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  1. VinceDC

    YZ 250x Midrange

    I believe the surge the OP is having issue with is just below the rpm where the power valve opens. I have not ridden an X so he can correct me if that is wrong. On the YZ moto bike it is a more subtle power increase just before the hit. In many riding situation it would go completely unnoticed. My understanding from the old days is it is usually generated from ports. From the transfer ports to be specific. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned talking to Eric Gorr about this issue. If I remember correctly the epoxy is used to change the transfer port internal shape to change the delivery of fuel.
  2. VinceDC

    I'm stumped

    There used to be companys that would rewind stators.
  3. VinceDC

    '94 PW80 won't start

    Crankshaft seal
  4. VinceDC

    99 yz125

    Since no one else has said anything. It appears to be a 96 or 97. Many someone else can confirm.
  5. VinceDC

    1997 wr250 suspension update

    There is a lower clamp with stem on E-bay for $55 and free shipping.
  6. VinceDC

    YZ250X governor spring

    I have 1997 YZ 250 and I bought a newer governor of e bay and am using the X spring. I did this 2 years ago so I am pretty sure I had to alter the spacer because the travel is longer on the newer vs old governor. The opening RPM is the same ish on both. It really slowed down the PV opening.
  7. VinceDC

    pw80 low rpms in gear

    The crankshaft seal under the flywheel. If it is leaking air it will run lean and your air fuel mixture will be all over the place.
  8. VinceDC

    pw80 low rpms in gear

    You didn't mention doing it already. So you should pull the flywheel and replace the seal. In my experience that is a common issue with these bikes. Especially if it has sat for a period of time.
  9. VinceDC

    Drag Race: 300XCW vs CR250R

    I have a 97 YZ 250 that has a flywheel weight , wide ratio transmission and a modified power valve to smooth the power out. My friend has a 08 KTM 250 XCW. His bike is setup with most aggressive setting possible without doing internal mods. The YZ in a drag race kills it. It really is a case of the bikes being made for different purposes. YZ is more exciting and harder to control in certain situations. My friend just put a 300 kit and a different head on his bike. We have not ridden together sine the change, but he thinks it is closer to my bike now.
  10. VinceDC

    PW 50 Running Problem

    Crankshaft seal on ignition side.
  11. Now the real question is how does the bike work for you now.
  12. VinceDC

    How do I get my yz250 to corner!?

    The most common opinion the mags have about the YZ 2-stroke is it is a rear steer bike. The early four strokes 98-2009 were much the same. After messing with this stuff for 10 years I don't understand why Yamaha wouldn't have just put 22.5mm clamps on the YZ from the factory. I doubt any of there racer have used the stock clamps. The most notable example with dirt rider of they just don't get it is the YZ250F vs WR. They make a statement that the WR tends to push the front end in corner more than the YZ. Well the only difference between the bikes is suspension setup. Frames are the same. So why would the WR push the front more than the YZ? The front spring are a softer rate in WR is most like the main reason. Also the 2016 YZ450. Yamaha put 25mm triples back on but they lowered the rear of the bike through changes to the rear suspension components. So they negated the triple change with the low rear. Dirt rider said it still has a front end push. Yamaha should have made the rear end changes and kept the 22mm triples.
  13. VinceDC

    How do I get my yz250 to corner!?

    Mumroe is right about this. Even though most have it wrong. Dirt rider mag. gets it wrong all the time. I personally had it wrong for many years. Before you spend any money try setting your sage at 115mm and push your forks down far as you can. Then ride the bike and only evaluate cornering. Or more specifically front end push. The idea of all this is to increase ground trail for front end traction. 22.5mm triples will do this as well. Also if the YZ 450 you rode is a 2010-2015 then it has 22mm triples. Of course there are other things that make the 450 turn different.
  14. VinceDC

    HELP: what bike is this ?

    1982 YZ 50 I believe is correct. The seat going up on the tank is the clue. No production YZs had that until 1992. It is most likely a Aussie / Europe model not offered in the US. At least not quite the same. Red and white color scheme. For there time were awesome bike.
  15. VinceDC

    I.T 465 clackity-clack clack

    Main bearings.