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  1. acormier7

    Any Alberta Riders?

    I'm in Edmonton. Move here from Ontario last winter. Just bought an 06 450 EXC in mint condition and very low hours
  2. acormier7

    KTM 250 XCF-W (2008)


    Love this bike
  3. acormier7

    KTM 250 XCF-W 2008

    Love this bike
  4. acormier7

    KTM 250XCFW Fork help

    I actually tried close to that yesterday. Removed 2 of the 24.1shims. Was much better. I found a thread on KTM Talk about 07-08 BV stacks. http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?t=275334&highlight=trail+trick&page=5 I'm going to try one of there stacks when I get the shims. It is BV Stack 24.1 x 2 14.1 x 1 18.1 x 1 24.1 x 3 22.1 x 2 20.1 x 2 18.1 x 1 16.1 x 1 14.1 x 1 11.1 x 1 8.5.3 x 1 14.1 x 1 18.25 x 1 Not sure if this will be better or worse but it only cost he a few dollars in shims to try. There is also a couple threads about mid valve and rebound stack but rather just mess with the BV right now. http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?t=489700 http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?t=311215&highlight=Go-Ride Thanks for your help mog
  5. acormier7

    KTM 250XCFW Fork help

    Using most of the travel. Oil is 120mm
  6. acormier7

    KTM 250XCFW Fork help

    Yes definitely valving. Was looking for some valving advice.
  7. acormier7

    KTM 250XCFW Fork help

    08 250XCFW 220 lbs with out gear This bike lives in tight single track. So no big jumps or g outs. rear is working great 8.3 spring 115 rider sag 34 static sag tried stock spring .42 with stock vavling and was really rough in small bumps, roots and small rocks. tried .48 front springs with stock valving and was impossible to ride. WAY too stuff everywhere. BV is stock as far as I know 24 .1 (2) 14 .1 (1) 24 .1 (6) 22 .1 (2) 20 .1 (1) 18 .1 (1) 16 .1 (1) 14 .1 (1) 9 .3 (1) 18 .25 (1) Any suggestions?
  8. acormier7

    please help 08 ktm 505 xcf

    I have an 08 250XCFW and I think it's a perfect trail bike. A friend of mine rides a 06-07 525 EXC and it's a beast. He's a very good rider and it's a handful at times.
  9. acormier7


    Thanks, I'll stick with the Spectro as I can get it 5 minutes down the road anytime.
  10. acormier7


    What brand of fork oil is everyone using in WP forks? I see Slaven Racing uses Maxima but I have to go out of town to get it and need some quick. Local shop has Spectro.
  11. acormier7

    New 280 BB Kit Review

    Not the same bike but I ran pump gas in my WR250F with an Athena 290 kit with no problem.
  12. acormier7

    250XCFW fork NOT plush

    Just found this
  13. acormier7

    250XCFW fork NOT plush

    Thanks Mike. Are WP springs IDed somehow? Are haven't taken these forks apart yet.
  14. acormier7

    250XCFW fork NOT plush

    Lots. 240lbs in street clothes
  15. Hi, I just bought a 08 250XCFW with very low hours on it. Love the bike, how it turns but is very very rough over small woops roots etc. I'm quite over weight for the springs, . My thoughts are I'm blowing though the plush valving into the the stiffer valving. If I had stiffer springs it would be using the flush part of he valving. Sound righ or am I way off? P.S.I have already resprung the rear