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  1. bullymadison

    Plating a New KTM 2 Stroke in MA

    x2! I have plated 3 KTM 2 strokes - 2 300s and a 200 - all XCWs. They might have trouble finding the bike in their database but if your patient, they will figure it out right there. One time the lady behind the counter said "it must be a new model" so she overrode the system and gave me my plate.
  2. bullymadison

    massachusetts Cape Cod Riding?

    Saw 3 guys on the road in Harwich this past Saturday (they were going the opposite direction). I know there are trails around there but I dont want to wander into unfriendly territory. Im a trail rider / weekend warrior. Usually ride Wrentham and Franklin. KTM 200 xcw, fully plated with ORV registration also. anyone willing to show me around the area? PM here would be great. Thanks! Thanks, Ted
  3. Hey _ this invite still open?  Just bright a place in Chatham. ‘16 Kim 200 xcw. Thanks!


  4. bullymadison

    massachusetts Wrentham

    Soooo.... Does Wrentham open 4/15? tic tic tic ic tic...
  5. bullymadison


    Wow Pat! Thank you for the details. Looks like Charleston is my best bet. Anyone have a condition report? Still wet and snowy in Boston but warming up. Thanks again!
  6. bullymadison


    We are staying at Ashland resort does that help?cant believe the trail system is so big you have to consider different airports! 👌
  7. bullymadison


    Hey all - considering going to HM mid April. Two questions; Are the conditions going to suck (worth a trip from Boston)? nearest airport? Buddies are dragging the bikes. Thanks!
  8. bullymadison

    First time Hatfield-McCoy trip

    Nearest airport?
  9. bullymadison


    Planning a trip to HM in a couple weeks. Anyone know the closest airport? Buddies are dragging the bikes - couple of us are looking to fly. Thanks!
  10. bullymadison

    300 xc-w street legal?

    I assume you've already figured this out - it can be done with a brand new bike and its not that big of a deal. You have to pay sales tax, insurance and registry fees. Ive done it with a new (16 200 XCW and a used 300 XCW).
  11. bullymadison

    Need stiff boots, gaerne?

    I've my SG 10s. Plenty of support - stiff but comfortable. They creak when you walk - I can deal with that. They were tight in the lower calf area when I first got them ( a couple of nights with a spray can buckled inside fixed that), other than that, the fit is great. I came from tech-8s and I feel MUCH safer now. With a new model out this year, you might get lucky and find old stock on sale some where - add a coupon code and you'll get a good deal. When you were sitting there with smashed toes I bet you would have gladly paid a couple hundred dollars to make it go away ! I was really hesitant to pay up for good boots but I am glad I did. The buckles alone will be worth it.
  12. bullymadison

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I'll take Superstore or somewhere else also...
  13. bullymadison

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Code needed. Buying a 2009 200xcw tomorrow and I need a pipe, fin, pipe guard, levers and more. I could really use the help. Thank you!!
  14. Touche! I dont have the sack to race so yor way ahead of me
  15. maybe if you shave them off you'll get third place next time!