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  1. sideoute

    CRF 450X TT Member's pictures Database.

    Yes, inspired by Mr. Johnny Airtime... Agent Smith said red rims would make it go faster than black ones.
  2. sideoute

    safe to run without battery?

    How did you get the thing started?
  3. O ye land of the orange, please help: Will a newer tank fit an 01 400 EXC? Will the fan fit a 3.3 IMS on an 01? I've seen other posts where it won't on new ones, didn't know about the 01 version. I'm starting to learn about the interchangable parts on KTM's but haven't mastered the concept. The reason for asking the above questions is that I really don't need this larger tank and I need to put a fan on it as it is getting hot in the tight KY stuff I ride in. Thanks for your help,
  4. sideoute

    Shock Switcheroo!!!

    I was going to switch one to the other. I haven't ridden it yet. It has been bitterly cold here this week. We are supposed to see 50 degrees today. I'm going to take it for a spin to see how it works.
  5. sideoute

    Showa Switcheroo? Will this work?

    Yeah, that is what I'm shooting for. The 250 has the stock one sprung for my little girl's weight. Instead of buying a heavier spring for the new one, I thought I would just switch them.
  6. sideoute

    Shock Switcheroo!!!

    Can someone tell me why I shouldn't take my sweet crf450 shock setup off and put it on my 98 cr250??? They bolted right up...
  7. I just purchased a slightly used 98 CR250. Yeah, yeah, I just had to do it, never owned a 2smoke before. It was on my list to do. Does anyone have a good reason why I shouldn't switch the shock & spring assembly between the two bikes? I just had the crf450 done with the heavier spring. I thought it might look nice on the 250 when I ride it. They bolted right up and seemed to fit fine in the switch. Will this screw anything up? Oh, I don't think I can use the heavier spring off the 450 to put onto the 250 as it looks to be a bigger diameter. It can't be this easy, can it???
  8. sideoute

    2-Stroke Help - '98 CR250

    Thanks for the info. I'll give it a check. How about the carb? Should I "re-do" anything? I hear sometimes that it isn't a bad idea to change the needle and the jets.
  9. sideoute

    2-Stroke Help - '98 CR250

    A newb here on 2-strokes. I need some help. I just purchased a '98 CR250 with a new top-end. As I'm new to 2-Strokes, I'd like some advice on what to check-out on the engine before I ride it. This is what I know, it has: New piston and rings New Boysen reeds A friend said something about power/exhaust valve? Is that something I need to check? Thanks, from a life-long 4-stroker.
  10. I had the same experience this week. Zero but starting okay and running good. I noticed a little backfire upon starting.
  11. sideoute

    Poll: how much do you weigh...

    6'5 340 I would eat Carmichael whole if I could catch him...
  12. sideoute

    New Indoor track in KY ??

    Sadieville exit just north of Georgetown.
  13. sideoute

    How does the 450X compare to 650R?

    I'm a proud owner of the 650 (uncorked) and the 450R. I bet the X would be a little more similar to the handling of the 650, but generally, the power delivery is about the same on from the 650R to the 450R. The weight diff is incredible. I ride really tight hilly-woods stuff here in KY and the loss of 45 pounds is wonderful. My 2cents.
  14. sideoute

    Is this a scam?

    I'm from Kentucky and no one I know talks like that... You usually se "yall" and a "fixin" every now and then. Probably a fraud...
  15. sideoute

    CRF450R vs CRF450X Vs XR650R

    I own two of the three. I just went from a 650R to the 450R. Don't jump the 650R unless someone is shooting at you. As a lifelong lover of the XR, I would have to say the 450R is a pretty good woods bike. Another 650R friend went to the X and likes some of the features, but can't keep up with the R in spots that we ride. my 2cents.