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  1. nsu max

    How Much Damage Can An Improperly Cared For Air Filter Cause?

    My brother says greasing the lip is old school and doesn't need to be done. I not only grease the lip but also the in side surface of the air box. I've also sealed a tear or 2 in an emergency and have had good luck with both K&N and foam, old school or not, in 47 years I have only one air filter related incident when filter fell off of my '74 YZ 125 during a Hare Scramble.
  2. I have 200,500 on my '93 Dakota. It's prefect for hauling dirt and street bikes, I'm in the middle of replacing rockers and cab corners because our salty northern Indiana roads have done their rusty evil.
  3. After 37 years working in machine shops I finally threw in the towel, to much drama, b/s and bad memories, and went back to my other love motorcycles by going to work in the local Kawasaki / KTM shop I keep/kept work and hobby separated by keeping things simple by having old manual machines in my home shop I'll make anything a CNC can make it just takes longer, and I ride and collect vintage and antique motorcycles.
  4. nsu max

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I turned 54 in July and haven't been without a motorcycles since I stared riding in 1968 (I use the plural because the only time I ever had only one bike was the first year). I can't ever imagine not having a dirt bike, Three years ago I totaled my road bike in a freak accident that got me two fractured vertebre, a bruised kidney, bruised ribs. two fractured ribs, pulled muscles and sprains in places in didn't knew even existed, a torn right rotator cuff, the doc tried twice to repair with no luck and a partially torn right bicep that can't be repaired either, orthoscopic repair to my left knee (work related), along with the previous injuries I've hurt my neck a couple of times, 36 years working in machine shops standing on my feet all day. Stuff hurts every minute of the day. I'm definatly not complaining I still love what I do and still get as excited to go riding with my buds as I did when I was a kid, so I don't have a problem toning down the aggressivness of my off road riding so I can continue doing riding. There's nothing wrong with easing up on your riding style so you can continue to enjoy riding.
  5. nsu max

    Project Jay Tea Wun

    I still have the JT 2 my folks bought me new in may of 1972.
  6. nsu max

    Is my 74' TC185 worthy of a build?

    Very cool! Deffinatly heed the warning about leaving the oil injection pump on, thats the only way the main bearings get lubed.
  7. nsu max

    Is my 74' TC185 worthy of a build?

    Motosprtman that is a beutiful job you did on you 185. MTBMoto do you have any before and after pictures of your rescue. We would love to see them. Here is my free Jawa, when I find the before pictures I can post them. Its not a show stopper by any means but for $150.00 to make it ridable, it works fine as a trials/play bike.
  8. nsu max

    Is my 74' TC185 worthy of a build?

    Go ahead and get it running. It's amazing what can be done with steel wool, spray bombs, polish, sand paper and patience. You could make even make it more fun be by seeing how cheap it would be to make an acceptabe trail bike out of it. The last bike I did that with was completed for less than $150.00. My rule is "if it runs (even a pop) it gets fixed up".
  9. nsu max

    Does this bother anyone else?

    Thats why I don't go to Nationals any more, to many drunks and idiots. I'd much rather spend my time at local and amateur events.
  10. nsu max

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    I don't think I can make the Trojan GP on the 8th but will be at the Blackhawk Hare Scramble on the 16th Look for the the old Husky 350 fore stroke or the Bultaco Frontera. I hope to see a lot of riders.
  11. nsu max

    pics of my rt2mx

    Nice job Keep up the good work!
  12. nsu max

    Cleaning your bike..

    I don't use a power washer or hi pressure car wash very often mostly if I get the bike dirty/muddy in the winter or if I just don't have time for a proper scrubbing. Other wise I use Gunk or something comparable, simple green and a large collection of brushes and sponges on stiff wire. for flat/matte black painted surfaces and plastic I use pledge, silicon spray or armor all everthing else gets waxed and polished. EXCEPT the seat. If I know it's going to be really nasty and muddy I spray everthing with silicon, once again not the seat, that helps the smutz come off easier. It takes a while but in my opinion nothing works better.
  13. nsu max

    Indiana Hare Scrambles

    Plymouth Blackhawks are having two more Hare Scrambles this year. Dates are September 11 and October 16. We are located in the North Central part of Indiana. Straight shot down U.S. 30 from Fort Wayne to st. rd. 17 and south to In. 8. We have a web site with some info, but it's still under constuction. We are also on Facebook. Come on over and give our race a shot we'd enjoy having you.
  14. After 40+ years I'm still trying to figure out how to keep track of nut/bolts.