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  1. Like was said in this thread , you just clean them and check them for out of round. And when you replace the guides , they are undersized and must be HONED to fit the stem on the valve correctly. You do not want to reem a guide to size, the reemers will get the hole out of round and too big of clearance, Honing is the way to go , ------the sunnen P180 hone tool for guides is what it takes to do the job correctly
  2. kelstr

    deglazing cylinder

    Any cylinder that has been run needs to be honed to deglaze and clean the nikilsal, or Iron cylinder in order to get a new ring to bite and seat correctly. proper cylinder prep in so very important , make sure you go through and glass bead the head , cut the seats , make sure the guides are still tight, replace seals and springs and intake valves and re-face the exhaust valves . and do not oil up the cylinder and piston on assembly or you will not get a ring seal. use the dry method dry or use the "QUICK SEAT" dry build powder with the dry build . proper prep is so importaint .
  3. kelstr

    Big bore help please

    I have never liked the multi layered head gskts we use on these race bikes, they will work ok with a wide seating area that is flat, but when you do a BB and you loose some of the seating area ,and these cylinders and heads are not real flat and you can have troubble , ( I re-machine some of these heads and cylinders that are way out , but thats not good either ) I have cometic make a gskt that is any thickness and size I want and it has a metal band crimped around the fire ring and is all one peice and the combustion pressure and heat can not get inbetween and blow through. Also, try to not use gskt sealer , It generally seaps into the cylinder and cooling system and can cause more problems . Don't keep changing two many things at once, just stay with one change untill you get that one area worked out , you need to get the bike stink hot and while the bike is ideling you turn the fuel screw in and out untill you get the smoothest idle ( 1500 rpm is a baseline idle to keep ), then you see where you screw ended up at , if you are 3 turns or more out you need a bigger pilot jet , if you are 1/2 a turn or less you need a smaller pilot , I find these bikes start easy for me when I pump the throttle 2 times have the choke on and hold the throttle opened about 1/32 to 1/16" and kick the thing and generally they fire right up . you will just have to find your set up . All the pump fuel is totally different in all the areas as well as the barametric pressure so your jetting will differ from everybody elses. These plugs just do not fail , ( just use the real OEM plug and go on ). Generally with the BB cylinders on these 250's you generate more vaccume and will pull more fuel through the jets because of the stronger signal , so usually you will end up with smaller jets to get the carburetor metering correctly. just work with one area at a time , do not change the pilot, needle and main all at once or you will be lost .
  4. kelstr

    Big bore help please

    More than likely it was the water that got into the bike that made it hard to start, these plugs almost never fail.( you will just have to figure out your jetting and starting ) But I will say that I get alot of customers with troubble on BB top ends. Plus you can make a stock bore and stroke run really well without all the headache of the BB, and whithout the high cost of gskts and pistons . When I have to do BB motors I will port and flow the head and use a cam made for this increase, I will use a stronger rod and I will have the ballencer shaft and crank re- balanced to get it all spinning smoothly like it should . I also use a CLOSED FIRERING head gskt to help it hold a gskt --( head gskt problems are real normal with a BB in most cases.) I also will have a custom piston made up , because I don't like the BB pistons, and I always make sure the cylinder is a nikilsal plated bore and not an iron liner .
  5. kelstr

    cam tensioner mod help

    The auto tensioner that is jammed with a shim is indistructable , I have many of these out there and never had a problem with one . ( most of the factory teams use a jammed stock auto tensioner , they are smaller, cleaner and out of the way ) The manuel tensioners , and if you drill out an automatic tensioner to mod generally use an 8x1.25 bolt , TDW is correct , 6mm is way small . Also if I due make one up using a bolt and nut , I always make a nice large foot to apply force on the chain guide and weld it on the end of the bolt like the stock tensioner has , I don't just let the bolt rest on the guide
  6. kelstr

    cam tensioner mod help

    I like to just shim the tensioner internally with about a .350 thou peice of 5/16th copper tube. That way the tensioner looks all stock and will never slip or back up
  7. kelstr

    AMA killed CRF150R

    Derek You are absolutly correct , these little 2 strokes made into superminis can produce incredible power . You get the cylinder and head corrected , make a pipe work , run good fuel and these little 2 strokes just fly . I have several good combinations and really can build a hard running CRF 150, but it is very costly , and one of my correctly built superminis will still kill it .
  8. kelstr

    Valve seat crf450 06

    when you get the hard facing worn off the intake valves , its time for a good old top end job, -----glassbead the head , cut all the seats---generally the exhaust guides need replacing and honed to size------replace seals all springs and new intake valves ,----correctly prep the cylinder and replace piston, rings clips and pin ----and run her again . When you get a valve down to the TI they do not last very long there . Do the thing up correctly and be done with it !!
  9. kelstr

    DIY Port Polishing

    There you go , ----I could not have said it better . Derek said it all .
  10. kelstr

    DIY Port Polishing

    Well, ----you may do alittle clean up , ---but if you have not worked with these heads on a flow bench to see what you are doing you will not help yourself if you get carried away. You really need to use a flow bench ( one that will flow 28" of water is prefered ) And you need some good seat cutters and bowel hogs and a set of hard seat stones for a nice polished finish on your last little 45 degree angle . ( you really need a serdi machine , ---I love mine ) It does not take much to hurt a head if you do not know what you are doing, I get heads off bikes all the time that some so called "Engine Builder" ported ,---and they are ruined . So be carefull
  11. kelstr

    MDK Piston... Please Help Identify!

    Most builders myself included have been building 14.0 compression 250's for years and had no problems with detonation on pump fuel. MDK is not doing anything out of the ordinary with their build . I have 250's that are 14.5 on pump and have no problems at all for straight up MX. The cam and the altitude your running a motor at will make a difference in what you can build into a motor . with these longer overlaps cams in these MX bikes your static compression can be higher that you think . If you were building a 450 X with the stock X cam you would want to stay around 12.5 to 13 . So just freshen the bike up with a nice complete top end and run it !!
  12. kelstr

    This is customer service: Kelstr

    I am very happy it all worked out for you Anders , I knew Lori, Debbie and the gang at Web Cam would take care of you , ----Web Cam is a stand up company and they have always taken care of me and really do build a great product and they stand behind it. Glad your going again
  13. kelstr

    250f to 450

    Yes indeed the 09-10 450 really feels like its a 250 ,----I was amazed at how well it handled . the only problem that I have is I am tall and lanky, --------its hard for me to fit on a 250 and the new 450 is the same for me . Hell I was alittle cramped on the older 02 -04 CRF 450 ------so most guys will not have this problem
  14. kelstr

    New to Honda: coolant leak?

    you really need to replace the shaft , the oil seal , the water seal and bearing . when you just change the outside seal it generally is not long before you blow coolant out again. I see quite afew of these , and many were patched and did not work well.
  15. kelstr


    Thank you dlkraniak for finding that old thread , -------should I be able to reactivate the pic's , or are they lost in cyberspace ?