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  1. AlpinaE24

    Show your PIG

    Traded my 600 for a big bore ltr. Now I'm gonna sell it and get another 650
  2. AlpinaE24

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Was it a stock chain? Time to upgrade to a nice ERV2/3
  3. AlpinaE24

    XR650L vs. DRZ400s

    Neither, get a nice well sorted XR650R for $3000:thumbsup:
  4. AlpinaE24

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Today I bought my pig trio a alot of very cool stuff from former baja 1000 racer Eric Brown. Oh yeah 8" PIAA Rally lights the have done the Baja a few times:worthy: GPR TM40:smirk: Who needs Fat Bars, DID chains, and renthal sprockets? Dry Break stuff, brand new 3.5g and used 3.5g with regular cap conversion. 4 gallon fill tank and stand. And many other things including some jerseys and gloves that I beleive did the baja as well..to cool. I will have a TON of stuff for sale.
  5. AlpinaE24

    Made a title plate mount..

    A little nicer then my plate mount:busted: My tail light got hit by a stick yesterday, needs some tweaking:banana:
  6. AlpinaE24

    XR650R in Tonto

    Takes about 15 minutes to get into the park from my house
  7. AlpinaE24

    Show your PIG

    From tonto today, damn i love this bike
  8. AlpinaE24

    Show your PIG

    Total fleet o' pigs The 600 is for sale