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    being a smartss in uganda
  1. richardnoggin

    It happens to the best of us...

    no,have you and your moto-x buddy go to a out of town race in the same vehicle and race the same race and jump on your buddy on a 75 foot table top taking you both out and riding in the same ambulance to the hospital?(just happened last weekend at our track)
  2. richardnoggin

    ktm 50 sx mini

    thanks never thought about adding a little seat padding!
  3. richardnoggin

    son has outgrown crf50, 65 too much?

    how about the senior ktm 50?
  4. richardnoggin

    ED Drugs for stamina and exercise Help??

    mountain climbers use it because it makes they`re PETONS harder:smirk:
  5. richardnoggin

    little help please chaps

    on your right fork it looks like you have the axle to far in!!
  6. richardnoggin

    Hill Climbing

    cool chit,when i was a kid widowmaker was the the big hill to climb
  7. richardnoggin

    Flexx bars are the real deal

    flexx bars are da bomb!
  8. richardnoggin

    ktm 50 sx mini

    I just bought a 50 sx mini for my 7 year old daughter. The power is perfect for her but she needs a little height, (i already lowered front forks and set rear shock on it`s highest level) My question is could i put 12 inch tires on and longer forks and rear shock?has anyone done this before and if so how did it work out?
  9. richardnoggin

    300,000 Members!!!!!!

    hey bo diddley
  10. richardnoggin

    40 hour engine

    Why do all you kool-aid site peeps think you have to come over here and explain yourselfs to us?don`t go away mad just go away:p:smirk:
  11. Must be a dealer huh?Sorry to burst your bubble but if i can save alot of money i will buy from rmatv/mc,if it is something that will not i will buy from my dealer!Most of the time the dealer is way out of bounds on prices!
  12. richardnoggin


    i picked my daughters birthday.june 23rd or 623<<<<DA BOMB
  13. richardnoggin

    MotoSpots is stalking me!

    HEY are you stocking me,Motoutah is stalking me:p
  14. richardnoggin

    40 hour engine

    I am the one(hadameo) that posted about ed on ktmtalk and some snob mod told me adios,damn my feelers are hurt:banana:
  15. richardnoggin

    40 hour engine

    oh my he outed himself on tt:lol: