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  1. Garage_Dog

    2018 TC125

    Time Left: 20 days and 21 hours

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    Great condition. Bone stock. Recent tires and OEM topend rebuild. Very easy ridden. Buyer will be pleased. Located in central California.


    Tulare, ca

  2. Garage_Dog

    Carburetor repair or replace?

    New carb is pricey! I would try to epoxy that thing back in place. Maybe lightly crazy glue the broken surface to hold it in place, then thinly epoxy/jb weld the outside for support. Its worth a shot.
  3. Garage_Dog

    2007 CRF250R will only bump start, no idle

    How about if we get back to the OP question? The other guy can start his own new topic. If it ran fine before you parked it and 6 months later it runs like crap.... I'm thinking a passage way is clogged like mlatour said. Triple clean the carb passage ways and not just the jets. Keep the carb cleaner away from the slide though. It will wrinkle up the slide seal. Before you put on the airbox boot, watch the AP nozzel as you twist the throttle. Make sure it is squirting and timed correctly.
  4. Garage_Dog

    250f choice

    From this Honda CRF250R forum.... you will most likely get Honda as your answer. Google search the 250f shootouts as a start.
  5. Garage_Dog

    Get yourself a JIS screwdriver

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but this review is worth reading on the JIS topic. https://www.webbikeworld.com/hozan-jis-screwdrivers-review/
  6. Try the Kawasaki forum...
  7. Garage_Dog

    What years to avoid...if any?

    06+ are all solid. 04-05 are great too if the valves have been replaced with SS. 08 were hard to start (not all but a lot of complaints). Not sure 09 had this issue. 10 -11 some complained the handling wasn't as good as the previous years. The 14 is a sweet year. Good handling, good power and spring suspension. You may need to tune ECU for FI bikes to tame down the initial surge of power right at the crack of the throttle for trail riding.
  8. Agree ^^^ If you use there valving, I think the lighter springs work. If you go to another shop, they tend to have stiffer springs and lighter valving. Just my opinion. I like to compare RT and the other spring calc online (Mx Tech?) and then call FC. I lean towards what FC says.
  9. Garage_Dog

    Purchased used 08. Runs like garbage. This a JD red needle?

    JD suggestions are your best bet to get you close. See if you can get a copy of their jetting paperwork for your bike (elevations and temp changes). Just as a reference, Here is procircuit's jetting.... https://www.procircuit.com/jetting-specs.htm#2008 I had an 07 for a while. I spent a lot of time and more $$ than I wanted before it finally ran crisp and clean. Basically replaced everything brass/rubber plus added a FMF snap.
  10. Garage_Dog

    150R motor in a big bike frame?

    Great thread. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Garage_Dog

    150R motor in a big bike frame?

    Has anyone dropped a 150R in a big bike frame (21/19 wheels)? The KLX140G has a claimed weight of 218lbs and the motor is a turd. I'd think the 150R motor in a CRF frame or CR frame would be pretty fun. The RB is just too small for my 5'10" frame.
  12. Garage_Dog

    05 crf250r cutting/bogging

    Part #1
  13. Garage_Dog

    Lowering crf250r with sag?

    105-108 is a good sag number. I wouldn't go beyond 110. You may want to look into this.... http://koubalink.com/ Another trick is to soften up the seat. You can drill holes in the bottom of the seat foam up to about 1" below the top surface. Also remember to raise the forks to even out the bike.
  14. Garage_Dog

    05 CRF250R Where do I start?

    1. Change oil and filter. Check for flakes in both. 2. When you do an air filter cleaning, look in the intake boot with a flashlight for dirt. 3. Check spark plug and replace if needed. 4. Since the gas tank is off, pop the valve cover off the head and check valves. If its starting easily, you are probably ok. 5. Dump the gas out of the gas tank and look for crud inside. Who knows how old that stuff is. 6. Check chain slack adjustment, chain guides for wear. 7. Pull the wheels off and check the wheel bearings (spin by hand). 8. Then check the brake pads, disc and spokes. 9. Suspension- you could just get softer springs (front, rear, pressure springs) with a lower oil height for the trails. 10. Service the steering head bearings and linkage bearings while the suspension if off. 11. If your bike idles and runs ok, you could just toss in a little carb cleaner to avoid removing the carb (if wrenching is not your thing). A full carb clean/rebuild is time consuming the first time. 12. A torque wrench and owners manual are your friends. After all this, you should feel pretty good about your bike.
  15. Garage_Dog

    2004 CRF250R wont start hot

    Is there a wire that is grounding out. I have seen engine heat cause a wire to ground out (wire expands just a little and lowers a few mm and then melts against hot engine or exhaust. When its hot and not starting, is the plug still sparking? Is the plug dry or wet?