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  1. SilvFx

    KTM: New or Old?

    if you are mainly riding woods, any reason you are not also looking at the XC-W models?
  2. SilvFx

    New to Dirt Bikes Purchase

    Offroad version (not MX) of a 250/300 2 stroke you will be fine. You said you rode hare scrambles and was a B rider when you were younger. You'll be fine. Most of the 300s dont have a violent hit and the powervalves are adjustable to change when the power comes on.
  3. SilvFx

    Coming from a Harley.

    I dont know that they (4 strokes) would better serve your needs or be any cheaper. As a general rule, a 4 stroke equivalent (in power/performance) is going to be 15-25 lbs heavier than the 2 stroke. You might be able to find some Japanese offroad/enduro models that could be had for the $3K number you suggested such as WR250F/WR450F, CRF250X/CRF450X, KLX450R. A 450 4t is a very powerful bike and I wouldnt suggest you start with those. Doubt if you can find Euro 4t enduro bikes for $3K. Here are some models to look at: KTM 250/350/450/500 XCF-W/EXC-F/XC-F Husky FE/FX 250/350/450/501 Beta RR-S 390/430/450/480 WR 250F/WR450F YZ250FX/YZ450FX CRF250X/CRF450X You can likely find some 4t MX models that are $3K and below, but be forewarned that many of these can be low priced because they have been ridden hard and are in need a rebuild. Rebuilds on 4ts are in the range of $800-$1200 for a topend and $2000 for topend/bottomend. Models such as YZ250/450F, KX250F/450F, RMZ 250F/450F, CRF250R/450 are the MX models and arent particularly well suited for trail riding or offroad
  4. SilvFx

    Coming from a Harley.

    there are some wide ratio and semi wide ratio two stroke dirt bikes available that would be good for trail riding Mainly made by Euros. Some examples: KTM 150/200/250/300 XC-W Husqvarna TE 150/250/300 Beta RR 250/300 GasGas EC 250/300. Yamaha YZ250X You are not likely going to find a used wide ratio two stroke offroad bike for $2K or less. Maybe an older version between $3k and $4.5k. KTM/Husky also make the semi wide ratio two strokes that are used for cross country and harescramble racing and can do double duty on MX tracks and offroad -- they are the XC/TX models. Same thing though -- not going to find any decent examples for $2k or less. There are a number of four stroke offroad models made by Japanese and Euro manufacturers, but I dont mention them here since you said you want two stroke. With your budget you might be able to buy a KDX200 (last made in 2006), but more likely you will be relegated to buying older Japanese MX models such as YZ125/250, KX125/250, CR125R/250, RM125/250. The 125 versions are high revving and not good for trail riding. the 250 two strokes are better for trail duty, but still a lot of compromises to ride an MX bike offroad. Doubt you will be able to find a decent 250 2 stroke MX bike for less than $2K. They have retained their popularity as most of the Japanese manufacturers moved to 4 strokes and discontinued their two strokes. You might be able to buy the aircooled 4 stroke trail bikes in newer models for your $2K budget such as CRF230F, TT-R 230, DRZ 250. FYI....300 watercooled 2 stroke is about equiv in power to 450 watercooled 4 stroke.
  5. you're killing me smalls.. Competition what? Enduro, MX, harescramble, supermoto, drag racing, Come on man. You want some help....help me help you... And on trail riding. What type? Are these Florida trails that are flat and sandy? Are they rocky singletrack in New England, or Pacific Northwest or Rocky Mountains? Are they 4 WD roads, ATVs roads? The better the description the better all of us can recommend bikes for you. All the MX bikes being discussed above are probably not going to be good for trail riding.
  6. No offense intended but why would you spend $5K on a new bike that is too small for you? You would be better off buying a low hour bike that is the correct size. What type of racing and play riding do you plan to do (e.g. what type of terrain)?
  7. SilvFx

    What trail bike should I get?

    CRF250X and WR250F are equivalent offroad/enduro wide ratio bikes. YZ250F is MX bike. YZ250FX is a crosscountry bike with wide ratio 6 spd transmission. Should have no problem finding those bikes (WR and CRX) for under $4K in decent condition. Dont need a dual sport bike in Nevada, I believe should you need to plate the bike you can convert a dirt bike. You might also consider 2 stroke offroad/enduro bikes such as KTM 200/250 XC-W. With some shopping might find some close to your budget.
  8. SilvFx

    What trail bike should I get?

    FYI...both of these are MX bikes that arent particularly suited for trails or single track. YZ250 is a two stroke with about comparable power to a watercooled 400 cc 4 stroke. Did you mean YZ250F - which is a four stroke?
  9. SilvFx

    What trail bike should I get?

    I go by the Ronald Reagan quote, "trust but verify". Always good to be skeptical and look this stuff up for yourself. The KTMs, Huskys are indeed very light bikes and typically a bit lighter than the comparable Japanese models. As I have stated in many threads, to my thinking it is mainly because the engineering design objectives are different. Japanese models lean a bit more toward durability vs. KTM/Husky looking for the lightest possible with adequate strength to do the job. You can see this when looking at frames, swingarms, subframes, fasteners, etc. I mostly googled the the specs for the 2014-2018 models of these bikes unless they came out with brand new models that significantly changed the weights (which I didn't see during this period). Just busting your nuts on the KTM fanboy comment. You see that I own one as well. I don't disagree about your comments on looking at the weights and gas tank size as those can make a difference. My approach to buying a used bike with a budget is to target multiple bikes and then shop for best year/price/condition/features. I'm not married to a particular brand unless the brand/model are truly unique and exactly what I am looking for. Given that the OP is looking for a trail and single track bike, I think he should be looking at the offroad/enduro models. An MX bike can work for offroad, but there are a lot of tradeoffs that I dont feel are worth it. Of course they are the lightest models offered as is needed for MX track riding.
  10. SilvFx

    What trail bike should I get?

    You KTM/Husky Fan boys keep making me do this and correcting your numbers. By the way, I own a KTM and am a fan but you need to do a fair apples to apples weight comparison. Husky FE250 dry weight 237 lbs. Add 6.3 lbs per gallon for 2.8 gal fuel tank and you add 18 lbs. Wet weight with full tank (not counting oil and coolant) = 255 lbs Yamaha WR250F wet weight 258 lbs. Fuel tank is 2.1 gals or 13 lbs of that weight. Not sure if Yamaha computes wet weight using full take, partially full tank or if they include oil and coolant. Approx dry weight is 245 lbs. So ~8 lbs heavier than FE250 (dry weight) Yamaha YZ250FX wet weight 249 lbs. Fuel tank is 2.0 gals or 13 lbs of that weight. Not sure if Yamaha computes wet weight using full tank, partially full tank or if they include oil and coolant. Approx dry weight is 236 lbs. So ~ same dry weight as FE 250. But, YZ250FX doesnt have lighting like the FE250 has. KTM 250 XCF-W. Dry weight 234 lbs. Add 6.3 lbs per gal of 2.3 gal tank or 15 more lbs. Wet weight with full tank (not counting coolant or oil) is 249 lbs. So in dry weight terms this bike is 11 lbs lighter than WR250F and 2 lbs lighter than YZ250FX. KTM 250 XC-F. Dry weight 224 lbs. Add 6.3 lbs per gal for 2.3 gal tank or 15 more lbs. Wet wight with full tank (not counting coolant or is 239 lbs. This bike is comparable to the YZ250FX and in dry weight terms is about 12 lbs lighter.
  11. Thats and XR250R is it not? Can't tell what year from the ad, but the XR Honda series definitely retain their value. Given that you can plate a dirt bike in WA and you are looking to ride FSRs, and singletrack, you might just want to look at offroad/enduros models and then make whatever mods are necessary to plate it. Any bike that is going to be decent on singletrack, by definition will be a compromise for riding on asphalt. Plated dirt bikes are used for offroad riding and connecting from trail to trail. Colorado has very similar requirements to convert offroad bikes to plated (other than that goofy rear fender crap you WA guys have to do. You might post up in the regional forum for WA as I know there are plenty of WA guys with plated dirt bikes.
  12. SilvFx

    Yz85 for a 17 year old?

    Not sure. Are you talking about a 250 Four Stroke? Or are you talking about a 250 2 stroke. FYI 125 2 stroke is roughly equivalent to 250 4 stroke. What have you ridden previously? And what type of terrain are you planning to ride.
  13. SilvFx

    Yz85 for a 17 year old?

    too big for yz85. could possibly consider KX100 (19"/16" wheels) but you are on cusp of being too big for the KX 100. KX100 has about the same hp/lb ratio as a YZ125/KX125.
  14. thats about $5700 in USD for a '17 six days with 44 hours. Jump on it. Sell the Husaberg. You will like the lower level of vibration. Gotta keep your bikes current and that is a deal to jump on.
  15. SilvFx

    YZ 125 or KTM 200 for trails

    I have ridden offroad in Colorado for 44 years now. A close ratio MX bike is not well suited for trail riding in Colorado. Rode a 250 2 stroke MX bike for decades and finally switched to the wide ratio enduro bikes and wondered why I had waited so long. A 125 two stroke will not make good power at altitude and will be difficult to ride. I would look at the best price/year/condition combination for: KTM 200/250/300 XC-W Husky TE 250/300 (2014 and later only) Beta RR/RR-S 250/300 GasGas 200/250/300. They went bankrupt and then sold/reorganized in last two years. Some real questions about parts availability on older models WR250F/WR450F. You could get one of these pretty easily within your budget and probably get the alum frame version '07 and later. YZ250FX/YZ450FX. Recent models, going to be hard pressed to find within $3k range. YZ250X. Fairly recent model, wont find for $3k...maybe for $5k. KTM 250/350/450 XCF-W. Going to be hard to find one for $3k budget. CRF250X/CRF450X. Models prior to 2007 had valve recession issues.