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  1. And some double track on the way back
  2. The less gear the better for them
  3. MRBME

    what exhaust should i get???

    MRD is best bang for the buck KC is trollolololong hahaha
  4. WOW dude, do you have any pictures of the build?
  5. MRBME

    250's for offroad?

    They all work fine, I ride a 200, and I ride with guys on 250f's, 450's, husqvarna 310's, and ktm 300's and 250's
  6. Sad thing is, they can wheelie about 10x as good as me
  7. First time on the bike in 6 months... following a 300xc, 450r and wr450f 3:50 for KTM crash 5:20 for some good sigletrack
  8. MRBME

    Tahuya ride

    This is what you are in for
  9. Im willing to bet it will be lighter. No cams, cam chain, valves etc etc
  10. Not to mention a $325 rent bill, and food, and books
  11. they work as well as any sintered pad i have used
  12. MRBME

    marvels mystery oil

    Since the lubricating oil must burn as part of the combustion process in a 2-stroke engine, the residue resulting from this combustion process must be swept away after each firing stroke. If not, the residue (varnish, lacquer and other heavy hydrocarbon compounds) would build up and plug the exhaust port and stick the rings and power valve(s).