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    owners of the bill blue Big bore kit 351

    At the recommendation of another 351 member, I used an EBC dirt racer clutch kit and Barnett springs. Didn't use the EBC springs in the kit.

    KLX 250 lower fork covers

    Not only inexpensive, but the plastic is better quality much like the fender material. I went this route. Brake cable is incorrectly routed. It's now on the inside of the fork.

    06 KLX 250 Overheat

    The choke is not designed to automatically disengage, fan or no fan. Yours likely pops back in due to motor vibration and this cannot be relied upon. Other tips: Don't leave your bike running unattended. I let mine warm for maybe 30 seconds. Just enough time to don the helmet and gloves, then ride off easy letting it warm up by riding.

    2006 klx 250

    The slip on and lid off are the most significant de-restriction mods. If it runs good with those two changes, it is likely there's been some rejetting but certainly worth looking at. Deej ^ pointed to another site with a ton more information to supplement what you'll find here.

    Race tech springs for 2007 klx250s?

    I used race tech klx300 fork and shock springs on my '06 klx250s.

    KLX 250 Bill blue 351 big bore kit

    There have been others who've installed a 351 or other big bore and kept the stock exhaust. I think Bill did this himself when he was first testing his work. Simple re-jetting may be needed. Call Bill Blue and talk it over with him. He's a good guy and IMO won't talk you into the 351 just to take your money to sell you something you won't be happy with later.

    KLX300 manual timing chain adjuster?

    Krieger: http://www.clems-garage.com/CCT/

    klx300r chain tensioner design defect

    Probably not a good idea. It's not the spring that holds the tensioner in place, but rather the ratcheting device. The teeth on the ratchet wear out and it slips. The spring is there to push the ratchet to the next tooth when needed. A stiffer spring may force the ratchet to the next position, which may hold, but Krieger makes some decent arguments how forcing an adjustment is a bad solution that could result in premature wear. His manual cam chain tension adjuster is very easy to set. Adjustments are normally rare.

    bid bore kit vs XR 400

    Here's the web site: http://www.bandbcyclerestoration.com/ I have a 351 kit. The stock carb works fine but you may need to re-jet. Some owners use the 351 kit with stock exhaust and are happy. I think Bill's testing does show performance improvements with aftermarket exhaust systems.
  10. IDRIDR

    2010 AF screw? Klx250s

    The stock fuel screw should be adjustable. If you're looking for a T-handle type, Kouba made the one I use. http://www.koubalink.com/fuelscrew.html
  11. IDRIDR

    KIPS - Top End Info and How To kdx200

    Great thread. Wish I'd found it earlier. I attempted a disassemble recently, but the main valve / subvalve assembly would not pull out. Is there a trick? Is it just suffering from too much carbon deposits. I pushed and pulled and twisted and soaked in carb cleaner but it would not slide out, and I didn't want to break anything. What's the trick?
  12. IDRIDR

    KLX250S cold starting

    Deej's method works pretty well. If you want to get into the carb, drill (enlarge) the enricher (choke) jet just a little bit larger, like to 0.018 inch. This mod lets a little more fuel in when the enricher is engaged and usually does the trick.
  13. IDRIDR

    klx300r chain tensioner design defect

    TNC had a failure significant enough to require a new cam chain and I think more. He worked with Krieger to design the manual unit for the klx250 (which I'm assuming is the same for the 300). There's a bunch of us klx250 owners who've had very noisy cam chains symptomatic of failing auto tensioners. Look for member klx678 (Krieger). http://www.clems-garage.com/CCT/
  14. You could have also used the KLX300 DJ Kit #2206. The needle appears to be slightly more aggressive, the kit calls for drilling the slider, and it doesn't include a different spring. I used this one on my '06 before the KLX250 09+ kits became available. It's a fuel screw, not an air screw. In = less fuel = leaner. And v/v