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    Internal combustion of all kinds!
  1. Brisk Eddie

    Bucket List - what's on yours?

    I'm 60 years old, been riding at least 45 years. Been to Sturgis, toured the Alps, ridden trials, always work on my own bikes, played in the dunes, ridden many miles, woods and street, drove sprint cars...I just want to keep on going and do it all again!!
  2. I saw that bike (or it's twin) at the Curtis Museum in upstate NY. Very impressive to say the least. Big, Big balls for sure! Lots of other cool stuff there as well, including a wagon powered by experimental airplane engines, driven by a prop. They'd drive it around the town to test the engines, scared the crap out of all the horse teams. Oh, and by the way, that whole area (Finger Lakes) is some fantastic riding.
  3. "How fast will it go?" I tell 'em "A hundred fifty smiles an hour!" And "Why is it so high?" ( I don't have a smart-ass answer for that.)
  4. Brisk Eddie

    Enduro Alaska's latest video

    I've actually done that! I had an old Bultaco when I was a kid:bonk:, got good at roadside/trailside improvised repairs!
  5. Brisk Eddie

    Vintage Pics!

    Great job on the Titan:thumbsup:, I had one many years ago and really liked it.
  6. Brisk Eddie

    dual sport conversions in mass

    I went through this a while ago. My insurance agent/bike nut buddy called his Registry Inspector friend on my behalf. Seems that a while back, it wasn't a problem to do a conversion, but not any more. As I understand it, if you don't have a STREET-LEGAL title, it's a no-go. If the title says "not for highway use" yer outa luck. Others may have had different results. I ended up getting a DR-Z 400s, blinkers and all. I'm 6' 1", 240#, and it hauls my butt just fine (added bar risers and Seat Concepts seat, big difference!). My understanding is that some KTM's have a loophole in their titles that allows them to be registered, but may need blinkers, etc. to fully comply. Also check out www.nedirtbikes.com lots of good guys on there. Good luck, let us know how you make out!
  7. Brisk Eddie

    Why They Are Called DIRT Bikes

    I really laughed when he had to pull up his helmet to let mud/water out.
  8. Brisk Eddie

    Watch that !

    Very good production and excellent riding!
  9. WARNING!! Do not watch this while drinking anything! (It might come out your nose!)
  10. Brisk Eddie

    Wow dude, a drz400 with 6th gear!

    I saw that ad a few days ago while eating my lunch at work. Almost spit out my sandwitch!
  11. Brisk Eddie

    North Carolina DRZ Rider's Thread

    @ Zuki...Nope, I'm an old fart, Graduation was in 1970! I've still got family in Manteo, my parents were married there, and I eat at Daryll's every chance I get (MMMM...Drumfish!) My Grandad was the Hatteras Post Office.
  12. Brisk Eddie

    North Carolina DRZ Rider's Thread

    Born OBX:banana:, transplanted to the North:banghead:. I'm envious of y'all.
  13. Brisk Eddie

    A wheelie good time in Boston

    Very nice, and lots of fun!
  14. Brisk Eddie

    Whoa, found my Dad's old Roger Decoster A-stars!

    I wore the same "Roller De Coaster" boots back in the old days. Lent 'em to my son, never seen again.