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  1. briansgi

    Hospital bill out of control

    Nobody can force you to get into an ambulance, I don't care where you are at, a track or wherever, makes no difference. They will certainly tell you you have no choice, but that's not the case!
  2. briansgi

    Valve clearences question

    You did not mention your decompression clearance, that definitely can cause hard starting. My CRF was getting hard to start, it would start to fire, then backfire and die. My decompression was out of adjustment, my intakes and exhausts were spot on, adjusted the decompression and it's back to first, second kick!
  3. briansgi


    To verify 100% that you are on TDC, pull your plug, insert a plastic straw, rotate engine and find TDC and mark the straw with a black felt tip pin, rotate engine again and verify the mark is at it's highest point. That is truely TDC then!
  4. briansgi

    Stuck Swingarm Bolt!!!

    Try heat. In the future, don't use grease when reinstalling, use anti seize compound.
  5. briansgi

    Checking valves for the first time?

  6. briansgi

    Help! shim size

  7. briansgi

    Sweetest ATV Ever!!!

    Apparently their using the STI's boxer engine, sounds awesome!
  8. briansgi

    Willing to take bike with out title

    No title in Oklahoma either.
  9. I have an '04 Dmax/Allison with zero issues so far. It tows awesome, decent fuel mileage and very comfortable. I'd buy another one with no reservations!
  10. The ironic thing about these bills being introduced, (we have one in Oklahoma currently, SB1039) is that there is already laws on the books to deal with these issues of young children riding ATV's that are too big for them. It's called prosecuting the parents if a child is hurt riding on an ATV they shouldn't be on. It's time for parents to start parenting!!
  11. briansgi

    No Toil rocks

    Been using it for several years too. Did you know Oxy Clean is the same cleaner? Go buy a tub of it at your local wal-mart/grocery store, it's a fraction of the cost and cleans the same as No Toil's cleaner.
  12. Since GM introduced the LLY motor the injector issues are a thing of the past. This motor came out in 2004 which is what I have. I have a crew cab Duramax/Allison 4WD and love it!
  13. I loved my previous Tundra and I'd buy a new one in a heart beat if they were "big" enough to tow a 28 foot 11K pound toy hauler around. I love my crew cab duramax/allison but I know it's not going to be any where near as reliable as a Tundra or Titan.
  14. briansgi

    coolant ?? ......

    I see no reason to use it in my car/truck. I copied this straight from the web site: The coldest suggested operating range for each coolant is: NPG: -79° F freeze protection, +32° F coldest suggested operating temperature. NPG is the thickest of Evans Waterless Coolants and requires modifications for use in lower temperature ranges. NPG+: -40° F freeze protection, -20° F to -30° F coldest suggested operating temperature with proper warm up or block heater. NPG+ is a year-round coolant and the only coolant for diesel engines. NPGR: -10° F freeze protection, +32° F coldest suggested operating temperature. NPGR was originally developed for racing only and is NOT suggested for cold weather operation. NPGR can also be used on the street in copper brass radiators due to the lowest viscosity.
  15. briansgi

    coolant ?? ......

    That's why I keep it in my race trailer, in case I need to add coolant. But since it does such an outstanding job I never loose coolant and there has never been a need to add more.