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    gas mileage toy hauler

    As a guy who works for Cummins, I too have a great loyalty for the engine. I drive a '99 2500 Dodge, loaded with all my tools, approx 1900#'s and pull an enclosed dual axle 16' trailer. Usually I will get 15 - 18 mpg. But you cannot drive your personal preferences down everyones throat. If there was a perfect brand, there would only be ONE! Did you guy's know that in other countries Toyota, and pretty much all other Japanese company's have offered Diesels for 25 years. Some Isuzu, Nissan, Toyota rigs out there are EASILY logging 30 - 35 mpg!! And still pull decent trailers! That's a TRUE DIESEL, We are going to run out of oil one day! Quite possibly in our childrens lifetime!! Pressure your local dealers to see these rigs here! PLEASE!
  2. I have raced 2t and 4t. I have a TC450 now, my first 4t and have yet to see an easier 4t to service. It is up to you, but I change my oil VERY regularly and run only quality stuff. You need to watch break in closer. Adjust valves a couple of times when new. check them occassionally after that. More maintenance than a 2t! I don't think so, not after having to carry around 2 spare plugs, and changing them after every ride you take with your kids! Give me my husky any day! I race with KTM 4t riders, who have had them since 4t inception, and some of them do nothing more than run the same oil s their pickup and have great life. The manuals with their 15hr piston changes are out to lunch, nobody actually does that. Even my 2t I would run a full season on the same rings.
  3. known as "Valve Beat In" It does happen as part of normal wear, during initial breakin. It can occur due to soft valve face. Soft valve seat. Springs too stiff. Soft valve springs will cause valve float, not usually beat in. Showing as poor high speed responce(difficulty breathing) and piston contact! It can be rectified a number of ways. e.g.Harder valve face, but if you go to far you simply shift the wear point to the seat! If you have seen some other threads on the topic,you may see them talk of seat angle. Increasing the contact area (smaller angles)between the valve and seat decreases the wear, spreeding the load. AN engine such as the 4 stroke performance bike engines are revving at what was just a few years ago the reality of only F1 type machines. We are riding in a WONDERFUL ERA of performance for the money. Everyone has some teething problems with new product. And when you change even something as simple as the manufactering materials, you change the whole dynamics of the component. Changing to SS valves may be the answer, but something WILL change! Probably the ease of attianing 13 - 14,000 rpm! Still a fantastic product
  4. buggo

    compression on overheated TE450?

    I melted the T on my TE450, Without a comp reading previous to the repair, your really not getting accurate info. Lokk at the filters for contamination and the oil. Unless it got REALLY REALLY Hot, as in smells real bad, head gsk leaking, probably externally, these things are tough. Most W/Cooled bikes will be pretty tolerent to heat, if you had the sense to take your time getting home!
  5. buggo

    TC and TE 450's

    I started out the year on a TE450, now I am on a TC450. I think the TC power is better. The gearing is definately different. Higher 1st on the TC, and a higher 6th on the TE. Took a little getting use too, but no problem. The top speed is lower than a KTM, both TC & TE, the TE closer, but short on a 450 EXC by at least 10mph. The TC is lighter, barely. Suspension is a little stiffer, but still better than my old KX for the bush. After getting use to it, the TC seems better??? A local pro, currently 1st in Pacific North West Offroad Series feels he is definately faster on the TC, he too has tried both. We ride LOTS of tight, really tight stuff here in BC Canada, and the TC is fine. I honestly feel the new TC I have is smoother running, and a better, more controlable power delivery?? Go figure, possibly the slightly higher gearing suits the engine? They both will take lights, speedo's etc. The only complaint I would have is the chain on the TC is like butter, junked it after 8 hrs of riding,while the o-ring unit on the TE would have lasted forever. i talked directly with Husky USA before I took delivery of my TC and I feel they were absolutely correct. They told me it was an identical bike, except for Suspension, exhaust, rear tire, and gearing. AWESOME BIKE!!
  6. buggo

    Valve adjustment tricks…

    Try wrapping a wire (curled tightly) around a screwdriver and touching each end to pos and neg of a battery. Magneties instantly
  7. buggo

    A Husky in Canada

    Great Clip! Welcome to my backyard! Buggo TC450 Sparwood B.C
  8. buggo

    Pre Ride Enduro Prep for the body

    Hi Guy's Try this site out, search E-CAPS, or for the product "HammerGel" It is popular with triathlets etc. Avoid simple sugars, the body cannot absorb them quickly enough. If you are exercising for a period over 2 hours you need to also have a small protien supply available in your fuel.. You won't "BONK" (hit the wall) with this stuff. I found my riding suffers the most when I am so tired that my mind has exhausted first, you can train your muscles! I had cronic leg/calf cramps and worked out diligently all year round. HammerGel is a sports fuel that you can take as a gel sachet or mix instead of Gatoraid. I hydrate with gatoraid the night before and before the race (you can over hydrate though!) and mix Hammergel in my camelback. NO CRAMPS SINCE! Download a copy of there "Fueling Handbook" I would post it if I could. But remember, nothing can substitute for training, or saddle time!
  9. buggo

    How long should a repair take?

    Couldn't agree with you more, or put it better. Get off their backs, they have been the best I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with the very same guy's. Take some time to search the other makes. We are riding competition bikes, we are paying way under $10k for some fantastic technology and development. Take the time to develop your own bike, and take a long look at your bank acount when your done. We do pretty darn good for our buck guy's! We get great product, from all the manufacture's. Keep your chin up, I do understand what it is like not to be able to ride.
  10. How is the suspension? Are you running the TE muffler? Well, I am still getting use to the bike, and I do have the TE muffler on the Ti pipe, the power seems smoother, a longer power curve. The suspension I think is just as good as the old TE I was used to. It honestly didn't seem any stiffer, if anything, smoother through it's stroke (after just one H/S) This bike is much further down the serial number line and appears to have some miner upgrades. Is it true the Te has the balance shaft and TC not? Cause this TC engine is without a doubt much smoother running and way less top end and gear noise It actually feels lighter too. As I said, I am a new racer and it has been 6 weeks since I rode the TE last. But hell ya the TC is a great bike!!!! And in B.C Canada, we have some serious tight woods stuff too!
  11. I am a newbie to x country, I started my second year of racing this year with a TE450, and now am on a TC450. I think I like the TC more! It seems to have a broader, better power delivery. It does suffer from the taller 1st gear, and on the fast fire roads, the slower top gear. Still a great choice for off road.
  12. buggo

    Starter problems

    Pull your starter and take a look through the hole, check out the gear the starter engages with. With bike on a stand, in gear, use the rear wheel to rotate the gearing. This has happened to mine. Easy to change.
  13. buggo

    TE450/510 Reviews.

    www.husky.com.au The Aussie husky web site has bike tests, some real good reading. Also www.adb.com ?? I think, Aussie dirtbike mag, search for Australasian Dirt Bike magazine. They have a great enduro shutout. Husky's are great bikes, No question!
  14. buggo

    More help on the TC250

    You won't get alot of feedback on the TC. Take a long look at the posts on the TE, and take into acount the basic differences. I have a TE450, and this week will be going over to the TC450. It is THE same bike. Different exhaust, 19" rear wheel , 1 less gear with a little different ratio and stiffer suspension settings. If you moto, go TC! I am almost all X/C, but if it is your bike of choice, every experienced rider will tell you that the best ever mod will be to have your suspension setup by a pro. Just take into account the TE - TC differences.
  15. buggo

    Skid Plates

    Ride, Can you install the Rad louvers to your gaurds? Also are you looking at that cool blue colour for the gaurds?
  16. buggo

    Coolant Recovery Tank TE450/510

    KTM have a geniune fan that works great. My buddies use the on/off switch as then the fan doen't run all the time as it will tend too using the sensor, and kill the battery that way. The sensor on a KTM mounts in the base of the rad.( a port already exists) We could use a port in the rad T.(use an X instead of a T) The fan has a great mount, fits behind the rad with big 1" foam as a cushion. "IF" there is room behind the rad on a Husky (doesn't seem as much as a KTM) or you could reverse polarity and run it on the front. I do know that there are company's that make a small 4" fan such as this but am still trying to source it.
  17. buggo

    Coolant Recovery Tank TE450/510

    Dirtman, I noticed the recovery tank in the parts manual the other day. A great idea. I have overheated mine several times, in the real tight tough stuff.With no damge. I am going to try the cap idea and some Redline water wetter first, just to save some weight. KTM has a option for an electric fan, I am also going to try sourceing a fan though a regular automotive parts supplier and maybe I'll try it.(less than 1/2lb) My buddies run the fan on their KTM's and instead of a temp sensor, just an on/off switch. They have no more problems.
  18. buggo

    Worst Starting Bike Ever

    Give your bike a chance to break in, mine took a long time, 20hrs or more. Adjusted the valves and it starts first hit. In nuetral. 3 blips when cold and none or maybe 1 hot. It took that long to loose that cough and die too. It will free up and get better.
  19. buggo

    Awesome Husky Service !!!!!

    They sure do give you confidence in your purchase. Gives you some ammo when the wife starts given you heck over your "toy"!! I can't say enough about the support I have recieved. The absolute best!!
  20. We ride in all those conditions here in the Rockies. Some very sharp rocky up hills and downhills. I am a newbie at X/C racing and the first thing I was taught, by a 60 year old guy that KICKS ASS out there was in wet weather, go as low as 5 rear, 10 front. Rocks or no rocks. Better weather, 7-8 rear, 12max front. You just get MORE traction! Suspension wise, the plusher the better, even if for no other reason than to retain some of your energy.
  21. You may have seen some of my posts,"I think I got a Lemon" I have had my share of problems with my new TE450. But I retained faith in my dealer and Husqvarna USA and they have come through. BIG TIME!! I got a call today from Rob Kieth at Husqvarna USA and they have agreed to take my bike back and are going to replace it with a brand new 450! I have had the case problems and a few others and in Rob's words, got myself a "Friday afternoon special" I work for a major engine building company and understand that you can have issues like these. Well, if this kind of dedication and support in the product doesn't convince you to go Husky, what would? You would not get this from a Japanese manufacturer, would you? It has been the best bike I have ever owned, even with the issues I encountered, but this support astounds me. Thanks Rob, if you read this Thanks to Al Perret, my dealer also. This is outstanding!
  22. buggo

    Need some opinions.....

    If you enjoy wrenching on your own bike Husky is the way to go. Unless you are like countless other off-roaders these days, it seems to be expected nowaday's to purchase a $7000 bike, then spend $3000 making it fit, or reliable???? Not so much with Husky. In the engineering world, "keep it simple, Stupid!" has been lost in some ways. When I look at my Husky, it seems simple, very easy to work on. Most parts are available aftermarket, I just installed a set of Devol rad gaurds, off a 92 model something?? I picked up from a bargain bin, they fit perfectly! Support? Take a look at my post "support" Can't get any better than that! Since day one my dealer had dismantled his own bike to keep mine running! That's Support
  23. buggo

    Need some opinions.....

    Hey, you know what? I believe I have a Friday afternoon Husky TE450. Has caused me lots of problems. But a bad day on my Husky is better than any good day on a Yamaha! Seriously, my dealer has been great, helping with warranty, a word that will not be heard in a Japanese shop. Just ride the Husky and you'll see what we mean. Read some CRF450 threads and Yamaha's. They all have issues. Great quality and craftsmanship from Husky.
  24. I had my clutch line disconected and now I can't get the air out! I back bleed the system and the traditional way and it still fades when hot. I used ATF, because I couldn't get 10w anywhere. Is ATF that prone to heat? Shouldn't be.
  25. buggo


    Hey Guy's, 510's are having the same problems. I spoke to my dealer today. His first 510 sold did it first time out.