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  1. FeelsLikeFalling

    Honda Cr85 problem

    So it's not just the bike with a problem. Go figure.
  2. FeelsLikeFalling

    This girl's lookin for a new bike!

    My wife is about your size and went from a TTR125 big wheel to a KX100 that we modded for trails (flywheel weight, armor, etc.). It is a great bike, no doubt, and can work very well for trails even if it's meant for moto. She now prefers a modern 250 4-stroke off-road bike, however, aside from picking it up. I will say that you should be pretty much thrashing your TTR before making that leap. I can't emphasize that enough. If you think the TTR is holding you back, you should be bottoming it out regularly, and wringing the guts out of the engine with full throttle while feathering the clutch. You should be able to yank the front up at least for a second in low gear and climb most hills already on your TTR, and you should be able to create and deal with wheelspin and sliding. Power isn't a good replacement for skill; it will only magnify problems in your technique in most cases, so I can understand your father's concern. Whiskey throttle on the KX is going to be dangerous if you're not already very comfortable beating on your TTR. Also, since you specifically mentioned suspension and your newness to riding, you do ride standing up to hit obstacles and uneven terrain, yeah?
  3. FeelsLikeFalling

    Got scammed on a trade - Need advice

    Srsly. Bozo 1: "We're out of Locktite, and I think I lost a bolt in the driveway." Bozo 2: "Guess we'll fire up the MIG..."
  4. FeelsLikeFalling

    Surgical pins

    If you can't do it yourself, then you obviously vote for Hillary.
  5. FeelsLikeFalling

    The only chick in a dude crew

    Agreed. Unless you're truly being held back by a bike, there is no immediate need to upgrade (as much as we all love new fast toys). Not to be overly simplistic, but if you're not bottoming the suspension often, do you really need more suspension? If you rarely twist the throttle to the stop, do you really need more engine? Once upon a time, we moved my wife from a TTR125 big wheel to a well-prepped KX100 for trail riding and we later acknowledged that it was largely a mistake. We should have waited until she had built up her skills such that she was pretty much thrashing the ttr (another season or two, probably).
  6. FeelsLikeFalling

    Truck lifted on 40's... ramp situation?

    +1. They have a version of this wide enough for 2x12s and I use two of those. One for the bike, and one for me to walk up. I have an 8' bed and cut pressure treated 2x12 ramps such that they are exactly 8' when assembled. I don't run a lifted truck since I actually use it for things beyond impressing teenagers. The OP will probably want to put some grippy stuff on the boards considering the angle these things will end up sitting at.
  7. FeelsLikeFalling

    Add weight fast.

    He's under 136? Wow. I suggest mass quantities of food including unhealthy stuff. Meat and potatoes, sure, but also donuts and fried junk. And don't work it off with too much cardio. If lifting, keep to heavy weight, low reps. I also second the last minute water chug as mentioned by Kgmx.
  8. FeelsLikeFalling

    Best bike you ever owned, rode or own now ?

    Favorite was a 2000 RM250 that I bought new, though the '03 CRF450 that replaced it was arguably better in all areas other than weight and kick-starting. I rode that RM250 perhaps the most of any bike I've owned and shockingly nothing ever went wrong with it. Wish I still had it.
  9. FeelsLikeFalling

    Honda CRF450X (2009)


    Needs to lose weight, needs fork revalve, needs jetting
  10. FeelsLikeFalling

    Honda CRF450X 2009

    Needs to lose weight, needs fork revalve, needs jetting
  11. Other than the (arguable) remark about the difference in power band, this is completely wrong. Sorry to resurrect an old Thread.
  12. I must have cross-threaded the upper bolt/nut that holds the left radiator to the frame and the bolt snapped off in there (rather easily, IMO). While drilling to get an easy-out in there, the captive nut poked through the back and came out of the tab on the frame. Turns out, it's not easy to get the bolt out, even with the nut on the bench now...but I don't know how I'd get this nut back in the tab even if I do. I'm wondering if anyone has been through this as what they finally did. I'm thinking of getting a clip nut for it at this point. Any thoughts?
  13. FeelsLikeFalling

    Looking for John Volkman Contact Info

    Check your inbox.
  14. FeelsLikeFalling

    Working for a pro

    Without having an inside track (knowing someone), I would imagine one possibility is to get a gig as a mechanic in a bike shop that actually runs a race team (Chaparral, etc.). If you pay your dues and show yourself as dedicated, driven, talented, and generally easy to get along with, you might get the opportunity.
  15. FeelsLikeFalling

    Bike was stolen last night...

    A hot wire and a gassed-up vehicle...seems legit.