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  1. frankstr

    XR650R D/S question

    To me it sounds like a bad ground somewhere...Make sure all grounds are working.... Thats my thought on it...
  2. frankstr

    Scotts Stabilizer

    Aah Yes, I have the sub mount, I love the way it raised my bars, and after the years of riding it was a worthwhile addition to the bike...
  3. frankstr

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Well I guess my bike's not gonna sell....I need to take it for a ride... Time to dust it off ..... Now I have plans for tomorrow.
  4. frankstr

    650r stage 1 hotcam

    Hey Highmark....From the sounds of it they pretty much bolt right in, But me being a machinest you want to make sure you check the springs for coil bind,seat press...ect. valve retainer to seal/guide top...Carefully read the inst. If I was doing the job I would be installing new cam followers and probly a good timing set and rail's depending upon wear, And it's always a good idea to dial the cam in I must say though I have a stock engine fmf Q and a ported edelbrock, And that carb alone woke my pig up..I can't imagine what it would be like with another cam...Crazy good ... I would think to if your putting a bigger cam in it, it would be a good idea to put better header tubes on it...jst my 2 cts
  5. frankstr

    XL600 Transplant

    Torch , hammer, and a welder and your set .... No honest answer though
  6. frankstr

    need to ride

    WOW..It's been almost a year since I was here on TT..It's been about 2 year's since I've actually rode my BRP...except to drag up the street and back once in awile...I'm thinking if it don't sell, I'll try and make it street legal. But before I do that I'll try and take it out on the trail's again...But that will probly srew me up and piss of my woman ..Oh well She know's I miss riding...It just suck's having health issue's that slow me down even as stubborn as I am. .... But some day's are a bitch and I can't fight it enuf... Well it feel's good cruisin around TT...I will be back around now that I'm home again...
  7. frankstr

    Would you molest this R?

    Has that pig even been rode..I thought mine was in great shape...WOW
  8. frankstr

    Xr600 Won't Start!!! Not Carb. Related...

    If You have compression, spark, fuel, with air it should run....sounds like cam timing, valve adjustment, or ???....
  9. frankstr

    Happy New Year To All !!

    I hope 2008 brings you all Joy, Peace, Health and Love ...May all your Dreams come True......... ...... ..... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. frankstr

    Jardine vs FMF Q2

    I have a fmf q2 Im happy with it..
  11. frankstr

    Thank you Edelbrock

    The Edelbrock is a wake up call for the BRP....
  12. frankstr

    TT store saved me $$$$$$$$$

    Yes, The , Thumpertalk store rocks..
  13. frankstr

    just bought a 05 xr650r today

    Welcome to, Thumpertalk,diesel power, Enjoy that new ride.. :applause:
  14. frankstr


    No wonder I have so many problems with all the rigs I own.. :applause: I'm going back to straight 50w...
  15. frankstr

    Handlebar Cross Bar-Can I Lose It?

    That bar is there for a reason.. I would not remove it...