8. zaq123

    Clutch setup

    Sorry I meant clutch lever/ perch assembly. From pics it looks like drz Magura setup has vertical bar clamp? I was actually looking at ktm used masters with mirror clamp ( looks just like the one for drz) and go for just drz slave. Ive seen drz slaves on amazon for $50 or so
  9. Need new clutch setup. What whould you guys recommend: Zeta or Magura? Should I go with hydraulic Magura for only $60 more?
  10. this should give you an idea http://www.thumperfaq.com/valves.htm http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/718276-drz-valve-clearance-check-and-adjustment-plus-cam-timing/
  11. I don't see any mounting holes in that flange. Does one need to drill them out himself?
  12. any idea how old version RS2 insert looks like?
  13. I just got TEC-SD8 insert for my RS2 but it doesn't fit for some reason. Any ideas what insert do I need for my RS2? And cap is removed in the pic
  14. just reshim it, probably it's all it needs as far as valve clearance goes. If you want to check your valve, perform a leak down test. You can get/order shims individualy at the dealer or online. Go ride 919 while waiting for shims
  15. I was told this is DRZ rim but front hub does not look like DRZ as far as bolt pattern goes. Does anyone know what bike is it from? Or what rotor will fit on this hub?
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