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  1. No tps... Use it on my 18 250x runs like a charm
  2. He uses a forged piston then all that you said with an oem jug.. on the pipe it has the feeling of a stock yz250 but that is in a very small rpm range ....that being said it is fun... I have had bikes that were done by gore and they were good but I have had a few friends that have had qaulity control issues just in my small circle over the last two years... Also I lost zero top end... It screams...
  3. So I did not go the stroked because it was a new engine... So I went with basically a 144 bore then he ported and went with a cut head via bills heads...then put an FMF fatty and shorty... Vforce 4 Now I am a desert trail rider that prefers the mid to top .. dyno wise it was it was close to 45.... Once it is on the pipe it is a rocket and revs to no end... I still am running pump but I am always 5000 and above .... I have had a lot of different bikes and set up and for me it is one of the most fun bikes I have had... If it would have gearing like the 250x for me it would be perfect.. or a 7th gear;)
  4. Need to put the year... If I would have went with a 17 I would have saved another 500... But man I like the blue rimsūü§£
  5. Man for that much I would just call Derek Harris and get a full set up... Mine pulls like a stock yz250 on the top end... It was a huge upgrade... I change my piston every 40 hours and have about 100 hours on the bike this season and no issues... His stuff is backed by dyno results..m which is not everything but it's something..
  6. I own both... A 250x and yz150.... For me I love the yz150 but you have to really be much more precise with clutch control... Be way smoother and keep your momentum up which I think is more fun.. now a couple of things... I live 5000 ft and up so we loose some HP... Now the yz250 I am for sure faster, easier maintenance and more stable in high speed desert... Maybe go 125 and upgrade to a 150... It really does upgrade the power.... Hard call both are great bikes... At the end of the day you can do everything on a 125 you can a 250 but when it gets super tech you have to do everything right on the 125 and on the yz250 you can make mistakes and have the power bail you out ...
  7. Agreed if you kids rid a lot I would not be to worried about the size.... I think the 125 teaches them better habits but once they have throttle/clutch control they should be able to right anything... you never mentioned how big your 15 year old is...
  8. 7100 plus tax...2018 model
  9. Yz250 yz150 have Lectrons and KTM 150 and yz85 have Smartcarbs ... I ride from 3000 to 12000 always smooth always great ...I had to adjust the rod once and the power jet once then never touched then again... for me a good head cut and metered carb is the way to go for our area...
  10. So they list a platinum pipe but it is for both the yz and yzx which concerns me... I have been a fan of their pipes because I am more of a mid to upper guy riding... Anyone put one on the x? Does it hang lower or come out a lot further than the stock pipe? Or should I not waste my money?
  11. I did but you have to make sure to have I that is strong enough to do so... A bremebo master has worked the best... Or clake... The only time I miss it is stopped on an incline and talking or trying to get something out of the Camelback it would be nice to use both hands...
  12. Personally if you are an agressive rider and 5-11 ish I think it is better all the way around than the sx... I had Derek Harris set it up and put the package together like he recommended for pump and it is awesome ... I am 215 and ride it it like I am going to kill it ... Change the piston every 40 and continue the abuse... It is a mid to top ride... For me though the suspension is freekin awesome stock ... At the end of the day it comes down to cockpit size... Yz seems larger the KTM seems to feel much smaller. Also the KTM can turn incredibly sharper...
  13. It's minimal but it's the time the balls take to spin out is what I think......
  14. I have not had issues with the core... Put 400 hours on the last one.... replaced plates every 150..... using a hour meter... Now that being said I find for single track riding at least here at higher altitude their settings and spring types always have to be changed... I have yet to have one that their settings work out of the box.... (yz250, yz125, ktm 300, ktm 150sx, yz450f, cr500) It is like they are only tested at a track.. I found the zstart pro is bulletproof but has a half second delay.... In which you get used to unless you are switching from bikes with and with out a zstart...