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  1. I have a 290, ported head and custom cams. Like mentioned before it is a thrill to ride and would take it over a 450 any day. You will never be able to get the power of a 450 from a 250 unless you make som custom supercharger or something. It was definately worth the money spent. It will climb any hill a 450 can. If you ride a lot of deep sand such as dunes you might want to look into a 450 but for trails and fun factor the 250 with a BB is the way to go.
  2. Swede73

    Gray Wire Mod Still Valid on '11 WR?

    YZ cam timing will go hand in hand with the gray wire mod. It still applies to the newer model WRs just need to grind 1mm off the decompression pin on the cam. It really wakes up the engine. Removing the snorkel from the airbox does help but the bike needs more air than just that. Same thing with the exhaust. Just removing the baffle helps but isn't enough. The bike is very restrictive from the factory. Look for a stock YZ exhaust on eBay or the classifieds.
  3. Swede73

    yz250f 290 big bore jetting

    If its bogging when accelerating then look at your accelerator pump circuit. Make sure it's squirting, if it's squirting then go to a smaller leak jet and do the o-ring mod.
  4. Swede73

    sounds high pitch

    Mice build a nest in your muffler? Verify that the cam timing is correct, cam chain adjuster not in or no foreign objects down your cam chain area.
  5. Swede73

    stuttering wr250 fx year 2008

    Make sure the float level is set correctly. If the float is too low then there is not enough fuel to supply the engine at the high RPMs. I believe William1 had mentioned before that a sign your stator is going out is symptoms of a misfire at high RPM. You could try and disconnect the TPS and see if it goes away. You sure your jetting is correct? You could try different size main jets to see if it changes. I had a stutter like you describe and it was my POS exhaust. It was too restrictive.
  6. Swede73

    Racer X Tested YZ250F big bore shootout

    It's an advertisement for companies that pay big bucks to have their bikes and/or parts in their magazine. You don't pay then your product doesn't get good reviews. What ever company pays the most gets the highest rating.
  7. Swede73

    WR250F electric start conversion

    There used to be a kit back when the WR first came out that you could bolt on an electric starter but not too many sold. It was an expensive kit and it was mostly sold in Europe. It was a starter kit that came with a new cover, starter, flywheel, electrics etc. I've only seen one guy with one and he said that it wasn't very reliable. No it's not a simple bolt on mod if that's what you're after.
  8. Swede73

    Head and Tali lights keep blowing -WR250F

    Make sure all connections are good especially the ground. Make sure you are using the correct bulb. Your lights are AC. If all are good then try a new regulator.
  9. Swede73

    Grey wire mod......

    Did you try a new light bulb? The grey wire is a ground but it is directly to the CDI
  10. You can look into YZ cam timing which is free but not everybody likes it. It gives it a quicker revving engine that goes with the grey wire mod. I liked it a lot when I did it to my WR. It can be done to the 03+ WRs, you just need to grind 1mm off of the decompression pin that is next to the lobe.
  11. The advantage of the new ap cover is that it has an adjustable leak jet. Usually you just set it right the first time and don't touch it. Just like a $5 leak jet just get it right and don't mess with it. If it was me and my broke ass I would just get the diaphragm and the correct size leak jet, do the o-ring mod and forget about it. If you have the money then the cover does look pretty cool on there. The cover also allows it to fill quicker and also is better for G-out turns and jumps I heard.
  12. It wouldn't squirt if the passage way is blocked and/or the ap diaphragm is shot. That usually happens after a bike sits for a period of time with old gas still in the carb.
  13. Swede73

    Cam and Caps compatibility

    Cams will fit but caps are usually line honed to match the head. A good machine shop may be able to help you out.
  14. You should be able to climb trees with that 12t sprocket!! Your low end bog is most likely your accelerator pump circuit. Make sure the ap is squirting and change your leak jet to a 45-60. Do the o-ring mod and that should help it out greatly. Bike looks awesome man!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!
  15. Swede73

    I screwed up my carb...

    I was going to mention to inspect your accelerator pump diaphragm. Do not use carb cleaner in the carb!! There is some rubber parts in there that will swell up and not seal correctly. As you have found out do not store the bike with fuel in the carb. Be sure and drain it before parking the bike. If you know it's going to sit for a long time drain the tank, fuel line and carb. The ethanol in today's fuel is evil stuff