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  1. Crash354

    fork bleed screw top broke off

    OK, I see the screw is in there now - ya like other - get an easy out set from local hard ware or tool store. Always have some easy outs in various sizes from really small to rather large. I have 2 sets and each have 4 easy outs.
  2. Crash354

    fork bleed screw top broke off

    Can u tap it?
  3. Anyone know what WR tail light fits a 2015 FX?
  4. Crash354

    WR Headlight on a YZ250FX

    Can any tell me what if the stock WR tail light will bolt and Plug into the FX tail lamp plug that is under the seat? 2015 Yz250FX
  5. Crash354

    Drowned Ktm exc 200 advice

    Looks to me ur pretty much done. Run it hot with fresh oil and gas. Fresh water is not a problem. That’s it.
  6. Hi All, I tried VT on our YZ250FX off road bike but no go, VT sent all my paperwork back and wanted me to take the bike in for inspection - this bike had paid up sales tax in NY. Next I wanted to plate my 250 XC, so instead of VT, I decided to go the SD route. I had not paid sales tax on this bike yet since it was bought "out of state" in NY. So I paid the sales tax to SD for a 2013 bike in 2018.....or about 1/2 of book value. Of course the bike has lights that I added (stock XCW lights) - head light, tail light, horn (bike horn) and rear view mirror, as required by NE turkey runs and enduros. SD route when very well and fast. Had fully street legal plate in 3 weeks and new title in 6 weeks. Very friendly staff, did it all in mail and over the phone. Search the internet and you will find the instructions all of the place.
  7. Crash354

    Impossible to remove tire

    Need 4 Irons 4 inches apart each - see vid on u tube - UHD tubes are sweet BUT do not remove the tube before the tire - use the tube in method for UHD. If u send me a 12 pack i will send u video how to remove and put on tires with UHD. I only used UHD but of course we race NETRA!! There is too much technique to type it all in.
  8. Crash354

    Bottom end shop time

    So what is the shop time to expect to do bottom end main bearing on a 250 XC (2013)? Never done one and I don’t want to put in 10x the time lol This is motor and top end removed. How much time saved to remove right side? Thanks
  9. Crash354

    2015 yz250fx first rebuild

    Yes i think the cam slipped and the motor stopped immediately. I have not removed the valves yet but I will post pic as no damage to the surface of the valves or the head. Although u make a good point I was not there my son was racing moto and they started to mess with the cam - but would have run since piston stayed together so think it did slip; and before it did turn over......hmmmm
  10. Crash354

    Disappearing coolant

    Also check the rad fitting inside the frame
  11. Crash354

    Recent buyers of '13 250-300's

    So 400+ hours on our 2013 250 XC - seems time to do a bottom end? I got some smoke problem that is only fixed when I replace the right side main bearing seal
  12. Crash354

    2015 yz250fx first rebuild

    I'm doing 1st top end right now. Son was doing Moto on the FX and the intake cam slipped about 90 deg and the piston is cracked. So I got her pulled apart and other than a cracked piston - horizontal crack across the top of the head on the about 1/2 inch off the center line towards the intake side, all else looks really good - the head, valves, cycl, chain, cams, etc. all look great no damage. The book says to just inspect and not to replace if not damage on the cams gears, cam, cam chain, spring, etc. So doing OEM top end now. I was planning on pulling the valves to give a good look at them, but that will be PITA. (I'm a 2 stroke guy). Also I would change the cam chain as well if I did not have to remove the entire left side of the damn case - including the starter, stator, flywheel pulled etc. PITA. I'm I just winning about that or what? ~100 hrs. Don't know exact as awaiting son to drop of the computer. Another NETRA race friend of ours also slipped a cam, but just reset it back and never replaced chain or other stuff. Pic of cracked piston shown What is causing the 2015 FX to slip the cam? Does the chain hicup a bit for a milisec and loose tension or does the compression spring hang up a bit. What is it? Thanks!
  13. Crash354

    KTM 250 xc lights

    Not on the 2013....
  14. Crash354

    I NEED HELP - wiring a light on 250 xc

    Did I buy the wrong lights. I have 2013 250 XC, and I purchased the 2013 KTM 250 XC-W front and rear lights. The XC wiring harness seems to be pushing out 27 VAC from the only connector from the harness. The '13 XC-W rear light has the connector for both power and it looks like brake light switch, but the XC harness has no power jump cable from the harness to this kit, however the XC harness is wired to provide power from rear light to front light and it even has the connectors from rear and front light. And the 27 VAC is not switched - its always on. I also discovered that the 2013 XCW headlights are 12VDC not 27VAC. So I have messed up. I hard wired in a baja designs switch I had and hardwired the power from the XC plug to the power input on the rear light. The harness gave power to the front headlight. I rode a 100 mile turkey run and burnt out the headlight - my guess is the 27VAC was to much for a 12V 35W bulb. Does anyone know what year of XC-W lights match a 2013 XC? How do you get the jumper cable since its not on the 2013 wiring diagram for the XC or the XCW. Please help.
  15. Crash354

    Where to ride around Clifton Park/Saratoga NY?

    CATRA has Facebook site now too