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  1. Eticket

    What kind of grips do you use?

    I currently run pillow tops and like them. Has anyone tried the ODI MX v2 Rogue grips? They look and feel nice.
  2. Eticket

    Rekluse 3.0 is here!

    If you have a lot of adjustability now, you should be able to set the free gain with no problems. Did you double check to make sure you have the correct number of steel and fiber plates installed?
  3. Eticket

    Rekluse 3.0 is here!

    I installed the EXP 3.0 on my 12 Husaberg TE300 (KTM). The kit came with a thin and thick washer that goes on the shaft that goes into the pressure plate. The instructions said to start with the thin washer and if there is not enough adjustment to swap out the thin washer for the thick one. I installed the thin one, adjusted it and started break in procedure. After break in, the clutch worked fine but when I went to adjust the free gain I had no more adjustment (screw was in all the way). I opened it up and swapped out the thin washer for the thick one. I was able to adjust the free gain and the clutch works perfectly. I now have four hours riding time on it and I have not had to readjust it.
  4. Eticket

    Left Hand Rear Brake

    For those that still have their clutch lever and a LHRB, do you run your LHRB lever above or below the clutch lever and why?
  5. Make sure the screen for the petcock is not pluged. Take off the fuel line and turn petcock on to varify good fuel flow to the carb.
  6. Eticket

    Introduction and Cornering Whoa's

    Welcome Chris Sounds like you understand the physics of bike setup and riding technique. I would try: Throttle control. Increase race sag (lower in back). Experiment with body positioning. I have a very gutless dirt bike that I ride on forest service roads. I can pin it in the turns. If I sit back too far, the front will push (slide). When I get up on the tank, head over bars and foot out front, the front will stick like glue but the rear end will break loose and swing out. As I shift my body position back the rear will start to hookup and and come back in. Practice of figure eights will help refine this balance and throttle control.
  7. Eticket

    Rekluse question

    With the bike in gear, turn the idle up until the clutch is just starting to engage. If the idle is still to low, you need to make an adjustment to the EXP. Check the Rekluse website for instructions.
  8. Eticket

    Soft deep sand

    Sit back to take weight off the front wheel and relax. The front end will flop around - just let it as long as you are going in the general direction that you want to go - don't fight it. Yes, the faster you go the easier it gets.
  9. Eticket

    Uphill in rocky valley shaped trail

    Start with small ones to build your skill and confidence. Then, work your way up to big ones.
  10. Eticket

    Proper Shifting Technique

    I have been riding dirt bikes for many years. I have always shifted with and without the clutch as conditions change to get the best performance. I have never damaged a transmission by not using the clutch. The transmission seems to be the most durable mechanism on a motorcycle.
  11. Eticket

    Left hand rear brake

    Have you checked the reservoir to see if it's full?
  12. Eticket

    Rekluse exp 2.0 settings?

    Is the hard engagement setting low, medium, or high?
  13. How, like this. http://s262.photobucket.com/user/graemeriley/media/P1040877_zps9d44d560.jpg.html Not my bike, I don't know if the weights will stay on but it would keep the rubber on the road on high speed transfers.
  14. Eticket

    Best Chain lube

    Tried them all, hard to beat WD-40 on my O ring chains. Chain stays clean. Wash, spray, wipe, you're good to go.
  15. Eticket

    2001 CR250R studders when you crack it, please help!

    Check out Jeff Slavens videos on YouTube