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  1. Thyruz

    Progressive valving

    Yeah, my current setup looks like this: 36*2 26 34 32 30 28 26 24 20 Works good!
  2. I have never modify a shock for a progressive spring (7.6-10.1) As the rebound will be quicker due to the bigger energy storage at the end of the travel i figured i have to do something to the Primary rebound stack, and on my 2010 300exc it looks like this: 36*2 26 34 32 30 28 20 ------ What do you think about this one? 36*2 26 34*2 32 30 28 20 ------ Or this? 36*2 26 34 32 30 28 26 24 20 ------ I have up until now used a 8kg spring but i feel that it bottoms out on g-outs and such. Did the -09 needle look like the -10? Now it looks like the Terry Hay needle. /Thyruz
  3. Cool! http://www.honest.nl/news.htm scroll down 1/3 of the page and check it out /Thyruz
  4. Thyruz

    250xcfw vs. 300xcw???

    KTM 300 EXC (XC-W) 2007. Vibrations? I went 62 kilometers yesterday and i noticed nothing on that subject. Light an flickable? I went 62 kilometers yesterday and i noticed that that is indeed verry much so! Power/torque? I went 62 kilometers ... you know... the power/torque is incrdible! My buddy rides a 250 EXCF (XCF-W) and we swiched back and forth several times and i can only say: i missed my bike when i didn´t ride it. My byddys comments was: I miss your bike when i dont ride it! Comming from a -06 CRF 450f (woods prepared) i know power/torque and i can honestly say: the only thing i miss from the crf is the seat! If you want a light, torque, powerfull, easy maintain, quiet, and do it all bike, the 300 can be the choise. (soon it is possible to buy a e-start kit wich fits from -04 > -07. If you dont buy the e-start model right ahead) If you want a light, eh...um...well if u like 6 gears the 250 has it...and if u like e-start...the 250 has it too. You know what i choose. Good luck with your decition. /Thyruz
  5. Thyruz

    CRF 450 for Enduros!

    I am pretty satisfied with my suspension at the moment. Thanks to BigIvyI and mallardchaser. I hug you in appreciation At first i thought that i might could get away with open and modifie the suspension 2 or maby 3 times. I am 2 over par right now so a little more work than i hoped for. No problem though, it´s all good right now so it was worth the work. I have tried mallardchasers (similar) set up and some other things but i ended up with a pretty easy modification that i like, for now. Actually i was out riding yesterday with a buddy of mine that is really fast! top 20 in sweden (yeah, that´s fast!) Him and me on the trail: Hey, i am struggling, what have you had for dinner! Me: Hehe, fast food of course! No, but i have done my suspension you know. Him: Man you have done a good job then, is that something you can do on my bike too? Me: Are you serious? You are just boosting my confidence because i am going too slow and u feel sorry for me? Him: I'm telling you, you are going fast and i am on top of my strength here! Those words maked my confidence really boost! He´s in better shape than me and i don´t have the stamina to go that fast as long as he can, but i am more motivated to do some running and bicycling to make it better. This is my set up: Forks. Changed spring in one fork leg from .46 to .42 removed 3 of the big shims of the cartridge comp stack (top) and 2 of the HS comp stack (mid valve). Added 300cc of W2.5 oil (Golden spectro). Shock. Removed 4 of the biggest Ls comp stack. Thats it! I don´t have more time for you now, i´m on my way out running! /Thyruz
  6. Thyruz

    CRF 450 for Enduros!

    I have now tried some of the BigIvyI tips and it getting better and better. mallardchaser: That looks great! I an taking notes and will try some of your settings as i proceed with the work! It is soooooo appreciated what u are doing, sharing your experiences! I will share my experiences when i am done with the suspension what i have done and so on! /Thyruz
  7. Thyruz

    CRF 450 for Enduros!

    BigIvyI: You know what, i have removed some (4) of the LS Stack and it is not even half bad I will now follow your suggestion with the clamp shims and remov some HS shims and see whats happens. (I think it´ll bee good or at least better) This was exactly what i was looking for, suggestions and startpointers! Thank you verry much BigIvyI! As for the fork i have just removed 2 Comp shims from both stacks in the fork (top and midvalve) and added 300cc of W2,5 oil and it works pretty good. If i can get away with just two tries on the suspension and get it right ill be verry happy!! Again, Thank you BigIvyI! /Thyruz
  8. Thyruz

    CRF 450 for Enduros!

    You obviously don´t get the point! I want it to be as close as possible at first attempt with help from people that have done their suspension before. /Thyruz
  9. Thyruz

    CRF 450 for Enduros!

    Someone have to know something about revalving/shimsing? It is easy to dissemble the forks/shock and shim stacks but it is hard to know what to do with the shims. Remove, add, put a break shim in or not. I really like to get it as good as possible at firs attempt. Please help. /Thyruz
  10. I am setting my 2006 crf450r up for enduro. I have had the forks done and i am pretty happy with them, for now, but i am unsure what to do with the shock. It´s not fun doing it all over again if i screwing it up so i rather do it “right” the first time. I have decided to use the stock springs as they are pretty good for my weight (95kg). What i like to hear is your opinion on what i should do whit it (shims, valves and stuff). How does the X shock compare with the R shock? Can i use the X shock valves and stuff...so many questions, so many ways to go... I really like your opinion and what u have done to get it all good! Oh, and i do all the work by myself. Oh 2. It would be very interesting to see how the forks looks like when i comes back from, for ex. Race tech. What changes that have been done and so on... Cheese! /Thyruz