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  1. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! Nuke the quads..... Hello saying for the rest of my life
  2. Kxrider25

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    1 of 2 done... shrouds didnt really fit :/ http://s1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee458/BM325/?action=view&current=2006YZ250F.jpg
  3. Kxrider25

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    Alright took me awhile I know but I think I got it pretty good. Didnt do spokes or hubs, they were way to hard. Tell me what you think! http://s1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee458/BM325/?action=view&current=rmz.jpg
  4. Kxrider25

    Someone who is really great with photoshop?

    whatcha looking for?
  5. Kxrider25

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    Challenge excepted
  6. Kxrider25

    Pro racer union

  7. Kxrider25

    Pro racer union

    What? Your telling me yur not in-ter-taned by dem Monster truck ralyes? And I luv dem nescar rracies! aspecily wit dem fryed myao balls! yum! makin fat dirp out'of very hol! I dont know about you but watching reed fall out of mid air gave me a sincere jolt of pure joy.
  8. Kxrider25

    Pro racer union

    No, the riders get paid the big bucks to put a show on for us. What ever it is, being racing like bats out of hell or crashing and burning, they know the risks of racing and racing on tracks that get hella rough. Stuff happends, it was Treys fault he tried to be like big ol' james stewart and wow the crowd. You want to show off you can pay for what happends
  9. Kxrider25

    Pro racer union

    Oh god here we go...... Trey Canard gets hurt doing a freakin scrub and everyone ones like OMG THE TRACKS ARE TO DANGEROUS! I mean really people? Shit happends, cry and get over it but dont rant on the internet on how the tracks are to tough for the guys who get paid millions of dollars to ride them. Dont even get me started on the 450's are to dangerous argument...
  10. Kxrider25

    FINALLY heres my yz125 video!

    First time you went through the whoop section at 2:22 I had an ear-gasm ( or orgasm of the ears for our less smart friends)
  11. Kxrider25

    Broken Collarbone!!!!

    Bro I know your pain just got surgery on my foot, needless to say a foot peg went through it.... and right before first race of season:banghead:
  12. Kxrider25

    Vurb Moto - Fight Time Ryno vs Lapaglia

    Honestly, I thought this was fake at first, which would have been the gayest thing since the latest New York marriage law. As far as the fight, I definitely do not think it got far enough to call a winner/loser. Lapaglia got a couple of good swings but didn’t connect. Ryno definitely showing that veteran’s wisdom as he quickly realized it is not worth throwing haymakers at a guy in a helmet so he ducks the shots and goes for the tackle. I would probably give that “Move of the Match”. Typically, I would say the guy who kept his helmet on is a bitch, but this all got away from them pretty quickly, so I don’t think Paggy even had a second to think about it. I love how they leaned their bikes up together. That is true moto; you are about to try and murder this mother****er, but let’s first make sure the bikes do not hit the ground. I would take a broken jaw over a broken clutch lever every day of the week. I also love the money comment; you could tell Ryno was caught off guard with the rest of us. For a split second, he’s sitting there thinking “****, do I owe this guy money?” Tell you what, though: If I could knock out one person in this video, it would be the douche at the end yelling “It’s just racing, Mike” to Lapaglia. Ryno started that shit all day long, guy. Get your facts straight. And while there may not be a winner of the fight, the #winner of the video is whoever is yelling at 1:45. That champ is BRO fo sho.
  13. I would classify myself as a BRO, yes. But do I look/live the lifestyle like Brian Degan, the biggest ***** on the planet?! Hell no! I just like being "that Guy" on the internet, so before you go and get your panties in a bunch go ahead and tone it down a bit... And sometimes you go to be a bro, bro www.BROtocross.com
  14. Travis Pastrana does not do any big races ( like the BAJA 1000) because he does it in his trophy truck. He also will not be going back to Mexico because every year something bad happens to him or his team ( his truck has burnt to the ground every year he has participated. ) And Im in SO-CAL bro! But no thanks for the offer, got other stuff to do than some off road races but thanks for the offer. Atleast there is one cool guy in off road, rest are DI*KS