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  1. GaryHarris

    Great Job On New Software Upgrade Brian

    Looks good Bryan!
  2. GaryHarris

    Sticker Removal

    WD-40 for the left over sticky.
  3. It was 42 years ago on a Taco 44 at Saddleback Park and I was SMOKED!
  4. GaryHarris

    On Any Sunday turns 40!

    In the beginning of the movie when they show the mini bike racing at Saddleback, I was there. They filmed me but I didn't make the cut.
  5. GaryHarris

    Who rides mountain bikes?

    Socks hurt your leg hair?
  6. GaryHarris

    Who rides mountain bikes?

    Less wind resistance and something about sweat is what I'm told.
  7. GaryHarris

    Who rides mountain bikes?

    Leg shavers.
  8. My team is 9-3 with the 3rd string qb.
  9. GaryHarris

    Whats your #1 Mod?

  10. Hope to see yall in the big game. Packers and the Texans. But we have 4-5 QBs to go through yet.
  11. Were on our 3rd string QB and sitting at 8-3. I'm all for the wildcat. Cushing say's he can run it! I would hate to be on a track with him! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTNc-CNZ9zc
  12. Im a Texan fan and I dont know who my QB is. lol
  13. GaryHarris

    Air Fork?

    They have been doing that for years in Mountain Bikes!