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  1. Frostbite

    Dirt Bike Riding in the Winter

    I've been riding in the snow for a while. For soft snow you'll need a track system, the tires simply don't have a large enough footprint to stay on top of the snow. I stud my track to help with hardback and icy conditions. If you ride on packed snowmobile trails or hard packed snow then tires with studs will work. For general hard pack snow riding I use the widest rear tire that will fit in the swingarm and install carbide tipped snowmobile studs with backing plates and nuts. Buy a track coring bit when you buy the studs, it's much easier than using a drill bit to make the holes. Over the past 20 years I have found that this is the best all round setup and lasts the longest. I can usually get 2 to 3 years from a rear tire. For clear ice you need ice racing screws. They offer incredible traction but you have to keep them sharp. As soon as they touch anything other than ice they lose their edge and grip, so no good for trail riding. For my 450 I use old street tires inside my knobby tires and screw long ice racing screws in from the outside. For my trials bike I simply install short ice racing screws. Up front I use a tire and ski combination. I have found that ski only on hardpack or icy conditions is like trying to ride with the front tire locked up. With the ski/tire setup you can drive ride from dirt or paved roads to deep snow and back again no problem
  2. Frostbite

    Anyone riding around Sherbrooke Quebec?

    Thanks Dan!
  3. I'm going to be in Sherbrooke for a few weeks and have my trials bike with me. Wondering if there are any trials guys riding in the area. Frosty
  4. Frostbite

    Winter riding videos

    and a few pics (recycle for most of the old timers here)
  5. Frostbite

    Winter riding videos

    Here are a few of mine. and one on the trials bike riding up frozen river rapids
  6. Frostbite

    Winter riding videos

    I've been riding in the snow in the Arctic for 20 years but none of my videos can compare to this - my favourite sno-riding video.
  7. A few snow free trials riding clips shot during the week that things melt here.
  8. Hey there man. I remember reading your thread on riding in Nunavut 15 years ago! I just went back to it and read it again, and saw some of your newer pictures. I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of studs you use and where you get them? What are those little square plates? and also, that Moto-Ski, is that product still made? Can't seem to find it. Hope you are doing well man.

    1. Frostbite


      Hey, still living the dream here. :-) The manufacturer stopped producing the Moto-ski many years ago due to lack of sales unfortunately. The studs are carbide tip snowmobile studs and the metal plates are backer plates made for the snowmobile studs. You can find them on most snowmobile supply sites. You have to drill holes through the tire with a core drill made for drilling snowmobile tracks and the insert the studs from the inside.

    2. x2468


      Cool man, glad you are still riding. That's too bad about the ski. It looked like a practical product. With all these new (yet pricey) kids like timbersled, have you been tempted to try one of those?

  9. I have a 2012 WR450, 1000k on it, mint condition. Was working perfectly, installed an aftermarket gas tank and hasn't run since. Extremely weak zap from the coil - won't fire the plug at all and will barely make a spark holding the coil wire near the frame. I get a mile shock when holding the lead, so there is a bit of power, not enough to fire the plug. Does anyone know of any safety system that I may have bumped while changing the tank to cause this? I'm 1000 miles from the nearest bike shop and would cost $3000 to put my bike on a plane and fly it there. I realize the issue occurring during the tank swap could be a coincidence, but it's the obvious place to start. Thanks Frosty
  10. Frostbite

    Snowbike pics and vids.

    Nunavut, just below the Arctic Circle
  11. Frostbite

    2012 WR450 no spark

    The bike is inside, and in complete darkness there is no spark from the plug and a barely visible spark with the wire near the frame. I was hoping for something simple - that I bumped a sensor that caused this. Of course it could just be a coincidence that this happened at the same time I changed the tank. I didn't work on anything else, just the tank. I'll get the meter out.
  12. Frostbite

    2012 WR450 no spark

    Yes, the fuel pump spins up normally. All coil connections that I can see are perfect, and I removed the coil and cleaned the mounting tabs to make sure to get a good ground. I removed the plug cap last night and held the wire near the frame and got a very weak spark
  13. Frostbite

    2012 WR450 no spark

    Does anyone know if power to the ignition coil is cut of the fuel pump is unplugged, or exactly how the lean angle sensor affects the power to the coil?