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  1. blackduck1

    ? For Rowher Flat riders?

    Thanks jlmotox Ill hit the Cali threads. I went riding in Hungry Valley once it was nice I road back bone trail and had a blast. I will check out LPNF though and might do HV again. Thanks for the info.
  2. I have a question for any of you riders who ride that area. I would like to check this area out I usually ride Superstition or Ocitillo and looking for something different. I was just wondering is this a place I can ride during the summer? I'm sure it gets hot but what's the average would you recommend riding here during the summer months. Thanks in advance
  3. Dude that is the dumbest statement ever as said previously! 1. Im black not mixed race or anything like that I live in L.A. I grew up in Watts,Compton, and Long Beach. I ride check my sig! 2.I have coordination, I can swim like a fish thats why they call me blackduck ! 3.I can do anything you can on a bike,in a car and in the water so before you let some ignorate statement like that fly out of mouth don't. Truth is some black people just don't do things like that because they don't want to. Its not about money that for sure. And it damn sure is not about ability. Hey People lets just all ride an not worry about the small details of who and what lets just worry about the where. Black,white,brown its doesn't matter what you are, you can all ride with me! I'll ride with freakin E.T. if he was gonna show me some good trails PLAYAS! Keep safe and keep the rpms up! Blackduck
  4. blackduck1

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    TT needs an phone app!
  5. blackduck1

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Sounds like fun to me! I'll make sure I check with you all whenver I have free time. I saw a few of your videos Sarge I'll be checking you fellas out and thats a promise!
  6. blackduck1

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Thanks guys I can feel the love already. I'll definitely let you know!
  7. blackduck1

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Hi Guys! Poking around TT and found you LA Area guys. Seems like you all are having a ball I'd be happy to hook up and go ride with you guys I've been tossing the idea of Rowher flats around. I usually do Superstition lake bed or Ocitllio Wells. After finding this site and seeing Rowher in the where to ride I hit the youtube and I'm gonna head there soon. I'll keep you posted maybe you guys will be riding that weekend. I sort of a beginner again I guess I stopped riding (dirt) about back in 97 (joined Navy) just picked it up again 11/2yrs ago so maybe you all can teach me something.
  8. blackduck1

    1990 RM125 troubles

    Thanks drmcook I try that this weekend.
  9. blackduck1

    1990 RM125 troubles

    Picked up a old school RM125 to restore and have a little fun on. My problem is this I start it with the choke up I let it idle and without touching anything it revs through the roof. I took the carb off took it apart and cleaned it, I checked the throttle cable I just cant figure this one out. I searched through here and couldn't find anything. thanks in advance!
  10. I don't know about you guys but I started out on 2strokes so I can never hate them or talk smack its what put me on two wheels! I'm currently restoring two of them as seen in my sig but... I also have two 4stroke my crf450 and my sons 150 I'll love both till I die. So if you've ever rode both you know the difference its like cage drivers there are rwd lovers and fwd lover personally I have them all rwd,fwd 2t,4t, crouch rocket cruiser 4x4etc I own all of them and love them for what they are. Maybe I'm just crazy but I can feel both sides.
  11. Stopping through to say hello! Im new to TT so checking out all of different sub forums! This one blew my mind obviously! Im a guy envying all the guys the have THUMPETTES! Anyway ladies keep up what you are doing, truly glad to see more females in the sport of riding! I'm currently teaching my 14yr old twins (boy and girl) how to ride! Bye for now!
  12. blackduck1

    kenevil VS pastrana

    IMO you cant compare the two. In EK's time they didn't have all the tech that we have today they had some but we R&D most of everything today! At the same time No one was thinking "Hey lets do a backflip and at the same time lets hang from the bars! Their both great dare devils to me EK Designed TP imprpoved it.
  13. blackduck1

    Show your PIG

    New to this form just wanna say hello to all you "BRP" riders and thanks for encouraging me to purchace one. I know now I will looking for a 650R! I love my 02 450R and I'll keep her but I'll be adding to the stable. Rubber side down. Blackduck
  14. blackduck1

    cops tickets dirtbiker

    It's funny either way!