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  1. sugarshane

    07 300 big tank?

    I know that it is only 1/2 gal more than your current tank but it is a lot cheaper than a new one. (not mine) http://phoenix.craig...2825102150.html
  2. sugarshane

    RM125 interchangability

    no one can say for sure?
  3. sugarshane

    RM125 interchangability

    Long story short, my girlfriend rides a RM125 and is having issues getting the title for her bike and I going to swap everything over to a titled frame. Her bike is a 2002 and I am trying to find out what years will work. I tried doing a search but cannot find what I am looking for. Thanks in advance!
  4. sugarshane

    Gen 3 125/250 airbox/subframe

    No one has any idea?
  5. sugarshane

    Gen 3 125/250 airbox/subframe

    So I picked up an 07 CRF250R rolling chassis a little while ago for couple hundred bucks because the original owner lost the title to it and it was going to be yet another conversion for my stable, but then I happened to score a titled Gen 3 frame... and a complete 01 titled CR250 for $200 each. I would like to use the Gen 3 frame and the 01 engine with as much as I can off the CRF. I have aftermarket triples and will be using the 07 Forks, but I have read a little conflicting info on using the CRF shock/swingarm etc. Can anyone confirm for sure what will interchange? Also, I have line on an 02 CR125 swingarm, linkage, and subframe. Will the Gen 3 125 stuff work or should I just wait and get Gen 3 250 stuff? Any info/input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. sugarshane

    cr250 cylinder

    i was actually on craigslist and found this earlier today. hope it helps. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/mcy/2536789820.html
  7. sugarshane

    Back tire for 1997 CR500

    Long life on a 500? good luck lol. I ran the Maxxis desert IT out here in Phoenix and it seems to last the longest for me for a Knobby. I don't moto but I have been very happy with my Vee rubber 308 (trials tire) for desert and it will last about 3 times longer than any knobby I have ran. I have a buddy that has owned his gen 3 Service Honda for a few years and ran the IT also. Then he also got a New Sherco trials bike a couple years ago and rides that most of the time now. After he got used to the Trials he got back on his AF and was looking for more traction. He got a trials tire and now he wont run anything else. He races Hare Scrambles and said it's the best all around tire for HS (his opinion). He has a Rekluse and I have a Revloc (the one closest to the Rekluse pro) and the trials tire with an auto clutch gives awesome traction. I have not ridden woods with it yet but He said his is awesome in the woods. They look a bit ridiculous and I didn't think it would work well on the 500 but I must say I am pleasantly surprised and definitely a fan of the trials tire.
  8. sugarshane

    Cr 500 questions

    I personally like the steelies with the exception of the hideous front fender. But gen 2, 3 and 4 front fenders bolt right on and the bike will look a lot better (IMO) but not much different. I have seen gen 3 subframe, seat, side panels, and rear fender on steelies but I dont much care for it. I have also seen 250 steelie tank and shrouds on 500's but they don't look very different either. Aside from powder coating the frame and changing plastics or AF conversion, there isn't much you can do.
  9. sugarshane

    CR500 engines through the years.

    The last year of the the CR500's was 2001, but there was also CRE500's made in 2002. CR500 with a lighting coil and headlight. I am not sure if you are planning to do an AF conversion but I assume you are since you ask about dimensions but the swingarm pivot bolt is smaller on the 85-88 engines and needs to be drilled to accommodate newer frames. Also, 89-92 ran a close ratio transmission (only 4th and 5th gears) which most 500 guys try to avoid. The 93+ trans gears will swap right in tho.
  10. sugarshane

    Coming back to 2-strokes, need more power for dunes

    I have ridden my bikes in the Northern AZ woods and find them manageable as long as you respect the throttle. My Duner is all set up for top end but is still decent in the woods due to the fact that it has so much torque. Granted I have to work the throttle and clutch a lot but it still did fine. Although AZ woods are not that tight. My 91 with a Gnarly pipe, 38 PWK AS, FWW, low end porting and auto-clutch is great in woods and rocky single track stuff. Tons of off-idle grunt (more than my 450X) and it starts earlier, lugs better and is lighter. My 91 has a Revloc Auto clutch and my 450X has a Rekluse. My X gets great traction without any effort, the 500 takes slightly more concentration. But it will lug way better than the X down low and and doesn't die with sudden throttle changes at low RPM's (yes its jetted correctly). At 200+lbs I don't want to ride anything other than my 500's in the dunes. I will be doing most of the work on my AF (other than the welding). I have nothing against SH but I cannot justify paying that kind of money and then getting the bike and still having to spend more making it the way I want it. I can build one bitchen bike if I do my own conversion and give myself a budget of $12k. I would buy a well setup SH if it was for the right price, but they are always expensive. Like I stated in my earlier post, if I was to limit myself to a single bike, it would be a 500AF. The reason that I say that is because the 500 is like having more than 1 bike. It can lug and crawl like thumper, but rip your arms if you wanna ride it on the pipe. Pipe changes are very noticeable on them also and make the bike feel like 2 different machines. Gnarly pipes give them awesome low end, PC lets them rip better up top and OEM is right in the middle. With an AF you get handling close to a 250 2t. Reliability that I would put against any 2t and almost any 4t (XR's and DR-Z 400's being the exception. Low maintenance costs (no power valve, top ends last a long time and build to handle the power).
  11. sugarshane

    Coming back to 2-strokes, need more power for dunes

    At 6'5" you will probably never be a feather weight so 250's might not be enough. I am only 5'9" but I am into weight training (body building) and I weigh anywhere from 210ish-240ish depending on bulking season or pool season. I took my YZ250 (which is known for it good motor) to the dunes with 2 of my 500's on one trip. The 250 got parked for all 4 days after about 10 miles in the sand. I had to have it rung out to go thru the sand like the 500's do with EASE!!!! Maintenance on my 500's... what maintenance...? on my 500's doing single track all I ever need to do is swap out the top end every 3 years or so. They make so much power at such low RPM's that they rarely need to be wound out so they last a long time. My 250's are needing a rebuild within a year, no question! I dont know about the single track in UT but the 500's do great for me in AZ. So much torque off idle and they weigh close to what a 250 weighs. I have a standard type clutch on my duner and autoclutches for the other bikes. My 500 with the Revloc is my favorite single track bike ever. Great torque with great traction... I am honestly thinking about a 300 also. The 500's are great but they do vibrate a lil but more importantly, don't rev very high (just a FUN factor for me). I sold my YZ250 and I am kicking myself! I wish I would have tried the EG295 first. Well Im now finishing an 06 CRF250 with an 01 CR250 engine in it cuz I miss wringing out the throttle once in a while. At my weight, even 210lbs I can not keep up with my lighter buddies and I am wishing for more when I am on a 250 2t. I think a 300 (or more) kit will be a game changer. If I was to limit myself to one bike at this point, it would be a well set up CR500AF without a doubt. I cannot speak about the 300 2t's because I don't know anyone with one so I have never really ridden one... only putted around on a couple of them. It may be better than my 500 for my riding style for all I know... But I will say that at my weight, I will never have another 250 as my only bike.
  12. sugarshane

    Rekluse EXP 2.0 in '07 YZ250

    Oh and one more thing, it will not make you a better rider but it will let you ride faster. Kinda like learning how to drive in a big city during rush hour with a manual tranny or an automatic. The automatic will let you focus more on "driving" and less on "operating" but knowing clutch control can do a lot for your riding ability. So if you have the basics down the auto-clutches will allow you to focus on your technique and fine tune it making you faster yet.
  13. sugarshane

    Rekluse EXP 2.0 in '07 YZ250

    As far as auto clutches goes, to me it depends on the riding you do. I have never had one on my 250 2t's but I will very shortly probably. I have the "Revloc clutch" (http://www.revloc.com/index.cfm/id/14/Revloc-Clutch/) set up on one of my CR500's and I like it a lot here in AZ. In the rocky tight terrain riding, it is the best mod I have done. On my CR500 for the dunes I prefer the "OEM style" clutch. I put the Z-start on my CRF450X and I could not believe the traction I got. That thing climbed anything with ease. Single track that was hard to ride with the OEM style clutch became almost boring with the Rekluse because it made riding sooo much easier. I liked it so much that when I recently sold my 450X I removed it and will be putting on my newest bike. It is a 2006 CRF250R chassis with an 01 CR250 motor in it. I want to ride it a little bit without it to see the difference it will make on a 250 2t. With the difference the auto-clutches made on the 500 and 450 I am hoping for similar results. So I I will try to answer your questions the best I can without having an auto clutch on my 250's... 1) Tranny oil; same amount 2) clutch cover; I have not heard of anyone needing to switch with the EXP 2, trail or dynaring. (all basically the same) With my Revloc I can use the OEM cover. My Rekluse came with a big a$$ gasket that allowed me to use my OEM cover. 3) I have changed gear oils with the standard clutches and the auto clutches and I have not noticed any more or less slipping with one or the other. Basically whatever oil I used had the same effect on either clutch set up. So IMHO it depends on the riding that you do. wide open or high speed riding... I would spend my money elsewhere. Rocky, woodsy, slow, technical, or similar difficulty... one of my first investments.
  14. sugarshane

    after market pistons brands

    Yeah I spend sooo much more money on cast pistons! not so much. I never said that I did not know the difference. I suggested to the OP to see which type of piston best suits what he is looking for. I am not the OP and do not know his budget, how he rides, what he is looking for, etc... Even Wiseco posted "There is a lot of truth in the comments being made that setup and maintenance have a lot to do with the life you will get out of a piston. Keep in mind application and riding style is an even bigger factor"
  15. sugarshane

    after market pistons brands

    Were the bikes "NEW" or "new to you?" They way that is worded with "new" and "stock pistons" it sounds like you are referring to pistons that failed within 7 hours off the showroom floor. And how did they fail? Shatter, score, burn through, etc...? And which models were they?