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  1. OlderHuskyRider

    2008 husky te450 leaking gas

    It might be the rubber o-ring that seals the fuel pump assembly plate to the tank.
  2. Last of the big block Italian redheads, 2010 TE450
  3. OlderHuskyRider

    Help please with 2006 TC450

    The pilot/idle jet is plugged with varnish. It can't be cleaned with air or spray, either replace the jet or clean it carefully with a copper wire so as to not enlarge the hole.
  4. OlderHuskyRider

    GasGas buys Italian Husky Engine Tech.

    If GG builds the 2010 version of the 450 big block red head, I'll buy one, EFI or carb, doesnt matter. Almost 18,000 miles on my 2010 TE450, OEM top end and crank.
  5. OlderHuskyRider


    I would never buy a ShineRay made 250/310/xlite. I would not buy a ShineRay big block 450/510 unless it had the same level of component parts and a lower price than the big blocks when they were Husky..
  6. I had a carb job one time, where fuel was coming out of that hole. Turns out, someone had blocked up the bowl vent and due to the bubble of air in the bowl that could not escape, fuel was traveling up the main jet and pilot jet passages, with the float never having the opportunity to shut off the fuel because the float never got floated due to the bubble of air in the bowl.. Also, the gas will never flow from the overflow since the gas level in the bowl never gets to got to that level.
  7. OlderHuskyRider

    Well, Who here rides trails only.

    Trails only for our group, mostly urban DS trails, in and around the urban and suburban area, mostly failed subdivisions and such http://youtu.be/voEkcgEvRWc
  8. OlderHuskyRider

    So....ready for some Husqvarna's?

    I've got my collector's box, had to have a new starter at 17,000 miles.
  9. OlderHuskyRider

    GASGAS with Husqvarna engine?

    The big block 4T engines (specifically 2010) are bulletproof, I have over 3 years and 17,500 miles on my TE450 and I would buy a GasGas if it had one of these engines in it.
  10. OlderHuskyRider

    Is this master link to big?

    Here's mine for you to compare, I'd say yours is too big.
  11. OlderHuskyRider

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    44 years total. I might have already posted here, started at age 13 on a 1969 Honda CL70, dual sport. Pics below are me at age 17 on a Hiekki Mikkola replica Husky 250, next pic is me on a TE 450 Husky at age 57.
  12. That's actually the bottom of a black plastic dish drainer, $8, we used show shovels for skid plates in the 60s....
  13. Scroll up a few posts and look at my dirty filter.
  14. Still using gasoline to clean it and ATF to lube the filter, 17,500 miles, going for 20,000 on the TE450, still have OEM top end, bottom end.
  15. OlderHuskyRider

    Changing oil pump gears tutorial

    Cheap trick minds think alike.....