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    New to me 2000 YZ125

    Yay for removal Nay for installation, on dirtbikes
  2. owainyz03

    Jessica Patterson and Ashley Fiolek WMX

    Ashley Fiolek is a BADASS! Must be so strange riding without being able to hear the engine! Jessica was on fire there too!!
  3. owainyz03

    Father And Son Rides Pics

    There used to be a thread on this before! Sadly I lost my dad before I really got into the motocross, but he always brought me to collect my bikes, drove me to and from the track, taught me everything I know about bikes. We used to spend many a weekend riding the road bikes, until one day he past away, doing what he loved, RIP dad
  4. owainyz03

    Atlas Defender vs Guardian

    The defender is a roost protector, it isn't going to do much in a fall except protect from scrapes. No shoulder protection.
  5. +1 for the Atlas, don't even notice I'm wearing it.
  6. owainyz03

    Needle Jets Snapping In Half

    Only thing I can think of is over tightening or a manufacturing fault....
  7. owainyz03

    My new YZ 250f

    Pulled apart the inner chamber of the forks today to find absolute carnage Trying to source new free pistons over here will be interesting
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    My new YZ 250f

    So for years I've longed for one of the 2010-2013 YZ 250f. I think they have the best styling of all the bikes, along with reliability and ample power for my average riding speed. After seeing cgirouard423's build of the 2011 last winter I decided to save up and get one. I've never riden a 250f, only owning various 125s over the years, currently with an RM 125. So I checked the local adverts and a possible bike came up for sale. I contacted the seller who was out of the country at the time, and he booked flights for the next day to let me see the bike. So Sunday morning I set off with the trailer in tow. The first thing I noticed was the bike was covered head to toe in WD40. It was everywhere and this made me weary of what other maintenance he had done. He had also replaced the chain but not the sprockets so the chain was totally worn out. The graphics had seen better days and one side panel had a crack in it and the clutch lever had excessive play. However that was all the bad parts. On to the good: new fork seals with a reciept, front and rear wavy discs with new pads all round. Reciept for valve clearances which checked out perfect, new tires front and rear, twinwall handlebars(with the wrong bar pad). Also service history since he owned the bike, which was a total of 10 hours on it! So the start up..... fuel on, choke out, second kick she fired up and idled perfectly. Shifted perfectly and clutch worked very well. Lots of power and ran clean throughout the revs. I managed to knock 10% off the price and strapped her down to the trailer. He also gave me a spare used set of plastics, a new graphics kit, 2 air filters, an oil filter, a set of bib mooses(can they be reused? look to be in good shape) some gaskets, 2 sets of piston rings, a manual,spare shock spring and a few odds and ends. I'll get some more pictures on a better day. So I ordered a few bits, an oring chain and sprockets, front wheel bearings, clutch lever, grips and an airbox cover for washing. I need to set the rear shock up as he has wound the spring so much there is zero free sag.
  9. owainyz03

    2006 yz 125 broken frame

    Why wouldn't you just get it welded by a quality welder? It's only a bracket... 50 quid vs 500+ for a frame
  10. owainyz03

    06 YZ 125 Project

    Hey folks, I'm delighted to be back in the YZ 2 stroke forum after a bit of an absence. I used to own a 03 YZ 125 which always regret selling. I currently own a 2011 yz 250f and owned a 03 rm 125 until recently when I sold it to a friend. Only a few weeks later I got the 2 stroke itch and began looking for a 06+ YZ 125, after being blown away by the SSS suspension on the 250f. A few came and went that I missed out on but finally one popped up. Advertised as a 2007 yz 125 (vin checks as a 06) priced at 2500 Euro. The usual BS advertised was on the ad "good tires only one ride, chain and sprockets good etc " Arrived down and found the chain and sprockets absolutely shot, tires were worn, Leaky fork seals(looked like new oil?) rear fender broken few bits and pieces. Talked him down to 2200 euro and was happy enough with that. Picked it up on friday on my way home from college and started ripping it apart. And that's where things go down hill Found the air filter in a shocking state (see pics) which caused a major groan.... still at least its a 2 stroke. From looking in the exhaust and intake ports I could still see crosshatching very clearly, unfortunately I didn't have time to rip the cylinder off yet. Counter shaft seal appears to be weeping so that will get replaced, also isn't there an issue with 06 shift stopper or something? It does have unbreakable levers which is one of the few plus's All of the bearings will be inspected and replaced if necessary, new top end most likely, new bars, grips, tires, fork seals, chain and sprockets, air filter, restyle plastics more than likely and whatever else I uncover Keep in mind this will be a slow build as I'm in college 5 days a week. Now some pics
  11. owainyz03

    06 YZ 125 Project

    Well I rode the bike at a small track today. It was VERY dry, dusty, rough and not all that much fun to be honest.. On the first few laps the suspension was beating me up, so I pulled in and found every single clicker screwed all the way in. I played with it a bit but still found the front fairly unstable and got quite a bit of headshake, which I wasn't expecting after how unbelievable my 250f SSS suspension is I'm going to rip the inner chamber apart once the tool arrives and see what state the free piston is in. I got some gopro footage but almost got sick watching it so won't be posting that Still the engine ripped fairly well! I must check the plug tomorrow, it wasn't the easiest to start so jetting definitely needs some adjustment.
  12. owainyz03

    Anyone running 40:1 in your 125

    I run 125 ml to 4.5 litres which works out at 36:1. I just do this because its convenient as Motul 800 comes in 1 litre bottles... so i get 8 fills exactly to a litre of oil
  13. owainyz03

    06 YZ 125 Project

    Well it's done!! Sort of.... I'm waiting on a new front tube so I'm running my 250f front. Unfortunately the rear axle is a few mm bigger so I can't run that unless I swap the swingarm over and all that but that's not happening. I got a few more bits in today and put it all back together. I mixed some motul 800 a little bit stronger than I normally would for break in, and got her ready for a heat cycle. Fuel on, choke on, a prod of the kickstarter and she fired into life. Sounds a bit "woolly" down low, but hopefully that'll clear out once I go back to my usual mixture. Hopefully going to a track tomorrow to break it in, and all going well, will be riding sunday as well.
  14. owainyz03

    My new YZ 250f

    I went to change the fork seals after they blew out on my friends trailer Started disassembly only to find the damping rod doesn't return when pressed in like the video here. So looks like a full rebuild. Do the '11 forks still have the plastic free piston that can break? Mine won't retract out even as far as in the video on it's own https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBVwjH4hra8
  15. owainyz03

    06 YZ 125 Project

    Few updates: Got the rear tire changed with a new technique which went quite well, however I have a VERY slow puncture.... so I'm not sure if I'll bother fixing it or if I'll just run with it.... Need to patch the front tube today. Got the fork seals changed, didn't have the wrench to open the inner chamber so just replaced the outer oil and seals with a ProX kit which is rebranded OEM as far as I know. Bushings looked fine, the old seals were All Balls so no surprise they leaked. There was a chuck missing out of the axle boss, which I guess is fairly common. I also threw on my YZ 250f front rim.... I'm gunna have to get a set of black rims pretty quickly, they look awesome
  16. owainyz03

    My new YZ 250f

    Well I was off this site for a while but I'm back now and figured I should give this thread a revive. I rebuilt the engine and got her running again. I'm not sure what happened to the pictures in this thread but I'll upload some new ones of the previous few months of track, trails and a bit of grass track fun. I checked valve clearances again today and they were still perfectly in spec I'll update this properly tomorrow with more details of the rebuild and riding time since then.
  17. That was the old tire I was removing. It came off without too much trouble. I actually removed the little feet on the stand today that used to hook into the rim. I felt they fouled the tire too much and made life more difficult. I started today with a clean slate by removing the old tire off my 250f rear rim, cleaned it all up and went to install the new one. I followed this youtube video which helped an awful lot! Putting the tube into the tire first is SOOOO much easier than wrestling it in. I had the old tire removed and new one on in half an hour. I was having a slight issue with the bead not seating but I'm sure it'll pop out with some inflation and "encouragement". Unfortunately guests turned up at the house so I couldn't attack the other tires. Really helpful video imo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE1qG9iQZlg
  18. This thread couldn't be any more me at the moment. Got 2 rears and a front to change..... got the front changed and pinched the tube in the processStruggled to get it removed again so left it for now. Moved on to the rears and had to cut the old dry rotted tire off. Got the new tire half on and battled getting the tube in and left it there for now..... All MX52s by the way This is my set up... It clamps to the rim which I'm not sure if it makes life easier or more difficult
  19. owainyz03

    06 YZ 125 Project

    Got a few bits done today like put on the bars(which i think are bent) installed a new set of pro taper grips, which one split.... never seen that happen before but fairly disappointed. Attempted to change some tires which went horribly bad, and left me in a bad mood. Got a pinch flat in the front after replacing the tire, new tire is so stiff and very difficult to remove again, attempted the rear which I would say is ancient and only managed to lift about 4 inches up. I ******* hate changing tires
  20. owainyz03

    Non O ring chain stretch?

    IMO if your riding frequently get an o/x ring chain. You'll be adjusting a non o ring chain more than likely everytime before you ride or every second time. I've x ring chains on my 250f and 125.
  21. owainyz03

    06 YZ 125 Project

    Great stuff man just what I was looking for. That's how I have it all routed but nice to know it's right. Got the countershaft seal today but I think I may have driven it in too far as it's about 1-2 mm past flush So I'm gunna pick one up at an engineering shop during the week. Did a few small more bits today, fitted the carb, cut the chain to length and jb welded the insert back into the tank.
  22. owainyz03

    06 YZ 125 Project

    Got a few more bits done this morning. Mounted the radiators, tank, and few bits of the plastics. I have a bolt kit on the way so some of the stuff is only temporary. I wasn't sure about this wiring, maybe someone can shed some light. Apologies for the crap photos, the messy garage doesn't make for a great backdrop
  23. owainyz03

    06 YZ 125 Project

    Damn no I didn't the Pro-X kit I got was just the run of the mill stuff. Actually something I found interesting was the lowering bearing in the kit was an All Balls bearing... And there was two bottom seals included strangely.... Thanks for that info Just ordered what I hope will be the last of what I need.... seems I say that alot : Gear lever, got a 3 pack of grips, engine oil, air filter oil, spark plug, fuel hose and a bolt kit for the plastics, oh and the circlip for the rear bearings..... I hope to be riding by next weekend but who knows... hopefully one of the bikes will be going
  24. owainyz03

    06 YZ 125 Project

    Some more updates, got the steering bearings in, cleaned and greased all the linkage, and started assembly. Repacked the exhaust although it wasn't too bad really, bit of a pain in the ass to line the core up on reassembly. Got the engine, subframe, rear plastics and radiators mounted. Not quite sure of the routing of the electrics around the top rad hose so if anyone could snap a pic that would be helpful, and the connection from the engine to the loom, by the bottom hose. Also removed a spinning insert from the tank and must glue that back in I'm still waiting on a fork compression tool to do the fork seals along with the countershaft seal kitNeed to change the tires, order a new gear lever as mine is almost stripped, a rear circlip for the wheel bearings