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  1. yz_anders

    Will US riders win any motos in Lommel ?

    So, how do you feel about the results from the first race? Dungey placed 7th, and Bagget on the 14th place got lapped, Cairoli really ate those Americans for breakfast! (:
  2. yz_anders

    lets see your bike in anger!!

    A little bit of anger atleast! =) // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  3. yz_anders

    Poweder Coated wheels for my 09 YZ250

    I like the colors.. =) Same as in the Swedish flag.. // Anders www.AndersMx.com
  4. yz_anders

    Cut my new chain to short!

    Aha okey, haha yes your absolutely right about the Norwegians.. // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  5. Alpinestars boots, Thor clothes, Leatt Brace, SixSixOne helmet, Scott goggles. // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  6. yz_anders

    Cut my new chain to short!

    Haha, You must have written that wrong or something.. Do you have some Swedish relatives? I was thinking about you name. // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  7. yz_anders

    Red sprocket bolts?

    That was pretty good looking actually, I´ve never seen it before but it would cool if it was some original anodized bolts that lasted long out there. // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  8. yz_anders

    Contract signing, "Print" ?

    Thank you very much! // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  9. Hi, I´ve got question for you guys, what does the word print stand for in the picture below? What am I supposed to write there? Thanks! Regards Anders www.AndersMx.se
  10. yz_anders

    SixSixOne helmets?

    Haha, I thought I was the only one to. I´ve received a lot of comments about the orange color on the helmet, it´s almost like a lamp out there on the track when it´s dark outside.. // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  11. yz_anders

    SixSixOne helmets?

    I have two of their helmets, one black and one orange.. And I like them alot, they fit perfect and is looking good, not to heavy either. So i recommend them! // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  12. Well, that doesn´t work to good because I have to turn it up ALOT to hear the engine good. I´m really interested in one of these cameras but if the soundquality is that bad I might have to reconsider that.. I don´t want to add to much music to my videoclips, I wan´t engine sound to.. =) For example - // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  13. Isn´t it possible to get higher sound from the recordings? The video quality seems to be fine, but it´s almost impossible to hear anyting at all.. For example - http://vimeo.com/1476549 // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  14. Do you have some pictures from the inside of the bus?.. I can see that you have been in Sweden.. // Anders www.AndersMx.se
  15. yz_anders

    husqvarna tc 250 2009

    AAHHHH! I have to say that I have betrayed you Husqvarna guys, and I´m really sorry. Next year I will ride a yzf250 but man I love the look of that Tc250, i´ve been really happy with my tc250-08 but I think I have to try something new. For 2010 I will be back on a Husqvarna again for sure! // Anders www.AndersMx.se