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  1. Valkrider15

    Rowher to Santa Ynez

    Now this sounds like something real fun!! Camping off the bike is great and I've already got all the gear and Coyote Bags and did 8 days on the bike summer before last. I'm In!
  2. Valkrider15

    New years resolutions?

    Whew - I feel much better now!!
  3. Valkrider15

    New years resolutions?

    You rode all that? Why wasn't I invited??????
  4. Valkrider15

    New years resolutions?

    That's how we roll in the Big Time!!
  5. Valkrider15

    looking for Randy Salmont

    Hoping all is good with Randy and just having too much fun enjoying the great weather. Of course, when he does surface it sounds like he is in for a major @$$ Kicking!!
  6. Valkrider15

    More land gone

    I agree - It is still a sad day for everyone that has enjoyed JV in the past. It will never be the same for sure.
  7. Valkrider15

    More land gone

    Don't you mean First! Sorry - Jeff, just to easy on this one!!
  8. Valkrider15

    More land gone

    For a little more "Informed" discussion you can check here. Comments from people that have been actually involved in the process. http://www.district37ama.org/forums/showthread.php?61291-JV-bill
  9. Valkrider15

    LA/Barstow/Vegas anyone?

    Yup = That is me and my son right in front of you. Good times for sure!!
  10. Valkrider15

    LA/Barstow/Vegas anyone?

    I love the trials tire. For me it was great in the snow, I was just very light on the throttle. Keeping the tire from spinning was the key!
  11. Valkrider15

    LA/Barstow/Vegas anyone?

    Chad Being "King of the World"!!!!
  12. Valkrider15

    LA/Barstow/Vegas anyone?

    But Chad's backpack was bigger than most of those bags!! Had to be 8000 CCs
  13. Valkrider15

    LA/Barstow/Vegas anyone?

    Neversurfaced on 15 Nov Said: "Valkrider finally shamed me into signing up at the last minute." WHaaaaaaa????? I don't recall ever inviting you on this ride! Beside, Who are you again????
  14. My experience is that "Cheap" and "Powder Coating" typically don't go together in the same Sentence. Especially is you loop in their dear friend "Quality"!
  15. Valkrider15

    LA/Barstow/Vegas anyone?

    I am sure there will be many folks form this site going. From my experience the size of the group is very important in having a positive experience and having a good time on the ride. To many people trying to ride together can make it difficult to stay on pace - unless the riders are at the same level and speed and have ridden together before. I've gotten to the point on these riders where I try to keep the immediate group to no more than 4 and folks I have ridden with before and trust in the desert. If there are more than that we try to break up into smaller sub-groups. And nothing ruins a ride (for me at least) more than having that one person that is slow in the morning getting ready and holding up the rest of the folks - has to adjust the chain, clean the air filter, have a full breakfast, etc. Getting out early each of the two days is critical to keep from having to ride in the dark at the end of the day. Having said all that, there are always folks on the day of the ride looking for others to ride with. And throughout the ride, groups tend to morph some as bikes fail or folks decide to take the bailouts (which is never a bad idea if you are running late) or need longer rest stops. If you do some legwork I am sure you can find some folks to ride with. Or take the lead and get a group together yourself. Or just find some folks on the day of the ride to tag along with. The good news is that with all the riders there will almost always be someone behind you. If you have problems they can at least relay a message to the next checkpoint or sweep crew.