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  1. They are actually dangerous if you are off road and get mud on your boots. Don't ask me how I know.
  2. Halfmt1

    Creative backwoods flat repair

    I've had these on my SM wheels for a few years now, they work flawless. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Supermoto-DR-Z400SM-Tubeless-Kit-17-3-50MT-17-4-50MT-FR355-OUTEX-/172013823326?hash=item280cd2a55e:g:jcIAAOSwwE5WWzJq&vxp=mtr
  3. Halfmt1

    Installing Handguards and Rubber Killers?

    I have the same Zeta hand guards as you. They don't sit flush at the bar ends. That's how they are.
  4. Halfmt1

    Slap on throttle (video)

    I swear by Seafoam, if i store it for awhile, it comes out and runs like it never sat at all. I also add it to the gas periodically through the riding season. Bike always runs flawless!
  5. Halfmt1

    2016 drz400sm throttle tube recommendations

    Yes, i have, i love it. very noticeable difference, makes it very quick. Took some time to get used to it. One of the best things i've done.
  6. Halfmt1

    installing new tires, cant get the bead to pop

    awesome tires!
  7. Halfmt1

    Need end all be all throttle tube and cable setup

    Same here, one of my favorite mods.
  8. I got the Seat Concepts with the gripper top on my SM, i couldn't imagine a better seat for the DRZ!
  9. Halfmt1

    Kenda 270 - not seating

    I too use WD 40, it works beautifully.
  10. Halfmt1

    oil drain crush washer

    I use these as well, they work perfect.
  11. Halfmt1

    Trying to convince someone to get a DRZ

    I stay away from those people.
  12. Halfmt1

    replaced battery now won't crank

    It's ok to have a Harley, as long as you have other bikes to make up for it!
  13. Halfmt1

    Used DRZ - does this smell right

    Some of the bikes that I've looked at over the years, owned by so called "mechanics," were the sketchyist.
  14. Halfmt1

    Vibration in handlebars

    I have these in my Harleys. They make a big difference, if anything is known for vibrating, it's the "Milwaukee paint shakers." https://www.vibranator.com/