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  1. -Jake-

    2002 RM250 No Top End Pull

    Got a rickey stator stator and added a 13 oz steahly fww
  2. -Jake-

    2002 RM250 No Top End Pull

    problem solved. i installed a new stator and flywheel weight and now she rips like she is supposed to. Best I can figure is I was getting a weak spark from the old stator which did look oily and worn.
  3. -Jake-

    What have you done to your suzuki rm today?

    installed a wiseco clutch basket today on my 2002 rm250. Holy jeez it is like butter now!
  4. -Jake-

    2002 RM250 No Top End Pull

    Power valve is good and so are the reeds. Cleaning the carb today
  5. Alright I'll describe what my bike is doing. Starts easy as pie, idles perfect, pulls like a raped ape down low, wheelies no prob. Then when you'd expect it to start jerking your arms off it stops pulling almost like there is a rev limiter. Then I shift to the next gear and it starts all over. It was fouling plugs so I went down to a 45 on the pilot and a 162 on the main jets from a 47 pilot and a 168 main. No change. Powervalve is brand new and works fine, timing is spot on. Less than 2 hours on a new top end. I ride enduro and elevation is anywhere between 0-300 above sea and I'm in Houston so lots of heat and humidity. All I can figure is it is either a bad CDI or jetting issue. Running 40:1 with Klotz and premium fuel. Stock pipe and silencer so I already feel like my bike is jetted on the lean side and it still acts like it is a bit rich. Thanks guys!
  6. -Jake-

    CS nut removed by hand

    I think you'd calculate it like this (not that it matters because there is about 0% chance that doing it the way rojapar and Marquez stated will hurt anything) 105 ft lbs at the CS will translate to 105 ft lbs (41/15) = 287 ft lbs at the rear sprocket. Lets assume the rear sprocket radius is 5" and rear tire radius is 12" so 287 ft lbs so 287 (5/12) = 120 ft lbs at the outside of the tire
  7. -Jake-

    Any interest in a "riding game"?

    I won't be participating anymore. I sold off my DR to upgrade to an FZ1. Glad to see this is still going though!
  8. -Jake-

    Need help with a valve adjustment

    Here is my theory on setting valve lash on motorcycles. I used this method on cars and I recently used it to set valve lash on my TW200. I checked my method by setting the lash the way the manual outlines then by doing it my way and got the same results. So here it goes: Rotate the engine counter clockwise until you see the exhaust valves just start to open. Now set your intake valves. Once the intake is set rotate the engine until you see the intake start to open, continue rotating until the intake valves are almost closed. Now set your exhaust valves. Disclaimer: That is my theory and it may or may not work with a DR650 I never tried it on mine. Here is the video I made for a TW200 they're pretty similar.
  9. -Jake-

    DR650 Fuel in Airbox

    seriously if you're going to spend $60 on the stock carb....... DONT! Put that money towards an FCR you will not regret it I promise.
  10. -Jake-

    DR650 Fuel in Airbox

    I had a similar issue on my 2001. You're carb is going to need a freshening up. Put new o-rings and a float in it and you'll be good as new. Another great option is to throw the carb on there in the trash and install a 39mm FCR MX carb.
  11. -Jake-

    Dr 650 swap meet

    I sold my DR650 and had just bought 3 brand new EMGO oil filters for it. They retail for $5.50 each. I will take $15 shipped for all 3 as long as it is in the lower 48. Thanks!
  12. -Jake-

    Yoshimura 115cc BBK for XR100

    Looking at eBay it looks like I can get a carb for less than $50, the yoshi kit is $197 shipped, and a cam is about $100. I have the stock pipe on it still but it is gutted. So looks like for around $400 I can wake this puppy up!
  13. -Jake-

    Yoshimura 115cc BBK for XR100

    i planned on tossing a mikuni off a 200x on there at the same time. I'll look into the takegawa kit and cam as well. thanks.
  14. Not finding much info anywhere on the 'net for these? Is there a reason for that? I can pick up a brand new kit for less than $200. It is for my wife's bike which she only rides offroad. Is it worth $200 or should I look for power else where?