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  1. jkkavan

    Galfer Brakes Brake Line Kit

    Rotor/Sintered Metal Pads Front and Rear Await.
  2. jkkavan

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Installed a Trick Dual Sport Kit. New DOT tires, Big Gun Exhaust. Header wrap.
  3. jkkavan

    Yamaha WR450F (2009)


    Texas Plated
  4. jkkavan

    Yamaha WR450F 2009

    Texas Plated
  5. jkkavan

    uncorking wr450?

    Funny question. As they say, a body of knowledge exists, I pulled the 'pea-shooter' and the 'goggles' and disabled the Grey Wire, (Also took off the exhaust,) Wouldn't start. One week-old new 09 WR 450F. Put exhaust back on. No start. Hook up Battery tender pigtail and start charging. Re-enable Grey Wire. Bike starts. Call to Dealer (Tx 30 yrs. father/son Austin) "We stopped taking it apart." They couldn't really tell the difference riding. They did do the goggles and the throttle stop. Ground the stock part down. No re-jetting. I told to leave mine stock. Impulse purchase one weekend. I still will do the throttle stop and since I bought the GYRT kit the rest of it. It seems you really have to almost all these mod in sequence and mostly at the same time. Good luck. I can't ride the thing full out anyway. "Corked' is almost like a governor until you learn the bike's power. Only when you are worthy.