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  1. I have the MSR Raptor EZ Pull clutch on my bike, eases clutch pull up to 325% just by changing the leverage of the cable/perch with three different settings. Cheaper (price/quality) than a Magura hydraulic setup but it does require a bit of tinkering to keep it from dragging. I can easily use 1 to 2 fingers with this setup.
  2. Side note: In order to cope with the stiffer springs, I had lowered the fork oil lever down to about 150mm. Now, with the lighter springs, I raised it back up to 100mm which is 20mm lower than the suggested level. Could this affect the sags that much?
  3. Hey guys! This weekend I put in my new lighter springs for my '06 Husqvarna WR250, going from the stock .42kg down to .40kg. As I was checking my sags in the front (per Dwight Rudder's suggested numbers), I noticed that my sag numbers have actually DECREASED! How is this possible? With the .42kg springs my static sag was around 35mm (needs to be around 42mm) and rider sag was around 58mm (needs to be around 75mm). But now with my 'lighter' springs my sags are now at 27mm static and 42mm rider! Do you think I need to go for a ride or two to break them in? Or were my 'stock' springs not actually the stock spring rate and I actually went heavier?? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Zach
  4. If your guys' enduros over there are anything like they are over here, 13/45 would be WAY too tall. I run 13/50 on my WR250 and love it, 13/48 for you will give you the speed you need in the fast bits while also keeping you from constantly clutching/stalling in the tight stuff. You'll also maintain better traction in (what I assume) will be slimy/muddy conditions.
  5. @N16ht5 That's some good Walker footage! I love those trails! I always find myself going up Currant Pass for the challenge, it'll either get you in shape or kill ya. How often are you at Walker? It's only 45 min south for me so I try to get there every other weekend or so, depending on my racing schedule. We'll have to ride together! And yes, there's no way you could ever zig-zag through an of that crap, unless you can ride walls!
  6. Thanks for the great responses guys! Sounds like a lot more practice is in order. I've just heard a couple AA guys mention that they hold the front brake a bit while blast out of the ruts to keep the front wheel from walking out of the rut. So I thought there might be some secrets to getting these down. @Pook604: Damn! I'm up in Bellingham and would have loved to come down and do that! That's definitely on my checklist of things to do. I'll have to catch Shane when he's around here next time. And I've probably watched his Dirt Wise DVD's and YouTube videos about 47 million times! haha. Thanks again for the help guys, glad I'm not the only one struggling!
  7. Hey Guys! I just did a harescramble yesterday up here in WA and I can't even describe how fun it was. I'm an Open B rider and am desperately trying to find different ways to improve my fitness, form, and most of all...SPEED. I felt like I could keep a pretty good pace but one thing I noticed I struggled a lot with, that the AA and Open A riders didn't seem to have a problem with, were the ruts in the tight woods that became longer and deeper each lap (some cases 2' deep!). I felt good when the ruts were shallow but once they started to get deeper and longer I found myself losing my balance and accidentally riding out of the ruts which caused me to lose some major speed and nearly tip over. The ruts were carved out of clay/mud and a little slimy which made it more difficult. Also, the ruts became so choppy that it was impossible for me to ride through them smoothly, even if I kept my balance in check. Do you guys have any specific techniques you use for keeping your balance and pinning it through the ruts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. You can't go wrong with either bike. The YZ's make exceptional trail bikes and the WR's are amazing as well. I have an '06 WR250 and it's been the most amazing bike I've ever owned (came off a YZ250F). Parts are a little tougher to find but everything is reachable and reasonable price wise. Good luck on your decision, either bike will be a great choice.
  9. hershez

    Any of you guys running a hotter plug?

    Thanks for the response. I popped in a B8ES and it fires up first kick nearly every time, very happy. The guy had 40:1 in it when I got it and it ran way too rich all the time. I ran Amsoil Dominator 50:1 and it made a big difference. Haven't even needed to touch the jetting.
  10. hershez

    A Wonderful New Years Knockout

    Woah! Looks like the suspension might have been a little upset when you went over those potholes. Kinda looked like the front end took a dive once you hit the little jump after that. That was a nasty fall! Glad you're ok!
  11. hershez

    Interested in 2006 wr250

    I traded my '03 YZ250F for an '06 Husky WR250 a couple months ago and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. You'll love it.
  12. Check out the MSR Pro Raptor. It's cheap but nice quality and reduces the clutch pull by 325%. I've had two of them so far, one on my Yamaha and one on my Husky and I honestly feel it pulls easier than my buddies Magura Hydro.
  13. hershez

    Plastics interchangable??

    I just picked up the updated '11 shouds with the in-mold graphics and they bolted right up to my '06 WR 250. They fit the TE as well.
  14. The previous owner apparently ran gear oil (80w-85w-90) in it, so I'll have to change that out asap. I'll try that 0w-40!
  15. I just picked up an '06 and I'm also experiencing a lot of clutch drag/hard starting. I tried to adjust the cable to my liking; the feel is great but still can't cure the dragging problem. It will almost instantly die at times when I pull in the clutch. This is mostly aimed at Dave A: How do I go about adjusting the clutch rod? I understand the process but which way should I turn the adjusting screw and how much? I only have a vague description in the owner's manual, service manual has been ordered though. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks