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  1. Flame

    Confesion of a 4 stroke rider

    Man, You sound just like myself. I have a TE510 and a CR125 love them both for the same reasons as you. I like the little light weight 2 smoker and of course it is a blast to torgue up a storm with the 510. I like the combo. Maybe a 167 kit for the 125 is the in cards.
  2. Flame

    Proud Husky Owner - CR250

    Congrats, I always wanted a CR250. I am envious.
  3. Flame

    510 price ?

    Sorry to misalign this thread but I want to see a photo of your 1974 450 Maico that is in your signature. I had a 400. Yours must be the square cylinder, mine was the first of the radial finned 400s. I buddy got the 450 like yours. We both bought new. What a blast in the good old days.
  4. Flame

    Picture of your kick stand

    I still don't think you can save much money at all by going aftermarket. The stock set up is great because it folds up so nice and out of the way. I was able to cut and weld the mounting bracket off a TE to work great on one of our CR125's. I have been meaning to get one for the other CR125 but haven't found the time.
  5. Flame

    FMF Gnarly Pipe

    I agree with the general concensus here. On our CR125's the Turbine core 2 sparkys worked great with overall power gains across the board. I too got an after market pipe to see if it was worth it and it was not. The stock pipe is the best.
  6. Flame

    Picture of your kick stand

    Why don't you just buy the stock parts and bolt them on. I think it is a great stand. Just get rid of the auto. You can get a WR bolt that doesn't have the auto up feature. I Made a bushing and put a std off the shelf bolt in there and it worked great. You need a bushing with a std. bolt though.
  7. Flame

    WR125 and deep water

    The notch in the cover/case is to let condensation out. Seal it up but then break the seal to check for condensation periodically.
  8. Flame

    Breaking in a 2008 TE510

    My first recomendation to do it this way was from one of the BMW Car Racing teams chief mechanic. I was building up a 2002Tii. That was 35 years ago. That car and every engine since has been a screamer and lasted forever. I heard a story here in TT that two buddies had bought identical bikes every two years for like ten years. One guy broke it in hard and one babbied it. The guy who babbied it had misc. engine problems on the first three bikes and then went to the other guys method and his problems quit. The other guy had no problems. The only thing that bothers me a bit is George at Uptite swears by the baby method. When George says something we all should listen. Oh well. some people like Chevy's and some people like Fords.
  9. Flame

    Breaking in a 2008 TE510

    I expect you are referring to the Mototune method. If so I have broken in every engine I have ever bought new that way and I am sold. I know guys who have broken in Huskys the way the manual say, baby it, and they get smoke and dark motor oil for as long as they owned the bike. That means their rings never got seated.
  10. Flame

    Oil screen backwards

    In the '04 owners manual one of the screens was shown in a diagram inserted incorrectly and in the wrong direction. Husky put a notice out on this one the same day I called and asked about it looking incorrect in the diagram and was not the way it came out of the bike. I bet the notice is still on their website. Make sure you get it straight.
  11. Flame

    USFS legal silencer for 06 CR125

    I put the Turbinecore 2 on both our '04 CR125's. It really helped the overall power curve, lots!! I put the universal on. Very easy to adapt. I wouldn't get a new pipe. The stock ones are damn near as good as it gets. Just get one and if you can't adapt it let a muffler shop do it for you.
  12. Get the 250 but keep the 510. I have a 510 and a CR125. This is a great combo, your 4T 250 and a 510 might be better. You will never forget the 510 and miss it. Sure the 510 feels and is heavier than a light bike but it still rocks. I had a Rekluse and got rid of it. Didn't like it for my riding areas and how I ride but that is a whole other story.
  13. Flame

    Twisted Handlebar Mount

    Same thing happened to me. It was the rubber, the bolts and a little loosen the whole front end up andtwistitstraight. It still seems a bit crooked every once in a while to me.
  14. Flame

    04 450 TC starter making more noise

    I have heard the starter gear retaining plate bolts can loosen up and cause problems such as this. Check it out and possibly lock tight them upon reassembly.
  15. Flame

    new wr125 questions

    I hear ya about the butternut screws. I replaced mine with Allen headed screws right after I noticed the stock phillips headed POS ones were going to be a PIA. .30 cents and the problem is solved. Now if I could figure out how to get the idle screw lock nut system to be a little more user friendly. You cannot get an open end on the lock nut to turn it very well at all due to the carb body getting in the way.