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  1. Was looking to buy a new BillyWho ManFunnel and they've just disappeared off the face of the earth?
  2. dtha70

    2009 CRF 478 HELP

    guys must not understand that an 09 CRF450 is injected. thanks for all of your help guys..............
  3. just installed a cylinder works 478 kit and a stage 2 hotcam with some mild porting work in a 2009 CRF450R thing is a bear to start. im thinking it needs more fuel down low but im not sure. leakdown tests perfect on all new valves/seats/guides/seals. any guidance from you guys is greatly appreciated. This was a bottom up build with new components and everything except the transmission and the cases is new.
  4. dtha70

    CRF plastics

    anyone know if 07/08 side panels will fit on an 06? part numbers are different and i know the mufler got moved forward in 07 but not sure if that affects how the plastics mount up.
  5. dtha70

    2012 crf 450r

    bump compression to 13.5:1 and get a stage 2 hotcam. have fun!
  6. dtha70

    03 crf450 ?'s about header size

    Check out MRD-RACING.COM for complete, badass exhausts custom built to your needs, dave is a magician with a welder and makes amazing stuff. much better than anything youll get off the shelf for half the price.
  7. dtha70

    Brand new 2007 CRF 450 R! Mod questions.

    well first off im weighing in at just under 300 lbs, so the power isnt entirely out of control for me becuase i need all the help i can get. its a very flat torque curve and very easy to ride on a track(thats all i ride). as for the exhaust, contact dave at MRD directly and tell him about the mods youre doing and he'll make you a pipe custom tailored to it. the diameter of my header is about 30% larger than stock. this thing needs all the flow it can get. carb is an FCR 41 taper bored to 42.5, actually not much different from stock jetting wise as the engine pulls more vacuum, which pulls more fuel through the same jet. box stock 450s are making their claimed numbers, most between 50 and 55. it took a couple years to put this whole deal together but im very happy with it and put hours on it with no problems. i'll see if i can track down the dyno sheets.
  8. dtha70

    Brand new 2007 CRF 450 R! Mod questions.

    My 06 is done with the CP/carillo platinum kit, longer rod for more dwell time= violently explosive power from idle to redline. i also had the crank weighted 4 ounces to get the torque curve looking how i wanted. running a custom MRD exhaust, custom cam from web camshafts, shortened guides, bigger buckets, +1mm valves. puts just a hair under 70hp to the wheel on 91 with the ignition backed WAY off. i dont even need to think about running it on race gas with more timing because it scares the he!! out of me as it is.
  9. dtha70

    06 motor noise

    for the love of god please dont run it anymore lol. could be a multitude of things, crank bearing gone bad, cam bearing, valve dropping but not bending, something in the primary drive (kickstarter, idler, crank gear etc) pull the right side case cover first and inspect, then move to the valve cover and look CLOSELY. if you dont find anything in either one then its probably time to tear it apart.
  10. dtha70

    2012 starting issues

    Have also tried putting boiling water into bike to affect the water temp sensor and it still wouldn't fire. Valves check out perfect.
  11. dtha70

    2012 starting issues

    Ok here's the lowdown 2012 kx450f 60 hrs of woods riding on stock top end Leak down test 1% over 15 minutes Has spark and fuel No codes when hooked up to 12V and self check terminal grounded. Started fine about 20x on the last ride (northern AZ trails) Got home and washed it and now it won't do so much as backfire at me. I've cleaned and di-electric greased every electrical connection including the CDI with no change. Switched my tank over to buddies bike and it fired up so the pump isn't bad. I'm lost.
  12. dtha70

    Crank Work

    sending it to someone other than CRANK WORKS in tempe, AZ would be counter productive. if just about every rider and team on the national circuit trusts them, you should feel comfortable senfing your stuff to them.
  13. im all for agressive passing and if nobody went down in those passes then good for the guy with the camera on. he's making moves. its racing, not pattycake. i dont know about your sanctioning body but mine only gives out trophies and practice passes for the podium. the only way ill ever take someone out deliberately is if they cross jump me, if theyu attempt to clean me out first (i say attempt because im 6'1 and 280lbs, usually doesnt work out for anyone) or , the number one way to piss me off is if i witness somebody hit my girlfriend on the track when they couldve easily taken a different line, then its pretty much over for whoever it is, im a B class guy and can run with anyone for at least 2 laps lol, 280 lbs doesnt like to slow down for corners very well.
  14. dtha70

    plug foiling 03 rm 250

    too much oil wouldve made it even more lean.
  15. dtha70

    2009 RM85 Primary Drive Gear Nut Size

    i believe it was something like a 7/8ths or 13/16ths left hand thread turn right to loosen left to tighten