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  1. Xmen

    2005 Husqvarna SM450R WOW!

    You get the picture of the 2005 model, but when you click on "specifications" the 2004 model is described... Still some work to do !
  2. Xmen


    Could you elaborate on just how to do this ? I dont see how to connect an oil cooler on a 2004 engine. If it is possible, I would not hesitate. Increasing the oil capacity by lets say 40% seems a good idea. Have you actualy see this done on a husby ?
  3. Xmen

    Supermoto X poll

    Seel never rode supercross. But he competed in the world championship 125 cc motocross. If the track is a real supermoto track and not a sub-motocross track, than I think Eddy Seel or VDB have a strong chance.
  4. Xmen

    2005 Husky 4strokes WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is just a great looking bike ! And the ultimate proof that you can design and produce a beautiful bike with yelow and blue plastics. (Husaberg : look at this...) And finaly : the FCR 41 as on every other enduro or cross.
  5. Xmen

    X Games Supermoto Track Layout

    As always is in the USA, this seems to be a very professional organisation ! But the track itself is nowhere near world championship standards. Whoops on a supermotard track ??? That is only to give a distinct advantage to motocross riders. The startgrid is on the dirt section ? Must be a joke I suppose. The tarmac section seems nice, but relatively low speed. Supermotard is at its best when you can see the pilots sliding in the corners, but in order to see that, you first need to have speed. Otherwise the pilots dont slide, but take corners road-race style. Not very fun to watch... But nevertheles, it is great to see that this fine sport is rapidly gaining momentum in the states. To be honest, I think that the advantage that we have overhere in europe on the quality of race tracks and full time supermotard pilots will disapear in a couple of years. Lets hope that a lot of pilots cross the ocean to compete in each others championships.
  6. Xmen

    World Supermoto

    No, but Giuseppe Luongo who owns the company that organises the championship is a special case. He anounced 16 rounds, but every non european round was cancelled. And for tv coverage ??? Maybe in Kazachstan or in Bulgaria, but over here (Belgium) you have to get satelite, and then Pay-TV in order to see these races. By the way : this is the same organiser that [@#$%&*!]-up big time in the motocross grand prix.
  7. Xmen

    05 VOR's Anyone know of some online info?

    that seems unlikely, since there is no 250 cc engaged neither in the GP's or even in the italian championship. I doubt that VOR is going to build a 250 cc that is not tested under race conditions.
  8. Xmen

    Rinaldi stuff..Good? Bad?

    Rinaldi works for Yamaha, but only for the world championship MX. The Rinaldi kit is available only via the official dealers of yamaha. I doubt you can buy it in the states. In Sweden that should not be a problem. Maybe best to contact the yamaha importer, an start from there of.
  9. Xmen

    KTM 525 vs. Vertemati 570

    Why go for the 525 SX ? Would it not be more easy to start from a 525 EXC (the enduro version) who already has the 6 speed gearbox and the e-start.
  10. Xmen

    oil cooler

    Still not a solution found for the oil cooler thing... I found this interesting oil cooler on a german website. http://www.abp-racing.de/oelk.html Seems very high quality. There is a picture for a XR600 and a KTM 620. They mention in the text (I know, it is in german ) that there is an universal kit for 159 euro. What do you guys think ? Would this be a suitable solution ? I would think to mount it like they do on the pictures : rather low, so that the total amount of oil in the bike is now higher, but it gets only to the same level in the frame. Otherwise, absolutely no usable info from an ATV dealer. He could not tell me if an oil tank from an YZ 450 ATV would fit on the WR 450. Any of you had better luck in getting answers ?
  11. Xmen

    oil cooler

    Carbonbody, why should a wet sump conversion be necessary ? It should be possible to stick to the dry sump, and add an extra tank or an oil cooler. (at least, I hope it is possible )
  12. Xmen

    oil cooler

    Good question... That (could) indicate that an external oil tank should be mounted low, lets say at the same level for instance as the crankcase. Lots of questions...
  13. Xmen

    oil cooler

    I just got the following tip from a friend : he sead to check out how the ATV guys manage the oil problem. It seems that on a Yamaha YFZ 450 ATV there is an external oil reservoir. So this means that (if the engine is indeed basically the same) that the possibility exists to connect a comparable reservoir or an aditional oil radiator to the WR 450. This friend told me that in his opinion, total oil capacity is much more important than the temperature, so he would go for the additional reservoir, more than for the radiator. Do any of you guys know how the oil management on the YFZ is done ? It could maybe bring some solutions for the WR.
  14. Xmen

    oil cooler

    Yes ! Thats exactly what i am concerned of. And i have to say, all the yamaha dealers that i talked with on this behalf, not one of them had a clear vision on this matter... Motor shop Gent (a yam dealer in Belgium) is gona do some research, and will give me a phone call in a week. I remember seeing an oil cooler made from solid billet for a honda. It augmented the total oil capacity with 500 cc. But I never saw this for a yamaha. If anyone has an idea, or better, real life experience, please share.
  15. Xmen

    oil cooler

    Hi there. I would like to ask you if it is possible to fit an oil cooler, or an oil radiator. The purpose is not only to have extra cooling, but more to augment the total amount of oil. Do anyone have foto's, or a schematic, references or any of your thoughts on this matter. I think a little extra oil capacity is no waste of money, on a WR for supermoto use (mainly street use)