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  1. rmhrc630

    EFI Conversion Sensor Locations

    Any news on this?
  2. rmhrc630

    2017 crf450r stator output

    Can you adapt rx parts maybe?
  3. rmhrc630

    2017 crf450r stator output

    Trail tech make them
  4. rmhrc630

    XR600R Bent Clutch Basket

    Hey Joe The 650l has a different primary though doesn’t it? It effectively spreads the 600r gearbox out more doesnt it ?
  5. rmhrc630

    Boyesen QS2 pump well for FCR carburetors

    Thanks xr6 I got this from Dean who makes it: Rob, I designed the Power Bowl and Flex-Jet on my personal machine for = temperature and altitude changes that were always present while riding = in the mountains. The lack of ability to tune the accelerator pump and fuel screw out on = the trail, limited my engine performance dramatically through out the = day. The ability to change the settings on the fly made the whole days riding = experience much more enjoyable. For me, that what it all about.
  6. rmhrc630

    Boyesen QS2 pump well for FCR carburetors

    Any of you guys tried the powerbowl I think it’s called?
  7. rmhrc630

    Silly gas tank design

    Um dirt bikes have been like that since day dot
  8. rmhrc630

    xl600 lmf bad running

    Valves checked ? You still have the old stator? If so refit and then see if still carrying on
  9. rmhrc630

    Racing the big pig again

    Joe It’s the new efi model carb [emoji106][emoji12][emoji41]
  10. rmhrc630

    All New 2019 Yamaha WR450F Announced

    Street legal in Australia [emoji106][emoji41]
  11. rmhrc630

    XR650/XR600 Clutches

    The 650l clutch basket was sold as part of the hrc power up kit for the 628xr
  12. rmhrc630

    Turn Signal Switch

    Any year will fit as they haven’t changed
  13. Lucky I have some 600 clutch covers with me.
  14. Appreciate the reply But the Xr600r covers are all getting battered. Ideally I’d like a brand new cover modified to fit the 600r
  15. Does anyone know the process for drilling out the 650l case and installing the 600r bearing and seal? Any help would be appreciated