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  1. BWard

    DR 350 No compression

    This is my first 4 strike and I need some help. I bought a 92 DR 350. I started it prior to buying it and it had a leak from the valve cover. I took the valve cover off and resealed with liquid gasket. Followed all the rules for letting cure. I didn’t mess with the valves or any internals. I put it back together and when I went to kick it over there was no compression. It feels like the decompression lever is engaged but it’s not. Also weird is that there is a port on the right side of the carb and every time i kick air shoots out of that port. Any thoughts what is going on?
  2. BWard

    98 CR 250 Exhaust

    Does anyone have a pipe (OEM or aftermarket) and/or spark arrestor silencer for a 98 CR 250. I picked up a project and I'm trying to keep my price down instead of buying brand new. Ebay hasn't had a lot of options that I have been able to find. Thanks.
  3. I am 35 and get my HR to the mid to upper 190's during various workouts, primarily intervals and boxing routines. I've never worn one while riding but I feel like my HR is fairly close to what it is during my workouts. My resting is in the low 50's. I'm not concerned with the high numbers, in fact it's good to be able to get it that high, as it's the only way I can continue to make gains in my aerobic capacity. One thing you want to look for is how fast you recover towards your resting numbers. This makes me want to wear one during my next riding/racing session.
  4. BWard

    Old CR is amazing!

    I bought a 98 CR250 in December for $1000 I didn't have a bike for the past year because of some money issues and had to sell my 05 KX250. The CR has been great. I'm turning just as fast lap times as I did on my KX. I've got about 500 into the CR now. I love being able to find cheap parts. Ebay has a ton and I've gotten a lot of big money items like oversize tank, spark arrestor, etc for way cheaper than buying new. Also I can find closeout items like sprockets and what not from time to time at Rocky Mtn or similar places. I'm very happy with the bike and I think I will keep it for quite some time. I need to do a few things, I too have a dead spot right off throttle that hurts coming out of corners but I will get it dialed in. A new top end around June and some bearings over the summer. If I can afford I will get some suspension work done but I figure when all done I can be around $2500 total for a well set up bike which is way less than buying new. And I love beating guys on new KTM's that cost 5 times as much as my bike. Sometimes I get funny looks in the pits but it feels good when I can be the one smiling after a race.
  5. BWard

    Pre-Printed Number Plate Backgrounds and Numbers?

    try www.rockymountainatv.com and look at their attack graphics. Not sure how far they go back but I just got some for my 98 CR250
  6. BWard

    Over Heating/Sweating

    I am a major sweater as well. Doesn't matter the temp, during a cross country race I will lose easily 4-5 pounds, and it's all water weight. I've done a couple of things. I use smaller goggles that allow more air on my face. It doesn't keep me from sweating but it keeps me from feeling as hot, but it can be cold during cold weather. I also hydrate like crazy. I really don't want to dehydrate to the point of cramping or fatigue. You need to hydrate before, during and after your races and rides. I also use 5 hour energy before my races. Not trying to plug a specific product it really has helped me fight off fatigue and stay more alert during my races. Even with removeable liners my helmets are nasty. I can't ever seem to keep them clean enough. Good luck.
  7. BWard

    Rear shock bearings

    Are the bearings pressed in. Is this an easy job. Any advice on how to do it?
  8. BWard

    Rear shock bearings

    I have a 98 cr 250. I was adjusting my sag today and I noticed there is some play in the shock bearings. Is this normal or are they done.
  9. BWard

    performance ideas?

    I have seen some guys flat move on 125's in offroad racing. In 2004 I did the WORCS round in Longview Washington. During an open race I was running in my am class and the pros ran as extra practice. I was on a KTM 300 and Bonds passed me on a 125 like I was standing still. And it sounded like it was about to blow up! If I was a smaller guy I would love to have a 125 for tight woods riding.
  10. BWard

    How to gain weight & muscle mass?

    You body is likely what is called and ektomorph, meaning long and lean. Not a bad body style to have, just hard to put mass on. This isn't because of what you do or don't do it's genetics. So while it may be very difficult for you to gain mass, it doesn't mean you can't get stronger and more powerful. Supplements are a tricky business. Most times they just give you really expensive urine. Creatine has been shown to help but has some draw backs. If you are doing any racing, especially off road where the races are 2+ hours and you use creatine, you are going to have to double or triple your recommended water intake to avoid the dehydration and cramping that can be very common in creatine use. In all of my years in the fitness industry I've only come across one "supplement" that truly works and unfortunetyl it's illegal and has it's own draw backs. If you were my client I would first look at your nutrition and your caloric intake. For motorcycle riding/racing I wouldn't just have you push around heavy weight, do you know any of the pro racers that are big and muscle bound? All that extra muscle requires more blood and oxygen. You are going to have to start simple to build some strength so you can progress to more aggressive training. I would then look into interval style training such as things like tabata, p 90x, stuff like that. Movements and workouts like that are very good for developing power and general strength, not gonna help you gain weight. I wouldn't be as concerned about the weight. Look at wrestlers and gymnasts, light weight but very strong and powerful. You don't want to eat crap to gain weight. You're young I assume so you may look healthy on the outside but all the crap will make you unhealthy on the inside which is not what you want 20 years from now. Best of luck.
  11. BWard

    Jetting CR250

    I have not checked those yet but will start there. Thanks for the info.
  12. BWard

    Jetting CR250

    I have a 1998 CR250. I've noticed that there is a little lag just off idle. Mid and upper are strong but the bottom misses just a bit. Any suggestions on jetting. I ride between 200 and 1000 feet elevation and with other two strokes I've never had to make changes in this elevation field. Not sure if there is an ideal jetting setup for this year bike.
  13. BWard

    98 cr250

    I picked up a 98 CR250 about a month ago for $1000 but that is here in the states. The bike looks a little rough. If you are on a budget keep looking for something that hopefully won't need as much maintenance as this one looks like it might need. So far I like my bike. Strong motor and suspension seems fine. Steering is stiff but I'm doing the stem bearings so we will see if that helps. The seat is hard but I guess I shouldn't be sitting down so much. One nice thing is that there are a ton of parts available on Ebay with people parting them out.
  14. BWard

    CR250 Woods Weapon?

    I am turning the 98 I just picked up into an offroad bike. There are a few issues with it. It doesn't turn the best and without a flywheel weight it is very snappy. But I think with seat time and a few adjustments it will be just fine. I'm going to get a larger tank and handguards. I picked up a skid plate and a used turbine core from ebay. I would love to go to an 18" rear wheel but don't know if I will do it. I really need a stabilizer mount kit for my stabilizer, it makes me nervous to ride high speed without one. I think you will do just fine turning yours into a woods bike. I ride more GP style stuff than tight single track so I won't put a flywheel weight on it. I had one on my KX and it was nice in tight stuff but left me wanting more hit in the open. Good luck and have fun.
  15. BWard

    Boflex select-Tech Dumbbells

    I have seen them on ebay and craigslist. Good luck they aren't cheap but cheaper than buying matched pairs of dumbells.